So, you’ve decided to switch to an adjustable standing desk. Congratulations! You’ll soon be on your way to a more productive and healthier lifestyle. But before you make your purchase, there are some things that you need to know about this new technology so that you can find the best fit for your needs.

They say that sitting is the new smoking, and with potential health hazards such as decreased circulation, heart disease, back or neck pain, and thrombosis — yikes! — we can see why. And with work-from-home life the new normal for many, it’s safe to say that lots of people are sitting way more than they used to — not good. Personal well-being aside, sitting for prolonged periods can also affect performance at work due to low concentration and productivity. So, if you’re looking to combat a heavy dosage of downsides brought on by traditional desks, read on to see our favourite standing desks that’ll help keep your blood circulating, whether you’re working from home or the office.

Perfect Height Of Standing Desk

The pandemic forced many employees to work from home. While some folks have home offices, others have restricted space at home. If you are looking for a small standing desk, our reviews below could be of great help to you. In either case, the benefits of a standing desk are well known, and you can’t afford to let loose on your health. Standing desks operate either with electricity or can be. An electric standing desk is much preferred over ones that are manually adjusted or mechanically cranked up for sheer ease.

Are you looking for height-adjustable desks to level up your home office? There are so many different options when it comes to narrow standing desks:

  • Low-profile desks are made to tuck into small spaces.
  • Modular, sleek modern numbers.
  • L-shaped affairs.
  • Industrial tables with hand cranks.
  • Lift-top contemporary pieces that you’d never guess convert to standing desks.

Whatever you’re looking for, you’re sure to find a height-adjustable desk that fits the bill. Read on to discover our favourites in a variety of styles.

Even with the most ergonomic chairs, sitting at your desk all day can be uncomfortable. Plus, it’s always good to stand up every once in a while. To help you switch between sitting and standing while you work, we’ve rounded up the best height-adjustable standing desks. Whether you’re looking for a rustic desk with a hand crank or a modern option with digital controls, we’ve found various styles and features to suit every workspace. Love your fixed-height desk? We’ve also included standing desk converters. From spacious desks with built-in storage to sleek desks that fit into small spaces, these comfortable standing desks will transform your workday—and you’ll feel better about it.

Standing desks can help offset and prevent a sedentary lifestyle. Though we are not meant to sit around all day, most of us spend a large portion of our work-life hunkered down at an office desk. Unfortunately, sitting down too long – more than 8 hours a day – as stated by the Journal of Public Health, can not only increase the risk of chronic diseases by 10% to 20% but premature death as well.

The health benefits the best standing desks offer to those at their computers all day can’t be understated. For instance, studies repeatedly show “an improvement in discomfort and pain as people use [standing] desks.” Though they’re just one step in the right direction – you should also take breaks and get your muscles moving and your blood pumping, not to mention stay active generally – on top of alternating between standing and sitting.

We’ve collected the best standing desks available here to help you make the leap to healthier work life. There’s something to meet your needs, whether you want a desk for gaming, an affordable alternative, or want something with a more sophisticated look and feel. Even students going back to school should consider one for a healthier way to do homework.

Tips for Using a Standing Desk

Right Height For Standing Desk Melbourne

An adjustable standing desk is a great choice if you want to stand while you work. However, the best way to decide which one is right for you is by considering your height and weight. You’ll also need to think about how much space the desk will take up in your office or home.

  • Alternate between sitting and standing. While there are certainly many benefits to standing (and plenty of reasons not to sit all day), having an all-or-nothing approach to your standing desk comes with health risks like back pain, swollen veins, and other vascular issues. The best method is to switch from standing to sitting and back again throughout the day.
  • Your desk height should be aligned with your elbows. Having your elbows sitting on your desk at a 90-degree angle is ideal for comfort!
  • Consider an anti-fatigue mat. Many of the desk companies on this list also sell anti-fatigue mats, which promote blood flow by encouraging small leg movements.

As much as possible, opt for an ergonomic working desk. Traditional desks are cheaper, but they do not offer any ergonomic benefits. An ergonomic desk allows you to stand and sit on the fly because of its height adjustment feature. In addition, investing in a standing desk can help you to achieve a healthy and pain-free body by encouraging you to stand more often. 

Prolonged sitting is linked to cardiovascular disease, obesity, diabetes, and cancer. It also contributes to chronic back pain because of poor posture. Moreover, over-sitting can also affect mental health by increasing the rates of anxiety and depression. 

But then again, there should be a balance between sitting and standing. Standing all day is also not highly recommendable. Being on your feet for long periods can put a lot of pressure on your legs, which can cause swelling, varicose veins, and hemorrhoids. The key is to have the right mix of standing and sitting throughout the day.

Exercising alone is not enough to counter the effects of too much sitting. Incorporating standing and movement into your day through using a sit-stand desk will be more beneficial. 

But as we all know, there are so many standing desks out there. It can be such a struggle to wade in the sea of working desks in the market. But don’t worry! We provide a crib sheet on how to find the right working desk. Read along to know some of the features that you might want to consider before buying a desk:

Know if you want a desk with a single motor or dual motors

The differences between these kinds of desks are their strength and speed capacities. As it is, a standing desk with two motors can lift heavier loads and move quicker than a single-motorized desk. While a single motor desk is cheaper, it does not necessarily mean that it lags in quality. Some desks only have one motor but can stand up to a dual-motored model. It is best to check the specs before settling with any standing desk. 

Opt for a durable standing desk

A well-built standing desk could be used for years. Even if you have to shell out a little more, a durable standing desk will pay for itself. Ask the manufacturer if the desk unit that you are eyeing underwent a stability and durability test. If so, there is a big chance that the standing desk is heavy-duty. It is vital to know this, especially if you are going to use the standing desk every day for long periods. Also, be sure to check if the standing desk is made from quality materials. You will save more if you buy a sturdy desk rather than a flimsy unit that will get damaged easily. 

Get a stable standing desk

Remember that a standing desk should hold all your files and gadgets at any height. A desk that wobbles like crazy means that it has a weak frame and can be a source of headache in the future. You might be discouraged to shift positions if you have to worry about your things falling off the desk.

Buy a standing desk that appeals to your sense of aesthetics

Your standing desk can still reflect your personality! Choose a brand that offers customization from the frame to the desktop finish. If you already have an existing desktop, you can buy a desk frame that will suit your needs. 

Go for a brand that offers extended warranty coverage

Before checking out, get the details of the product warranty. A brand that provides an extended warranty is confident about its products and prioritizes customer satisfaction. 

Purchase a noiseless standing desk

If you are easily distracted by noises, then you should look for a desk that quietly moves. Ideally, the noise level should be under 50 decibels. This kind of movement is classified under the soft category to imagine the sounds made in a quiet library. 

Select a desk that is easy to put together

Standing Desk For Home

Assembling a standing desk may not be easy for you. But some brands provide the manual and all the necessary parts inside the package. In addition, if you are more visual, some brands upload videos that detail how to put up the standing desk.


Frequently Asked Questions About Standing Desk

What size standing desk should I get?

To begin, set your standing desk at about elbow height. This means your elbows should be in a 90-degree position from the floor. As a guide, the average 5’11” (180 cm) person would have their desk about 44 inches (111 cm) high.

What is the ideal standing desk posture?

Stand with your head back and hips upright with an ‘S’ curve in your spine. Maintain good ergonomic principles: find a good chair, use proper pelvic support, have your knees at 90 degrees. Raise your monitor height level with your eyes.

How many hours should you stand at a standing desk?

Research shows the ideal ratio is to spend one hour standing for every one to two hours of sitting. A height-adjustable sit-stand desk lets you do just that. Most qualities sit-stand desks have electric controls or gas lifts to make it possible for workers to adjust the height of their desks multiple times each day.

Should you use a standing desk all day?

Should you use a standing desk all day? No. Just like sitting all day is not optimal, standing for a whole day isn’t either. You should alternate between sitting and standing every so often during the day.


Height Adjustment – How High And Low Should It Go?

We strongly encourage you to invest in a table, desk, or desktop unit that adjusts all the way from sitting to standing heights. They offer the greatest flexibility and support for healthy and productive work and long-term well-being. Each desk on the market has its own unique adjustment range, so you need to select one that accommodates you or whoever will be using it while in a fully seated position and a fully standing position. Be sure to consider things like the thickness of the table/desk surface, the height of the keyboard surface sitting atop the desk, shoe height, the thickness of floor mats, or anything else that may affect these heights.

Do I Still Need A Chair?

Yes, unless you are one of the rare people who can comfortably stand all day, every day, you will still want a chair at your computer workstation. However, instead of a costly high-end chair with all the bells and whistles that support sedentary workers, the active workstation and work habits a sit-stand arrangement encourages might relieve some of that need.

Other seating options to consider are stool-like sit-stand devices that support a “perching” position. These are typically not designed for long-term sitting and may even become uncomfortable after 20-30 minutes or so. However, that might actually be a good thing since it can trigger your mind to remember “it’s time to move,” which is the ultimate goal for effective ergonomics at a stand-up workstation.

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