It is time to reclaim your messy Garage, or in other words, your vortex of disarray. Resist falling in with the hoarders of the world! Instead of looking at the garage as a dark, dusty slab, see the space as a blank canvas with potential for optimal organisation, where danger and catastrophe have less motive to strike. Garage Smart – Top Garage Storage Solutions

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The Garage is notorious for being the most cluttered room in the house, but it is definitely worth getting stuck in and tidying it up, to avoid the following dangers:

Danger #1: Risk of Injury

Clutter is not only an eyesore and a headache, but can also lead to injury and irreversible damage to valuable items. By not having an organised system in place, where Storage is secure, it will increase the risk of objects falling as well as trips and falls occurring because of the tight space.

Therefore, it’s important to think outside the box…literally! Enough with the hundreds of different shapes and sizes of boxes lying all around the garage floor. It’s time to be creative! How can you utilise the space available on walls, and even the ceiling?

Danger #2: Wasting Time

This is a common, overused phrase but it needs to be stated that ‘time is your most valuable asset!’ It is so much easier and more time efficient to have a Garage where every item has its place, to minimise search and digging time. Check out the smart wall

Danger #3: It can be expensive!

Disorganisation costs money. Most aren’t aware of what they have in the heaps of clutter that are lying around the garage and opt to spend, when what they’re after is already in their possession. This spending only increases the clutter and fills more space!

Danger #4: Appearance/Home Value

The value and appearance of one’s home should hold importance to all homeowners. Location, neighbours, and overall appearance are some of the factors that add to or take away from the value of a home. Homeowners do not have control over all factors but appearance is an obvious one that is within their hands. An organised, well-managed appearance of the home has understandably more benefits and value than a messy, un-kept space. Check out garage cabinet storage

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Danger #5: Harbouring Unwanted Guests

Having a messy Garage may not be the main reason rodents are finding their way into your home, but it definitely doesn’t help the matter!
Chances are that if your garage is cluttered, part of the clutter is food. Rodents move in not only to get out of the cold and find a warm hub, but also if they find you have a food source lying around. When the mice come marching in you can bet they will be bringing with them bacteria, viruses and parasites as well as their ability to contaminate surfaces and destroy electrical cords and various appliances. By keeping and maintaining an organised, clean garage and home, you can decrease or even eliminate this ‘home-intruder’ problem from occurring in the first place.

So as you can see, a tidy garage is much more than just a nice-to-have. When someone says that it’s a dangerous world out there, there’s every chance they have a messy garage in mind.

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