For many people up and down the country, there has never been a better time to think about a home office. However, many homes won’t have a room spare for a work-from-home space, which raises the question: why not turn the garage into a home office?

We are always on the hunt for ways to extend the living area of our homes and turn unused spaces into efficient and multitasking areas. With the home office increasingly becoming a must in residences across the globe, the space for a dedicated homework area is one that many are left searching for. 

The options are diverse and largely depend on your own home and its overall floor plan. Everything from a forgotten attic and basement to the corner in the bedroom can be turned into a smart workspace. But for those looking to shape a dedicated home office removed from the main living area, the garage offers a fun and quirky alternative.

Some people will keep their car in this space, which rules it out, but if you don’t – or if you can park the car on your drive while working from home – then this could be a good solution until you’re back at the office full time. This month, we’ll talk you through what you need to consider to convert your garage into an office while you work from home temporarily. 

Transforming the garage into a home office is a task that demands the right planning and a bit of ingenuity. A spacious garage can act as much more than a dedicated home office and studio. It can also be your second living area or an informal hangout and homework area for kids when needed. From the stylish and extravagant to the efficient and the basic, here is a look at the best garage home office ideas that you can borrow from. 

FAQs About Garage Renovation

Can You Convert A Garage Into A Home Office?

With space at a premium in many homes, a garage conversion can be a great way to gain that much-needed workspace. If your garage has more storage space (or dumping ground) than a safe place to park the car, it could be the ideal location for a home office.

How Much Does It Cost To Convert A Garage Into An Office?

Garage conversions vary in cost depending on the specifications of your garage space. However, Santander estimates that the average garage conversion costs approximately $6,300, including plastering and decoration. We would expect a garage conversion to cost between $5,000-and $10,000.

Can I Convert My Garage To An Office Without Planning Permission?

Planning permission is not usually required to convert your garage into additional living space for your home, providing the work is internal and does not involve enlarging the building.

How Long Does A Garage Conversion Take?

A single-car garage conversion can take anywhere from one week to one month, depending on the scale and scope of the conversion. If multiple tradespeople from different firms are contracted, make sure they’ll be available when they’re needed during the conversion.

How Do I Convert My Garage To A Room Temporarily?

There is no way to transform a garage into a habitable living area temporarily. The space will never be weather-tight, properly insulated and heated in winter, and would require new windows for ventilation and a host of other improvements.

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Convert Your Garage Into A Home Office

If you’re looking for a way to save on space and add an extra home office to your humble abode, look no further than your garage. Since garages are enclosed spaces, they can serve as ideal areas to create home office conversions.

  • Empty It: Garages can often be a one-size-fits-all dumping ground for everything from holiday decorations to paint cans you’re storing for future home improvement projects. Before figuring out how to convert a garage to a home office, you’ll need to figure out if it’s even possible. And that starts with clearing out the clutter! Figure out what you have to keep and what you can get rid of. Then, find a place to store the things you need to hang on to. Consider getting an outdoor shed or installing shelves in the garage to help organise everything and keep it out of your way.
  • Survey the Space: Once you’ve cleared the clutter, survey your garage and figure out what you like and need to do for your garage to office conversion. For example, most garages consist of a concrete floor, overhead lighting, and garage doors. For a quick and easy facelift, paint the walls a light colour for a fresh, clean look. If your garage has a regular door, you can give it a quick coat of paint for a more professional look. For more intensive projects (think: a new hardwood floor or overhead lighting that requires new outlets), you may be better off consulting with a pro.
  • Consider Comfort: Since garages are not year-round living spaces, you’ll need to ensure proper healing and cooling so you don’t freeze during the winters and broil in the summertime. To adapt easily (and cheaply) to the changing temperatures outside in the short term, you can invest in a portable space heater and a fan and a portable air conditioner for warmer days. Long-term, though, you’ll likely need to invest in a more permanent HVAC system to ensure the garage’s temperature stays consistent and comfortable year-round.
  • Light It Up: If you’re one of the few who have windows in your garage, consider yourself lucky! But for those in a windowless room, proper lighting is a must-have. Instead of natural lighting, make sure that your home office is outfitted with lamps not only on your desk but in other parts of your garage, too. That way, you won’t feel like you’re working in a cave with the only light source right next to you.
  • Check Your Tech: If you have an attached garage, you might think that you can rely on your Wi-Fi connection, and that might be the case. But, make sure you give your connection a solid test run before you move in. It’s one thing to do some casual browsing. It’s another to have a video meeting and multiple open tabs simultaneously. As part of learning how to convert a garage to a home office, consider that many attached garages are built with fire safety in mind, and Wi-Fi signals may have difficulty penetrating the garage walls. Depending on your situation, you may need to invest in a wired internet connection, Wi-Fi extenders, or a portable hotspot.
  • Make It Your Own: Sure, you could invest in an ergonomic chair and desk, but why not take the opportunity to design a beautiful home office? Add personal touches such as throw rugs, furniture, and framed pictures.

Clean & Tidy

First, your garage is probably not a suitable place for working now. Filled with boxes, rubbish, garden furniture and anything else you care to associate your garage with, it’s time to have a clearout and tidy. 

Donate items to charity, sell them via online marketplaces or put them in the bin. Anything you need to keep, try and move it to the shed or the attic. Appliances such as a chest freezer or washing machine may need to stay but try and keep them to one side of the room to make space.

Once you’ve cleared a decent amount of space, it’s time to clean. Wash the floor to get rid of dust and oil stains, then apply a feather duster to the walls and corners to remove debris and cobwebs. Starting with a new space will be a big help for all the following steps.


Few garages, if any, come with built-in heating, and there’s a good reason for that. But if you intend to work in this space, you need to make it comfortable. Start by trying to eliminate the drought coming from your garage door. 

A draught excluder on the bottom of your garage door or a weather strip on the floor where your garage door hangs – or both! – it will go a long way to helping prevent cold air and wet weather from intruding on your working day.

Temporary heating is a must in a garage office, so it’s worth investing in a portable heater. The type of heater you get will depend on how much floor space you have and your budget. 

You could even get an overhead heater if you want to keep this office space in future or turn it into a workshop. Check the heater is safe to have in your garage, and always make sure to switch it off when you’re done for the day.


Most garages feature power supply, but depending on your work set-up, you may need more electricity supply. Consider whether you also need to plug in your heating (see above) and lighting equipment (see below). This might mean you need an extension. 

Always be careful not to overload your sockets or get an extension wet. By cleaning and tidying your garage first, you can figure out how many plug sockets you can use and keep them safe.

Good Lighting

A single bulb usually isn’t enough to brighten a whole garage in the way you might like unless you sit directly under it. It’s a good idea to get a desk lamp or a floor lap to add more brightness to your office space as looking at a computer screen in the dark is not good for your eyes. 

You could always consider swapping your one ceiling light bulb for something more ornate and expansive if you’re willing to pay to get the electrical side of things properly sorted permanently for this space.

Lighting in the home office is a priority, and as always, you want a decent mix of task and ambient lighting. But more often than not, garages are not spaces shy of natural light, and by replacing the old garage door with translucent glass panels or sliding glass doors, you can improve ventilation further. Start small before you commit more extensively to transforming the garage into a stylish home office.

Office Equipment

This is the fun part; kitting your home office out with whatever you need to make it comfortable and practical. Do you need shelving to house a lot of folders or reference books? Do you need dual monitors set up on your desk? Would you prefer a desk that slots into the corner? All of these things, plus other bits of equipment unique to your job (or even just the basic stationery), should be arranged in your new space.

This is a good excuse to upgrade your current equipment and make your office look and feel like you want it to.

Extra Considerations 

So you’ve got all the essentials you need to work comfortably and get your job done day-to-day, but is there anything else you can factor in to make life easier and more enjoyable while working from home?

  • Soft furnishings – This helps add colours, texture and possibly a little more warmth. Try a giant beanbag for taking video calls on or a large rug to take away the chill from the floor.
  • Internet connection – Check your wifi connection will reach well before moving your office into the garage first.
  • Food and drink – Want to avoid going back and forth to the kitchen? Why not add a mini kitchen with a small fridge, a kettle and a snack bowl?

If you’re planning on creating a temporary office in your garage but have found your garage door needs repair – either because it’s wonky on the rails or because it won’t close properly – then look no further than Doormatic. We offer garage door repairs and maintenance throughout Surrey, Kent, London and across the South East so that you can set up your work-from-home space comfortably.

Getting The Basics Right

Converting the garage into a home office ensures that the garage is used as a space for more permanent living. Consider the flooring of the garage and if it is plain concrete (which is most often the case), then use floor tiles, carpet tiles or other, cozier flooring surface to make sure that the home office feels comfortable during all seasons. Then turn to the walls and windows to improve the insulation of the space. 

Most garages have very poor insulation. By replacing the windows and adding another layer of drywall to the space, you can easily make it a more elegant and all-season space.

Style And Aesthetics

Once you have the most basic things in place and have turned the garage into a more comfortable setting, it is time to turn your attention to the style and efficiency of the space. 

Here, you might want to stay away from strictly contemporary or modern styles, and a blend of industrial, farmhouse or rustic with modern finishes works best. Start with the desk, chair and shelving for all your office needs before you spread your wings and bring in decorative items. A neutral colour scheme also keeps down visual clutter and gives the office a cool, relaxing vibe.

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Inexpensive Ideas To Turn The Garage Into A Home Office

Using the garage as an office frees up space inside your house and provides a chance to separate work from home life. When turning a garage into a home office, however, the expenses can add up quickly. The average cost to turn a garage into a living space is between $5,983 and $19,442, according to

If you incorporate a few tricks and a DIY attitude, you can carry out a garage conversion for much less. Follow these low-cost strategies to turn a garage into a home office you look forward to working in.

Start By Clearing Out

Go through boxes, bikes, tools, and anything else you have stored in the garage. Get rid of anything you no longer need, and then think creatively to store the rest. You might install storage racks for items you only occasionally need. Extra gear could be stored in an attic, outdoor shed, or other storage space.

Think About The Climate

If you live in an area with hot summers or snowy winters, set up a way to keep the space comfortable year-round. Make sure the room is well sealed and check the garage door.

Grab A Paintbrush

A fresh coat of paint can brighten up dull, stained walls. Instead of hiring a professional, set aside a weekend and put a new colour on yourself. When selecting a shade, opt for a lighter colour. If you regularly have video calls, it will be easier for others to see you if you have a white, uncluttered background.

Don’t Buy New Furniture.

When searching for a desk or chair, start visiting Facebook Marketplace or scrolling through apps like OfferUp. A local thrift store or garage sale might have the perfect couch or bookshelf. Set a budget and wait until you come across supplies that fit your style and price range.

Install Proper Lighting

Evaluate what type of lighting the space currently has. Most garages don’t have very few windows, which leads to a minimum amount of natural light. If your garage office has a single bulb hanging from the ceiling, it may be not easy to see at night.

To add more light, look for a desk lamp or hanging lamp over the garage office. Then decide if white or yellow lighting is better for your needs.

Have Fun With Colour.

To liven up a garage space with a concrete floor and drywall, look for design ideas that incorporate brightness.

“Patterned pillows, contrasting lights with darks, a fun rug, and brightly painted furniture assist with turning a dank cave into a Pinterest-inspired personal space,” 

Fill extra space with an artificial plant or a potted herb that doesn’t need much light.

Make The Space Seem Larger.

If your garage’s floor plan is small, look for ways to avoid a cramped area. Use desk organisers, file cabinets, and hanging shelves to keep clutter minimum.

“We put a large mirror above my desk to make the space feel bigger,” Bedford, founder of Vett Deck, who converted space in her garage into a home office.

Focus On Comfort.

To help you through long working days, set up a food station in your garage office. Put in a small refrigerator, set up an espresso machine, or bring several baskets from your pantry that hold wrapped snacks.

If you’ll have clients or guests visiting regularly, add comfortable chairs for them, along with magazines or welcome brochures.

Check The Tech.

If you have video equipment, several computers, or other electrical gear you use regularly, look at where they will be placed and make sure there are enough outlets.

Also, evaluate the internet connection to see if it is fast and reliable. If you make regular calls, check that your phone works inside the garage when the doors and windows are closed.

Bring In A Personal Touch.

Adding wall art, family photos, or other memorabilia can help make the new home office welcoming and warm. Candles, a throw blanket, and favourite books can help too.

From Garage To Functional Home Office

It’s hard to imagine what a garage turned office space could look like—especially if your garage contains nothing but cars, a lawnmower, and other assorted non-office items. But, with a little imagination, it is possible to turn it into a space you love.

Consider your new space to be a blank canvas for you to design any way you’d like. After all, if you take the time to make the space your own, you’ll add a new dynamic to your work-from-home arrangement.

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