Garages can be a whole lot more than just Storage for all your old stuff. From Garage bands to garage offices, to all the DIY and handiwork that your garage is perfect for, there’s no reason you wouldn’t want a little breezy comfort in there on a hot summer’s day. But keep in mind, it’s not as easy as installing an air-conditioning system in any other part of your house. GarageSmart Garage Storage Solutions

Here are some tips for figuring out how and if an air-conditioner would suit your garage:

Decide whether or not you need an air-conditioner

The things you keep in your Garage for Storage won’t need to be air-conditioned. Your golf clubs and bikes can do without. Furthermore, if your garage door isn’t insulated or airtight, the air will escape and this will waste the energy you’re using to keep the air-conditioner running. If you want to install an air-conditioner in your garage, make sure it will be put to good use. It’s also important to get an air conditioner that is easy to control (no complex ladder logic required),

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Learn the basic rules of air flow

If you need an airconditioner, step 1 is to learn the basic rules of air flow. This means that for every cubic metre per minute (m³/m) you put into the space you’re conditioning, you need an equal amount of m³/m coming out. This is because if your air-conditioner is taking 30 m³/m from the house and only putting only 17 back in, it needs to find the remaining 13 m³/m from somewhere else. This is known as back drafting, and it means your air-conditioner will need to take air down from the water heater flue while it’s firing, which can cause the release of carbon monoxide into your home.

Find out the required capacity to cool your garage

The capacity of your desired air-conditioner should match the total area of your garage. You’ll need to consider how your Garage has been built, its size, its ceiling height, as well as the climate zone of your area. Note that you may need to have an on-site evaluation from a professional.

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Get a separate system specifically for your garage

Mini-split heat pumps or air-conditioners are usually sufficient for a regular-sized garage. This air-conditioner would then be installed right into your garage, making it very energy efficient as the conditioned air won’t have to go through air ducts. Also, you can turn them on and off without affecting your home’s air-conditioning system.

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Consider other options

Window units can also be used in your garage. These are cheaper, but they make more noise and are less efficient. However, if you won’t be using it often and you won’t be making even more noise as you rock out with your band, this unit should suffice. Check out garage storage hooks

If you’re not completely sure about how much power you would need to keep your garage cool, be sure to get help from professionals. They should be able to give you a good indication of how to approach air-conditioning your garage. Coupled with a beautiful, organised garage, an air-conditioning unit can dramatically boost the functionality of your Garage space. Your mates will thank you for it later!

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