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If you’re not using your garage, you could be throwing away a great space. As people sell their cars or decide to park on the street, the garage often stands empty and useless.

Garages, however, have a lot of potential and instantly add about 400 square feet of room to your home. Since the walls and roof are already up, redoing your garage is much cheaper than adding onto your house.

All you need is the drive and a little creativity to make your garage the best space in the house. Check out these fun conversion ideas for your garage and get to work. (more…)

How many times has the following scenario happened to you?

You come home from a long day at the office, and you didn’t get nearly enough work done. Your briefcase is overflowing and you know you have at least a few hours’ worth of work to do before bedtime.

You walk in the door and are nearly knocked over by a tidal wave of noise and distractions. The kids are playing video games, laughing and making quite a lot of noise. Meanwhile, your significant other is watching his or her favorite TV or sports show. It also happens to be the one you watch together.

You’d rather sit down and watch TV, join in with your kids or read your favorite magazine and relax, but you have to work and every space in the house has a list of distractions a mile long. (more…)

When designing your dream home, you’ve imagined nearly every room from top to bottom. You know exactly what color you’re going to paint the downstairs bathroom, and you know just the perfect light fixture that will hang in your foyer. Every cabinet handle has been chosen, and every paint color has been considered, but did you even think about which garage door you’re going to choose? (more…)

For many people, the garage serves two purposes: house the cars and store boxes and other odds and ends. When Halloween is over and New Year’s has passed, holiday decorations go back in boxes and into the garage until next year.

What you may not realise is that you’re not truly utilising your garage to its full potential. Many garages have a lot of extra space that isn’t put to good use, which leads to clutter and more time spent looking for items. So how can you revamp your garage and take advantage of all the space it has to offer? (more…)

A lot can happen inside the average garage. It’s where homeowners park their precious cars, keeping them safe and sound within insulated walls. A garage can also double as a little workshop for those who love DIY projects. As the garage is situated a little further from the main house (particularly if it’s a detached garage), the noise from electrical equipment and tools won’t bother anyone within the home and it certainly won’t be bothering neighbors either! In addition, the garage is also a nice cozy place for storing items such as gardening tools, sports equipment and maybe some items of sentimental value that can’t be thrown away such as old toys, pictures, figurines and souvenirs. (more…)

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