A Garage may often feel like a secure place for your car, your belongings and your handiwork projects. Despite its ability to keep your valuables safe, it’s equally important that your garage is a safe place for you to function in. Many homeowners may not be aware of the many risks a garage possesses, not just to the items stored within but also to those who use the space on a regular basis. Think about it: your garage is a Storage space for potentially poisonous chemicals, sharp tools and other objects that can harm unsuspecting people. Check out GarageSmart

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Is your garage safe? Below are some of the things you can do to make sure it is:

Gardening Tools Are Ready to Strike If Not Put In Their Place

Sharp equipment like gardening tools left on their own are bound to attract trouble. It is likely that someone is going to step on a tool or get hit as one falls from a shelf or wall. Store them securely by organising them in a cabinet or attach them to a wall to prevent accidents.

Is Your Garage a Maze to Navigate?

Many garages have so much stuff placed on the floor that it’s nearly impossible to safely walk through the space. Without a clear path, trips and falls are more likely to occur as one attempts to navigate through the plethora of boxes and storage. Life presents enough challenges and maneuvering through the Garage shouldn’t be one of them. Take some time to move Storage around to have a more functional and organised garage space.

Take Another Look at the Garage Door

The garage door is what keeps intruders, weather hazards, and other dangers out so make sure it’s always working properly. If your garage door is modern and not wooden, it has one or two springs that allow it to move up and down. The springs are not immortal and unfortunately wear over time, so check them occasionally and replace at the first sign of damage. Keep in mind that your garage door most likely has a reverse mechanism that will stop it from fully closing if it hits something. Therefore, make sure nothing blocks its ability to function properly. Check out garage storage baskets

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Where Are Your Hazardous Chemicals?

Chemicals are often put in the Garage to be kept away from children, but if they aren’t stored properly it defeats the whole purpose. Children are notoriously curious and will find anything they can reach or climb to, unless access is denied. Leave a bottle of bleach or automotive chemical open and they are bound to check what it is. Prevent this by locking all poisonous chemicals in a cabinet or putting them on a high shelf that is impossible for them to locate. Also, make sure all chemicals are tightly sealed to prevent leakage. If one of these chemicals gets spilled, clean it up immediately with the proper supplies in order to get rid of the spill completely.

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Fire and Carbon Monoxide Poisoning Is No Joke

No Garage is immune to the possibility of a fire and/or carbon monoxide poisoning, so be smart and safe. Do not leave items plugged in if they aren’t being used and don’t overload outlets. Make sure your electrical outlets are in mint condition and highly unlikely to cause a fire. Take note of all fire hazards and preventative measures. Do not let your car run idling inside the garage because carbon monoxide can build up to fatal levels. Have a smoke and carbon monoxide detector installed, and keep a fire extinguisher handy. Check out garage storage hooks

You never know when an accident might be lurking in the corners of your garage, so it’s better to be safe than sorry!

For further safety tips and advice, in order to eliminate or minimise safety hazards, talk to a consultant at GarageSmart today.

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