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Garage sales are the perfect opportunity to make a profit while getting rid of stuff you no longer need. When spring is in the air, the pressure to spring clean can be made up for the fact that you’ll find lots of items that can be put to good use by other people. Old toys, old clothes, unused furniture and even old appliances can have a new home when they’re put up for sale. However, there are successful garage sales and unsuccessful garage sales. No one wants to find themselves left alone with all their items sprawled out on the lawn with no customer in sight. Make your garage sale one of the successful ones!


A garage may often feel like a secure place for your car, your belongings and your handiwork projects. Despite its ability to keep your valuables safe, it’s equally important that your garage is a safe place for you to function in. Many homeowners may not be aware of the many risks a garage possesses, not just to the items stored within but also to those who use the space on a regular basis. Think about it: your garage is a storage space for potentially poisonous chemicals, sharp tools and other objects that can harm unsuspecting people.


Garages can be a whole lot more than just storage for all your old stuff. From garage bands, to garage offices, to all the DIY and handiwork that your garage is perfect for, there’s no reason you wouldn’t want a little breezy comfort in there on a hot summer’s day. But keep in mind, it’s not as easy as installing an air-conditioning system in any other part of your house.


It’s been a few months since you decided that your new year’s resolution would be to go to the gym more often.

Let’s face it, there’s a reason this resolution doesn’t work out for any of us. Gyms are expensive, overcrowded, and just way too much effort. Your garage on the other hand, is less than five metres away, which makes it the perfect place for a gym!


We love helping to organise the chaos of a garage as much as anyone, but the easiest way to tidy or organise any mess is to get rid of it!

As you dive into the disarray in your garage, remember that your trash can be someone else’s treasure. Take your next spring clean a step further and don’t just host a garage sale, do it for charity!

So how do you go about planning a garage sale for charity? (more…)

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