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When you think of an underground garage, a massive shopping center parking lot where a chase with complete strangers over who finds the next empty space probably comes to mind. Or, you assume that only the likes of Batman would have an underground garage to protect the legendary batmobile. Cardock, a UK based firm, had the brilliant idea to create a underground car garage model that can be installed right at your home. Looking for a reason to get this type of garage?


It is time to reclaim your messy garage, or in other words, your vortex of disarray. Resist falling in with the hoarders of the world! Instead of looking at the garage as a dark, dusty slab, see the space as a blank canvas with potential for optimal organisation, where danger and catastrophe have less motive to strike. (more…)

The garage is as much a part of your home as the driveway or the porch. So, it’s only logical that you’d put some thought into the type of garage you’d want to have in order to please all the family. There are two main types of garages, the attached type and the detached type, and here is all you need to know:

Did you know that all it takes for a burglar to break into many garages is 6 seconds and a wire hanger?

Believe it or not, these burglars can be wily enough to find out how your garage works, what’s worth stealing in the garage, and how much time it could take them to break in and steal everything. (more…)

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