The Garage is as much a part of your home as the driveway or the porch. So, it’s only logical that you’d put some thought into the type of garage you’d want to have in order to please all the family. There are two main types of garages, the attached type and the detached type, and here is all you need to know:

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Attached garages are a typical sight in many suburban homes. Its style also emulates or complements the home it’s attached to.

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While detached garages are more common in rural areas or in areas where homeowners have big plots of land. But that doesn’t mean they’re impractical for those who live close to the city.

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The pro’s of an attached garage

1. They’re convenient to get to. Most attached garages have a door leading to and from the house so you don’t even have to set foot outside when you want to go there. This is a huge benefit when it’s too hot, cold or rainy outside! Some detached garages also have a walkway for you to easily access your Garage, but this would be an added expense.

2. An attached garage looks like a part of your home, and it often balances out the shape of your house. The design of an attached garage is also often included in many home designs.  Therefore, you would no longer need to create a custom or separate design for it and struggle finding the right colours and materials to match the house.


3. Attached garages don’t require as much space to build on compared to a detached garage. In addition, you won’t have to worry about placing your garage on an awkward spot in your lot.

4. Your garage would be closer to your home, making it easier to guard. Also, if an intruder were to make noise or sound an alarm inside the Garage, it would be easier for you to hear.

5. They also make a great room or space for animals to be kept during the night time; allowing them to still be safe and close to you and your home – you can also chuck your husband in there when he is being a pest! Allowing him to also be safe whilst staying close to home!

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The pro’s of a detached garage

1. An attached garage may overwhelm smaller houses. So therefore a detached garage that won’t dwarf the house may be more aesthetically pleasing for smaller homes

2. Some homeowners don’t like how the garage dominates the facade of their home. So they opt for detached garages that are partially hidden from view.

3. Detached garages have more design options since they’re not required to share a wall with your home. You can choose a design that’s similar to your home for that uniform look, or you can choose a completely different design. Attached garages, on the other hand, would look awkward if they were designed differently from the house. Check out garage shelving solutions

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4. Fumes from inside the detached garage won’t make their way into your home. In addition, if a fire or explosion broke out in your Garage, your home would be further from the wreckage and prevent spreading into the house.

5. Detached garages are a great place to set up a workshop since you won’t have to worry about the noise bothering the people in your home. Conversely, a detached garage also provides you with more privacy than an easily accessible attached garage. Perfect for noising teenagers, husbands and your wife’s annoying book club meetings!

6. If your lot is narrow, a detached garage may be easier to fit into the lot than an attached garage. Allowing you to still place the garage close to your home.

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