Living in a cramped apartment isn’t a death sentence for social gatherings. When you’ve found the best way to categorise and store your personal effects, tidying up your little bedroom will be a breeze. You may tame that chaotic storage room and turn it into a home paradise in as little as fifteen minutes, as much as thirty, as much as an hour, or as much as a whole day. Top Storage Solutions.

In contrast to what some may believe, a bedroom is actually a very sensitive space where unnecessary items should be avoided at all costs. One of the key tenets of this approach is the idea that sleeping with symbolic things might subconsciously put those symbols into action. Tucked a box of mementoes from a failed romance under your mattress? By holding on to the old energy, you may be sending the universe the message that you aren’t yet ready to welcome the new. Whether you worship the powers of chi or just don’t want to trip over another phone charger, it’s time to put the clutter to sleep for good.

Sleeping poorly in a busy, overstuffed bedroom is common. You may rest easier knowing that the pile of laundry in the corner will be folded, and you won’t have to drag yourself out of bed because you’ll have less stuff to trip over. Small bedroom organisation might be challenging due to limited square footage, but this just means you’ll have to get ingenious with your solutions if you want to enjoy a clean and uncluttered sleeping environment. Find out how to make your tiny bedroom the peaceful retreat you’ve been looking for to recharge.

Mount A Wardrobe Racking System

spacious bedroom storage

A single hanging rail will not allow you to make the most of your closet, no matter how large it is. The shelves and baskets you placed to your closet allowed you to easily organise your many pairs of shoes, bags, and trousers.

Save Room Using S-Hangers

S-hangers are fantastic for keeping closets neat and uncluttered. To save space and keep your closet looking neat, try hanging several garments on a single hook.

Adding Shelving To Your Closet On The Cheap

Another wonderful solution is to instal your own shelves if your closet isn’t large enough for a system like this but you still find that there is a lot of wasted space within. This is a simple do-it-yourself storage solution for underutilised rooms. More importantly, it won’t break the bank. We’ve done this to every one of the smaller closets in our house, and it’s created an unbelievable amount of extra space. It’s a simple project that even a beginner can complete in an hour or two and for very little money. When dealing with a limited amount of square footage, it is imperative that every nook and cranny be put to good use. Click here to check out ultimate home storage ideas.

Be Minimalist About It

Many pieces of bedroom furniture that are advertised as necessities are, in fact, unnecessary. Although a vanity table, a spacious armoire, and a bench at the foot of the bed may look lovely on the pages of a magazine, in most people’s homes, they would make it impossible to move around.

You don’t need much more than a bed, a dresser, and some nightstand drawers to store your clothes and the things you need by your side while you sleep (water, tissues, etc.). You can get by without a workstation, a dressing table, and a mirror. Better yet, rather than investing in a second dresser or vanity, you may save space in your bedroom by making use of nightstands with large, deep drawers.

Apply Low-Cost Dividers To Your Drawers For Organization

To easily organise your underwear, socks, and other items in your dresser drawers, invest in some drawer organisers. No one enjoys coming home to a bedroom where their underwear is either all over the floor, jammed in drawers, or even worse, hanging out of drawers. If your bedroom doesn’t have a closet, optimising the space in your drawers is even more crucial.

Correct Folding Saves Space And Looks Better.

Don’t forget to switch out your clothes every season if you’re still struggling for closet space. All those thick winter sweaters packed up and taking up room in your drawers could be better used for lighter summer clothing. Check out the garage smart wall. When there aren’t many built-in storage alternatives in a given space, it’s often possible to make use of the vertical area. It’s not a good idea to stuff a little bedroom full of shelves and boxes unless you have to, but it is important to know certain strategies for making the most out of limited square footage. Hanging sweaters can distort their shape and make them more prone to snagging, so it’s best to fold them instead. Store them in neat stacks on shelves, taking care not to stack them too high. Rolling storage bins are useful.

Figure up a way to keep your garments neat and tidy. Sort your garments by hanging the slacks in one section, the shirts with collars in another, and the dresses in still another. Short, long, and seasonal categories are all possible. Don’t forget to get some good hangers (wire-free, of course) and a variety of different kinds, like those made specifically for pants and those that prevent clothes from slipping.

If you have already categorised your clothes by category, you may move on to organising them by colour. Although time-consuming, this is the most efficient method for selecting outfits from what you own. This clip storage system may be mounted on a blank wall and used to both display and store a vibrant collection of scarves, tights, or other accessories. It’s difficult to keep your closet neat and tidy when you have too many clothes. If there is an item in your closet you haven’t worn in a few months, it’s time to get rid of it. You may get your closet in order by removing everything but the things you actually wear.

Retain A Neat Drawer Arrangement

Don’t just throw clothes in the drawer, fold them first. Sorting through pants and shirts is much simpler when laid up in a horizontal orientation. Socks, lingerie, and belts can all benefit from a drawer divider. Please do not use drawers to store anything. Please fold your clothes and accessories properly and place them in the drawers. To facilitate the sorting process, lay your jeans and shirts out horizontally instead of vertically. A drawer organiser is useful for keeping undergarments, belts, and socks neatly tucked away.

Get Creative With That Extra Room

Don’t just throw clothes in the drawer, fold them first. Sorting through pants and shirts is much simpler when laid up in a horizontal orientation. Socks, lingerie, and belts can all benefit from a drawer divider. You can use the area under your bed to store shoes or seasonal clothing if you have such a feature. Keep the area under your bed clean and free of clutter at all times. Luggage, clothes, gift wrap, toys, linens, books, and even certain toys can all find a home under a bed. You could want to get some broad, flat plastic boxes to store your belongings in order to keep them neat and organised.

You shouldn’t waste this convenient and often unused storage space under your bed. Although drawers aren’t the only option, they’re likely the most convenient for storing and retrieving bed linens and other often used but less important items. There are some beds that have drawers built into the frame for extra storage, or you could use old dresser drawers to construct your own.

Keep the area under your bed tidy by using drawers or bins. Fabric drawers can be placed under a bed if there is enough room to store clothing, bedding, souvenirs, collections, and other items. Use every inch of available room. The area under your bed can be put to good use with the help of these drawers. How much stuff you can stow away in there is mind-boggling. You can keep whatever you like in storage, such as seasonal clothes or bedding. Better sleep is facilitated by a well-organized bedroom. Extra storage for shoes and out-of-season clothing can be created by purchasing a bed with a deep underframe. You should only make sure that everything is in order under your bed.

Incorporate Headboard Area.

Home Improvement Ideas

Put shelves in your headboard to store your essentials like books, lamps, and framed photos. Shelved headboards can be purchased, or you can construct one from repurposed materials like drawers or pallets. Get a bed that has a platform or a frame that allows for some floor space beneath it. If so, put it to good use! This IKEA idea for storing shoes is brilliant. You can make instant shoe storage by attaching wheels to a cabinet door. You could also utilise plastic storage containers or repurposed cabinets. Storage and organisation options expand significantly when you’re not constrained by the dimensions of the floor.

Shelf units can be built into the headboard to hold anything from books and lamps to framed photos. Headboards with shelves are readily available for purchase, or you may create your own using repurposed materials like drawers or pallets. Adding shelves to your headboard is a great way to maximise that area. You can put lamps, books, and pictures in frames here. DIYers can build their own headboard drawers, but you can also buy them.

When Choosing Lamps And Nightstands, Try To Think Outside The Norm.

Hang sconces from the ceiling and replace the standard nightstands and table lamps with rectangular woven baskets (or crates or even wire baskets) to store your bedside essentials. It’s cheap and practical, because it eliminates the need for the extra space that a traditional nightstand necessitates. Keep the area next to your bed clear. Choose between a simple table, a set of drawers, or a set of shelves, according to how much stuff you have.

When your bedroom is sparsely furnished, you could find yourself putting things onto your nightstand. Avoid this problem by investing in a nightstand with multiple drawers. Keep only a lamp, a box of Kleenex, and a small dish to hold jewellery and a watch in this area. To further declutter the area around your bed, think about wall-mounting your nightstand lighting. Minimal nightstands are adorable, but they don’t provide much room for your belongings. Consider your storage needs and go for a nightstand with at least two drawers. We keep our skin care products and lotions in the top drawer because of the limited storage space in the bathroom and bedroom. The hosiery, stockings, and house shoes all go in the bottom drawer.

Try to avoid piling things on top of your nightstand. Keep your tiny bedroom neat and organised with this. In the present moment, the only thing we keep on our nightstand is a reading lamp. Your nightstand can serve double duty as a workstation, which is even another handy feature. If you want to get some work done without leaving the comfort of your bed, this is a great option. Having a transparent ghost chair next to it can help keep things neat and tidy.

To Store Things On A Shelf Or A Hook.

Keep totes on shelves if at all possible. Invest in a Storage cubby for the wall or floor if you can’t spare the space on the ground. Shower hooks or clothes hangers can also be used to store your handbag.

Use Hooks To Adorn Your Walls.

Hooks are useful for hanging anything from hats and scarves to bags and even little picture frames. Some also include built-in shelves, perfect for showcasing photos, plush animals, and other treasured possessions.

Make Custom Shoe Racks To Fit Your Living Quarters.

To make the most of your limited square footage, tailor your shoe storage to your specific needs. Shoes can be stored in cubbies, on shelves, or on the floor. If you’re short on closet space, use pant hangers to store your boots.

Even though custom shelving is the pinnacle of shoe organisation elegance, a footwear cabinet is a clever alternative. Just because your other clothes are in your bedroom doesn’t mean your shoes have to be there too. It’s usually advisable to use another area of your flat as a storage place if you have extra available. However, there are a number of options for tidily storing shoes if you insist on keeping them in your bedroom. One option is to store footwear in a plastic box kept beneath the bed; another is to invest in a shoe bag that can be hung on the back of the closet door. Check out garage storage cabinets Avoid having shoes (instead of clothes) clutter up the space under your bed by investing in a tall, skinny cabinet.

Maintain A Neat Vanity.

Repurpose an old desk or armoire as a vanity for your bedroom. Use commonplace things for storage and display, such as cake stands for perfume, makeup trays, and little dishes for other goods.

Put Walls To Good Use

For books and other objects that you don’t frequently access, a set of tall bookcases is the ideal solution. Wall cubbies are a contemporary storage solution for little objects. Adding shelves to the walls of your tiny bedroom is a simple and cheap method to get extra storage and keep things in order. The most cramped bedroom might benefit greatly from adding shelving overhead.

Shelves on the wall can be utilised as a makeshift desk or bedside table. What do you get when you mix a dresser and an extra-sturdy shelf? A long one that can be used as a bookshelf. Cuter than a closet, perhaps. The owner even has a soothing wardrobe. Floating shelves are a fantastic space-saving solution in any room, but we particularly enjoy them in the corners of spaces where there isn’t much need for the extra square footage. They are simple to set up and add a tonne of storage capacity wherever they are placed. In a modest sleeping quarter, every square inch counts. You can put floating shelves over your bed or dresser or in an empty alcove. Add a shelf to the wall over your closet door if you have the room for it. Put your hat, book, or accessory here.

Pile Extra Blankets And Pillows Into Baskets.

Finally, rather than putting a chair on your bed for extra blankets and pillows, you should wrap up the blankets and throw them in a large basket. In addition to being aesthetically pleasing, it serves the practical purpose of keeping things neat and orderly.

Reduce The Size Of The Laundry Room.

Space-saving laundry hampers that hang over the back of a door are readily available. With some embroidery hoop and fabric, you can whip up your own in no time.

In Addition To The Area In Front Of Your Door, Don’t Overlook The Area Behind It.

Don’t limit your imagination! You can hang a mirror, jewellery, and scarves on the back of your bedroom or closet door. Hang a bar, a fold-down mirror, and several hooks to maximise the area. Get some hanging storage organisers to hang on the back of the door. Sort out what you’ll be keeping on your door. Most door organisers are designed to hold shoes, but you may store a wide variety of items in an over-the-door organiser. Small baskets are ideal for holding miscellaneous goods such as pencils, toiletries, and accessories. If you intend to use a clothesline, invest in a foldable model.

Avoid wasting even a fraction of an inch. Make the most of your limited floor space by hanging a rack like this one over your entrance. Put away your purses and other personal items. Perhaps you, like us, have a tiny bedroom closet and nowhere to put your clothes hamper. Investing in a hamper that can be hung on the back of the closet door is a smart method to free up floor space.

Storage Unit On Wheels

Incredibly versatile, this rolling cart can be used for literally anything. Its three shelves allow it to be placed virtually anywhere extra space is required for storage. You can use it as a nightstand or tuck it away somewhere compact for extra storage. It can be used in the kitchen, bathroom, or anywhere else you can think of.

Put Purses On A Coat Rack.

In our former residence, we had a cupboard dedicated to showcasing our purse collection. Unfortunately, the condo’s closet is extremely small and cannot accommodate even one of our handbags. Now that we’ve gotten rid of about half of the handbags, we use a coat rack to keep the backpacks and totes.

Commune Area

Need a place to work but can’t spare the space? A home office doesn’t have to take up a whole room, and you can easily set one up in a spare bedroom or elsewhere in the house. You can easily customise your own area to suit your needs with these cubical wall shelves, and the idea was originally shared on While He Was Napping, where it has since gone viral.

Raise The Head Of Your Mattress

Use a storage platform that sits under your mattress rather than sliding crates or boxes underneath, which could be seen through your bed skirt. This is the ideal location for hanging sweaters that might otherwise be thrown on shelves.

Fold-Down Bed

When square footage is at a premium, a murphy bed is your best bet. The concept is just fantastic! Hide your bed away in the gorgeous piece of furniture that it is, and take advantage of the side cabinets. To get some shut-eye, just have someone help you take it down and turn in. Your bedroom is one of the most significant rooms in your home. It’s where your day begins and ends. If you just leave things scattered around, it will not only seem messy, but it will also be a pain to find what you need.

Prepare Your Bedroom

Put away all of your extra belongings and make room on your bed. If you make your bed, even a tiny room will look neater and more put together. Make your bed look presentable by tucking in the sheets and fluffing the pillows. If you find that you have accumulated too many blankets and pillows, it is time to cull the herd. Your bedroom will look untidy and unappealing if you wake up and don’t make the bed. Making the bed can make even a modest bedroom look more organised. Tuck the covers in tightly and arrange the pillows to your liking.

Frequently Declutter

We can’t stress enough the importance of maintaining a regular decluttering routine. You won’t believe how much stuff you can amass in just a few short months, even if you keep it all neat and tidy. Because of this, you should clean your home and get rid of whatever you don’t truly value (or use anymore). Moreover, when you make it a habit to frequently declutter your home, you’ll find that you’re happier with less, and thus less prone to waste money on unnecessary extras. We just can’t thank you enough for the money you’ve saved us. Taking a trash can and removing everything off a flat table is a good place to begin (nightstand, dresser, and so on). Then, you should ponder the following:

  • So, is this just a bunch of rubbish? Get rid of it!
  • Is this something you employ frequently? If you don’t need it right now, put it aside or get rid of it.
  • If I were to relocate, would I take this with me? Then it can be given away or recycled.
  • Where I am right now, I wouldn’t be shopping, but if I were, would I buy this? Why are you keeping something you don’t love? Delete it and make room.

To what end do we own this? If something is taking up space in your life without contributing anything positive, why are you keeping it? Throw out any decorations or trinkets that are cluttering your bedroom but aren’t helping you achieve the mood you’re going for. It’s important to keep your bedroom neat and tidy because it’s where you get ready for the day and where you rest your tired head at night, and the environment in these two spaces should represent your ideal mental state. However, there is no need to spend money on unheard of Storage technology. Your bedroom can always look its best if you choose a functional, space-saving strategy.


Overstuffed bedrooms are a common cause of restless nights. Learn the tricks of turning your little bedroom into the tranquil haven you’ve been seeking. Hanging clothes on S-hooks helps maintain a clutter-free closet. Instead of stuffing your closet, try hanging multiple items on one hook or placing shelving. It is especially important to make the most of the space in your drawers if your bedroom does not have a closet.

Our house now has an astounding amount of extra room because we did this to all of the smaller closets. In just a couple of hours and for next to nothing in cost, this project can be finished by even the most inexperienced of DIYers. Rather than hanging them, which can deform their shape and make them more snag-prone, it is better to fold sweaters. Separate your pants, collared shirts, and dresses into their own hangers. Never allow anything to accumulate under your bed.

Anything from suitcases and bags to present wrap and wrapping paper, playthings and books, and even some mattresses can be stashed under a bed. Some beds have built-in drawers for storage, or you could use some of your old dresser drawers. The headboard can be equipped with shelves to store personal items such as books, lamps, and pictures. Headboard drawers are available for purchase or construction by the do-it-yourselfer. If you need to get some work done while laying in bed, you may use your nightstand as a desk.

Think about shoe storage options if your bedroom is cramped. Shoes can be stored elegantly on custom shelf, but a shoe cabinet is a practical alternative. You may make better use of the wall space in your small bedroom by installing shelves along the walls. Floating shelves are a great way to save square footage in any area, but they really shine in the nooks and crannies of rooms when there isn’t much else to put on the walls. Floating shelves provide instant desk or nightstand space as needed.

Hang a coat rack over the door to save valuable square footage. A hamper that can be attached to the back of the closet door is a practical investment for those in need of extra storage. It’s not necessary to dedicate an entire space as an office in the house; a corner of a living room or a corner of a bedroom can serve just fine. It’s time to thin the herd if you have a surplus of pillows and blankets. Tuck in the covers and fluff the pillows to make your bed look nice.

It doesn’t matter how small the space is, if you tidy it up, it’ll seem better organised and put together. When it comes to garage storage, GarageSmart is your best option. Why are you holding on to something if it is just taking up valuable real estate in your life? Get rid of the clutter in your bedroom by getting rid of any decorations or trinkets that aren’t essential to creating the desired atmosphere.

Content Summary

  1. Your tiny bedroom will feel like a walk in the park if you’ve figured out a system for organising and storing your belongings.
  2. However, contrary to popular belief, a bedroom is a highly sensitive area where clutter should be avoided at all costs.
  3. One of the major ideas behind this method is that you can unconsciously put symbols into motion by sleeping with them.
  4. It’s time to put the clutter to sleep for good, whether you believe in the mystical powers of chi or you just don’t want to trip over another phone charger.
  5. It’s common to have trouble sleeping in a crowded, overstuffed bedroom.
  6. Learn how to turn your small bedroom into the relaxing haven you’ve been searching for.
  7. Try hanging many items of clothing from the same hook to make better use of your closet’s vertical space.
  8. Do it yourself storage like this is a great option for unused space.
  9. Try to Keep It Simple
  10. Advertised as necessity, many individual pieces of bedroom furniture are, in fact, superfluous.
  11. Rather of buying a second dresser or vanity, you may conserve room in your bedroom by making use of nightstands with deep drawers.
  12. Use inexpensive dividers to keep your drawers neat and tidy.
  13. Get some drawer dividers to keep your underwear, socks, and other small items neat and tidy in your clothing drawers.
  14. It is especially important to make the most of the space in your drawers if your bedroom does not have a closet.
  15. If you’re still short on hanger room after the change of seasons, consider storing some of your winter garments elsewhere.
  16. Using the vertical area is a great option when there aren’t many built-in storage options.
  17. Wheeled containers are convenient for storing items.
  18. Think of a system to maintain order in your closet.
  19. When you have too many garments, it’s hard to keep your closet organised.
  20. Get rid of anything in your closet that you haven’t worn in the past few months.
  21. Laying down your pants and shirts in a horizontal configuration makes sorting them a breeze.
  22. Make sure to fold your clothes and accessories neatly before putting them away.
  23. You can use a drawer divider to organise your socks, underwear, and belts.
  24. Never allow anything to accumulate under your bed.
  25. Use drawers or containers to maintain order in the space under your bed.
  26. Whether it’s seasonal clothing or extra bedding, you may store whatever you like.
  27. Keep your bedroom neat and tidy for better sleep.
  28. Invest in a frame or platform bed if you want to free up some floor space.
  29. Putting shelves on your headboard is a fantastic way to make use of that room.
  30. Don’t forget to empty the space close to your bed.
  31. Depending on how much things you have, you can go with either a plain table or a set of drawers and shelves.
  32. Invest in a nightstand with several drawers to avoid this issue.
  33. Choose a nightstand with at least two drawers to accommodate your belongings.
  34. Stacking things on top of your nightstand is a bad idea.
  35. This is a great way to maintain order and cleanliness in your small bedroom.
  36. If you need extra storage but don’t have room on the ground, consider purchasing some storage cubbies for the wall or the floor.
  37. Organize your footwear in a way that best suits your needs to make the most of the space you have.
  38. Cubbies, shelves, and the floor are all acceptable places to keep footwear.
  39. Your shoes need not be in your bedroom just because the rest of your wardrobe is there.
  40. Take a look at the furniture in your garage. Invest in a tall, slender cabinet to keep your shoes (instead of clothes) from taking up the area under your bed.
  41. Convert a used bureau or armoire into a stylish and functional vanity.
  42. Wall cubbies are a cutting-edge way to keep little items out of the way.
  43. Adding shelves to the walls of your compact bedroom is an easy and affordable solution to acquire more storage and keep things in order.
  44. You can put floating shelves over your bed or dresser or in an empty nook.
  45. If you have the space, instal a shelf on the wall above your closet’s door.
  46. You can hang a mirror, jewellery, and scarves on the back of your bedroom or closet door.
  47. Hang a bar, a fold-down mirror, and multiple hooks to optimise the area.
  48. The back of the door might benefit from some hanging storage organisers, which can be purchased for that purpose.
  49. Sort out what you’ll be keeping on your door.
  50. Hang a rack like this above your door to save precious square footage.
  51. Ladies, please put your belongings away.
  52. A hamper that can be mounted to the back of the closet door is a practical way to clear clutter from the floor.
  53. A home office might be set up in a corner of a spare bedroom or another quiet spot in the house.
  54. When square footage is at a premium, a murphy bed is your best bet.
  55. You may tuck your bed away in the beautiful piece of furniture that it is and make use of the side cabinets.
  56. Get some shut-eye by having someone assist you in taking it down.
  57. Make Your Bed
  58. Clear out your bed and put away any unnecessary items.
  59. Tuck in the covers and fluff the pillows to make your bed look nice.
  60. Purge Your Space On A Regular Basis
  61. Maintaining a regular decluttering regimen is crucial, and we can’t stress that enough.
  62. This is why you need to undertake a thorough house cleaning and get rid of everything you don’t use or love (or use anymore).
  63. You’ll be happier with less, and less likely to waste money on frivolous luxuries, if you make it a habit to regularly declutter your home.
  64. Why are you holding on to something if it is just taking up valuable real estate in your life?
  65. Get rid of the clutter in your bedroom by getting rid of any decorations or trinkets that aren’t essential to creating the desired atmosphere.

FAQs About Small Bedroom


How Do I Organize My Small Room With Too Much Stuff?

  • Organizing a Room with Too Much Stuff
  • What to Keep and What to Toss.
  • Ask Yourself About Each Item.
  • Donate Any Good Items.
  • Get Boxes.
  • Start With Large Items. 
  • Don’t Do Too Much at Once.
  • Stacking Storage Containers.
  • Clean Often.

What Do You Do When You Have Too Much Stuff?

The most charitable way to get rid of extra stuff is to donate it! There are many individuals who are in need of clothing, bedding, books, cookware, and more. If you have useful items you need to get rid of, give them to someone in need.

Where Do I Start Decluttering When Overwhelmed?

Here is the best formula for decluttering large, overwhelming spaces:

  • Remove the easiest things first.
  • Discard larger items next.
  • Donate items instead of selling them.
  • Break your large space into smaller bite-size challenges.
  • Work until your bite-size piece is completed.

Should You Put A Bed In Front Of A Window?

Pros of Bed Placement Against a Window. Placing a bed against the window wall can free up more space in the room. If there is an outdoor view that you don’t like, you can block it in part by placing the bed in front of a window. Some people love the natural light that spills over them when they wake up under a window.

Is Rearranging Your Room Good?

According to Psychology Today, rearranging a room can elevate your mood, instilling satisfaction, effectiveness, creativity and comfort. It’s also a simple way to clear your mind; just as you’re cleaning the clutter of the room while rearranging your furniture, your mind becomes at ease, grounded and clearer.

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