Time has come to make the move from your palatial estate with 55 bedrooms and 27 bathrooms to a more modest seaside unit. Or perhaps you’ve decided to ditch your office job and travel to the Online website in order to build a life-size macaroni replica of the river that bears its name. For whatever reason, you find yourself in need of storage space, and that means you’ll require storage boxes and bins.

Having a place to keep your belongings involves some preparation and investigation. It’s important to give some serious consideration to the container you’ll use to keep your valuables safe. It’s a mystery to us why we’re still keeping these products. To help you get ready to put things away, we have some suggestions, ideas, and things to consider. Check out GarageSmart. Have you ever felt that there was too much stuff and nowhere to put it? If you’re sick and tired of feeling disorganised in your daily life, we have a chic way to help you take back control. Speak to us if you’re looking for premium garage storage solutions in Melbourne.

Accents for the Season

organised shelves

Scarves, gloves, and hats can be cumbersome to store (not to mention dispersible). Put them away for the winter, and keep a box by the door to access them easily. Scarves, gloves, caps, large jewellery, and hosiery can all be stored in accessory boxes, but you’re not limited to this kind of organisation (pun intended).

Fabrics for Storing Clothes in General

These containers with locks on the lids are great for stowing away items in the kitchen, bathroom, laundry room, basement, or garage. You should keep plastic away from sources of extreme heat like the oven or furnace. Their 15-quart capacity makes them useful for a wide variety of small-scale tasks.

There’s a certain skill to putting away sweaters. Cotton, wool, and cashmere sweaters don’t want to spend the warm summer months stuffed in any old box. They require a place to get some air and some shelter from the elements. You won’t have to stack them too high to make room, and the plastic construction will keep the cloth free from dust and moisture.

  • As a helpful hint, keep sweater boxes no higher than chest level. It could be risky to take them down from a high shelf.

If you’ve seen our bathroom linen closet makeover, you know how important it was in helping us establish a routine that we can stick to and making up for our single weak vanity drawer. Think about whether or not your pantry needs baskets if you already use them.

Pieces and Pieces

A plastic rolling cart for stowing away miscellaneous items. The wheels make it easy to move this three-drawer moving cart around, so it can be put to use in a variety of locations quickly.

Parking Areas And Yards

You can store anything outside in your garage, on your patio, in your shed, or in any of these other more durable plastic containers.

Recreational Items for Young Children

Toys and plush animals can be tossed into neatly packed storage boxes to keep the space under control and make cleanup a breeze.


In order to preserve the quality of your underwear, slips, and other delicates, you should store them in a location where they won’t get caught on anything.

Maintaining Order in the Archives

You should be able to fit the paperwork for a couple into an extra-large file tote box. If you’re planning on expanding your team, you should probably upgrade to a physical filing cabinet at some point. Instead of using a boring metal filing cabinet, store your family’s paperwork in a stylish woven-lid chest. Check the interior dimensions of the basket to ensure that your letter- or legal-size documents will fit. This chest has a square foot of storage space that measures in at 12 inches on each side. Files in letter or legal size can be hung safely with the help of an adjustable hanging file frame from your local office supply store. Substitute baskets for occasional tables. Make use of them to amass reading materials like periodicals, mail, and books. Opt for a collection of baskets that don’t match to maintain a relaxed vibe.

Do you recall the recent effort to clean up your desk’s garbage drawer and put your stationery in order? Although we have made great strides in improving distribution, any new mail that requires immediate attention still comes here. We promised ourselves we wouldn’t just toss things in drawers, which is a recipe for chaos, but keeping papers in a locked box on the counter has worked wonderfully. Get rid of the old, ugly filing cabinets and put in a sleek new storage solution.

Party Favors

In order to impress your guests, fill a basket or caddy with treats. Throw in some scented soaps, delicious snacks, and some entertaining reading material to make them feel at home.

Assemblage of Festive Items

garage wall mounted shelving

A 22-gallon plastic bin is an excellent investment because of its versatility. While compact enough for a lady to carry easily, they offer adequate storage space for more than just a hat. The size also ensures that you won’t have to worry about dropping an unsafely heavy container from a great height. Check out the smart wall.

  • In order to guarantee that your containers will stack nicely, it is recommended that you purchase a large quantity. That’s because they’re made to literally “fit” together.

Prepare for the holiday mayhem by getting your holiday decorations in order now. Click here to check out this huge list of home storage ideas.

Store of Disposables for Gatherings and Stocking the Pantry

Even with our best intentions, we can quickly let our kitchen and craft equipment get disorganised. Organize your cans, cups, napkins, ribbons, and paper towels. Kitchen materials can be kept more organised with the use of baskets. Put a wicker basket with straps inside it on the rack above the fridge so you can get whatever you need quickly. A quick scan of the labels will reveal the contents of this mesh design.

Storage baskets are the most efficient way to arrange your food storage space. Larger wicker baskets can be used to store and transport everything from cookbooks and cereal boxes to bags of chips and even small appliances. Use a smaller basket for your tea bags, spices, snack bars, etc.

Napkins and Tablecloths

Having clean table linens and napkins is one of our favourite parts of hosting dinner parties for friends and family. Between uses, wash and put them away to avoid bringing in pests, dust, and discoloration.

Places to Keep Cookie Cutters and Other Baking Essentials

We used to try to keep our cookie cutters neat and tidy by placing them in gallon-sized Ziplock bags according to theme before cramming them all into a large reusable grocery bag. It was cumbersome to use and took up a significant amount of valuable cabinet space. We now have individual picture containers for the several cookie-related holidays, as well as for the various toppings and ingredients.

Since the containers are rectangular and stackable, they can be placed practically anywhere, and they also make it much simpler to locate the items we need. Since we only use them sometimes, we store ours on the top shelf of the pantry. You can store them in any closet or even beneath the bed if you’re short on kitchen storage.

Coloring Tools: Crayons, Markers, and Various Pencils

Why did we wait so long to put one of them in a box? They’ve spent too much time dispersed across the house. You can either store things in their original containers or group things of a similar nature together in a box for faster retrieval. You can also store painting materials like glitter and paint in the boxes.

Chemicals used as adhesives and glues

Have you ever lost the little tube of super glue and then spent the next ten minutes searching everywhere? Or perhaps some ordinary Elmer’s glue? Also, remember that Velcro you purchased like, a year ago? Save yourself a tonne of time by keeping all of your indoor adhesives in one convenient place, like a photo box.

Bulb Stockpiling

There are several types of light bulbs needed for different fixtures, and I’ve found that keeping them together in bins helps keep my storage area looking neat and tidy. Plus, we won’t have to worry about accidentally toppling the separate bulb bundles.

Additional Cosmetics And Hygiene Products

Have you ever splurged on a Costco bulk pack of toiletries like toothpaste, deodorant, or razors? Or take advantage of a discount and load up. For compact, inexpensive, and stackable storage, photo boxes are ideal in the toilet. In the medicine cabinet of our toilet, we keep separate tooth-care containers for him and her. Bathrooms with limited storage space might benefit from the decorative and functional addition of baskets. Within easy reach of the sink in this restroom is a huge basket with more bath towels.

There is only a pedestal sink in our half-bathroom and no other storage options. We have a tulip basket with a lid that we just added, but we don’t know how several rolls it can store (a TON). We had a smaller basket before, but this larger one is ten times more convenient. Since household toiletries are typically purchased in bulk and are very compact, it makes sense to store them in baskets that are labelled according to their contents.

Use a simple, handled basket to store toiletries and clean towels in the guest bathroom. The basket will hold everything together while yet making it easy for guests to see and reach what they need.

Polish and Tools

Maybe you perform your nail care in the bathroom, but that’s not where we do it. After years of maturity, we realised it was more convenient to keep all of our nail care tools in a single, portable bin. This photo box may hold numerous items, like clippers, files, nail paint, remover wipes, etc. You could benefit from having a few smaller containers inside your photo box. One of our go-to methods of clutter management is subdividing large boxes.


Half the battle is won just by showing up at the gym. Make things easier on yourself by keeping your workout clothes out where you can quickly get them instead of digging through drawers.

Decorative Papers and Handiwork

These flat, short boxes are great for keeping papers, supplies, and other items in a closet or other storage area.

Playing Miniature Games With Cards Or Dice

Various forms of card games and miniature dice games like Farkle are readily available. Whenever we try to grasp the larger games, they invariably tumble off the shelf. No longer; they’re all contained within a single container. Speak to us if you’re looking for elite garage storage solutions in Sydney.

To Keep Your Thank-You Cards, Stamps, Etc.

We enjoy using lovely note cards and have sufficient to last us for quite some time. What can we say? We’re at our best when we have a few different paths to take. It was fantastic when, a few years ago, we sorted through every drawer and closet in the workplace to compile all of the sticky notes into one central location. We keep stamps and address tags in the same box for your convenience. We can no longer make up excuses for not jotting down a quick letter to a pal. Check out cabinet storage solutions.

Cleaning Up Legos and Other Small Toys

A child’s bedroom would benefit greatly from these containers housing their Lego sets. The sheer variety of possible arrangements (by block size, by colour, by set with accompanying instruction books, etc.) makes us giddy with anticipation. Everything from Hot Wheels to Barbies and their accessories can be used in the same way. To assist younger children clean up without you hovering over them, label each box with a picture of the contents. Downstairs, we keep a number of Play-Doh sets for visiting nieces and nephews, and this is an ideal method for storing them. You wouldn’t know there were bright toys inside from looking at the outside.

Toy baskets are a favourite of ours since they are user-friendly for both children and adults, which bodes well for a speedy clean-up process. Toys have been stored in both a wide open basket and a trunk with a cover over the years. A big basket is ideal for kids because they can toss whatever they don’t need back in it after using it. It won’t take you more than a few moments to put the basket away once it’s time for adults to take over the area.

The Safekeeping of Tea Lights and Votives

We recently reorganised the storage cupboard in the hall, and that’s where you saw us put the Play-Doh and candle containers. It’s great to be able to quickly locate a specific size of little candle.

Instructions On How To Sort Pictures

Since this is the obvious intended use, we debated leaving it out. We also know many people who have many boxes of printed photographs that they have yet to sort through. We hope these suggestions for breaking down the massive stockpile into more manageable parcels prove helpful. Initially, select one or two bins as your favourites. Even while some may advise against keeping them, we can’t help but treasure images from the past. Then, divide up the remaining space however you see fit. You can easily divide things up by year, decade, or event type (IE: Vacations, Birthday Parties, Christmas, Everyday Life). We’re letting you keep more than one box of favourites, but it’s fine if you want to get rid of some as well. As an example, if you have ten similar shots, you probably don’t need them all.

A Place To Clean Up

Instead of keeping your laundry detergent pods and other supplies in their ugly plastic containers, consider storing them in something more attractive, like a glass jar. In this way, they can be prepared and displayed elegantly before use. Space-efficient storage solutions are essential in any bathroom or laundry area. Put them in baskets to keep them organised. Put the goods in a nice basket and hide it. Pick a basket that can withstand exposure to liquids and chemicals.

Placement of Blankets and Pillows

Baskets stuffed with blankets, cushions, and throws are not only a space-saving storage solution, but also a lovely decorative element. We have them in every room of the house, including the bedroom and the living room.

Storing Firewood

Whether you go with a traditional basket or a log carrier to store your firewood vertically, displaying it in a basket is an attractive and functional addition to your hearth.

Archiving Via Distant Control

Look for a small basket you can put on exhibit to store anything you want to hide from view but still have close at hand in your living room.

Medication Management Made Easy

Who wants a medication drawer or shelf that’s a mess? Just like any other field, medicine benefits from having a well-defined, universally-understood system for keeping track of patient records and other information. First aid supplies, vitamins, pain relievers, digestive issues, prescriptions, allergies, and children’s medicine are just few of the categories to think about.


Think about the materials you’ll be using and the container you’ll be storing valuables in. Your growing team necessitates the purchase of a traditional filing cabinet. Your family’s files would look far better stored in a woven-lid chest than in a dull metal filing cabinet. Choose a mismatched set of baskets to keep the atmosphere casual. Considering its many uses, a 22-gallon plastic container is money well spent.

There are a variety of uses for larger wicker baskets, from holding groceries to carrying along cookbooks and snack bags. If you’re looking for holiday storage solutions for your house, go no further than our comprehensive list. Using photo boxes to store your toiletries is a space-saving and cost-effective option. The boxes can also be used to store other art supplies, such as glitter and paint. Since cleaning supplies for the home are usually bought in bulk, it makes logical to keep them in baskets that are clearly labelled with their contents.

Put the guest bathroom’s supplies (including fresh towels) in a basic basket with a handle. It’s easy to stack and store flat, short boxes, making them ideal for stowing away paperwork, supplies, and other goods. Subdividing huge boxes is one of the primary techniques we use to control clutter. Children benefit greatly from having access to a large basket in which they can deposit their unused toys and other items when they are through playing with them. Put a picture of the contents in each box to help younger children identify what goes where as they tidy up.

Many of our friends and family have accumulated countless photo prints they have yet to go through. Throwing extra blankets, pillows, and throws into attractive baskets will help you save on storage space and look great at the same time. Think about categories such as first aid, vitamins, pain relievers, digestive disorders, prescriptions, allergies, and children’s medication.

Content Summary

  1. You need storage boxes and bins because you suddenly find yourself short on available closet or basement space.
  2. You should do some research and planning ahead of time if you want a secure spot to keep your things.
  3. You should pay careful consideration to the storage option you choose to ensure the security of your possessions.
  4. We hope the following tips, ideas, and things to think about will make it easier for you to get ready to put things away.
  5. When you need high-quality garage storage in Melbourne, get in touch with us.
  6. You should store them away for the winter, but you should have a box by the entrance so you can get to them quickly if you need to.
  7. Putting away sweaters requires a certain degree of dexterity.
  8. They need somewhere to go where they can breathe easy and get out of the elements.
  9. Evaluate the current state of your pantry and decide if you need additional baskets.
  10. A plastic cart on wheels for transporting and stowing away assorted objects.
  11. Two people’s worth of documents should fit into a standard file tote.
  12. At some time, if you expect your team size to grow, you’ll need to invest in a real filing cabinet.
  13. Your family’s files would look far better stored in a woven-lid chest than in a dull metal filing cabinet.
  14. Place baskets on the floor in place of coffee tables.
  15. Use them to build up a collection of books, magazines, and mail.
  16. Choose a mismatched set of baskets to keep the atmosphere casual.
  17. Fill a caddy or basket with tasty sweets to wow your guests.
  18. Considering its many uses, a 22-gallon plastic container is money well spent.
  19. Get your holiday decorations in order early to avoid stress later.
  20. Get your trash, recycling, paper products, and utensils in order.
  21. The usage of baskets in the kitchen is a great way to keep things neat and tidy.
  22. If you want to maximise the effectiveness of your pantry space, use storage baskets.
  23. Rectangular and stackable, the containers may be placed almost anywhere, and we can quickly and easily find whatever we need inside.
  24. If you are limited on kitchen storage, you may stow them away in any closet or even under the bed.
  25. Items can be kept in their original packaging or sorted into categories by function to facilitate quick retrieval.
  26. The boxes can also be used to store other art supplies, such as glitter and paint.
  27. Time is of the essence, so keep all of your indoor adhesives in one place, like a photo box.
  28. Photo boxes are perfect for the bathroom because they are small, cheap, and stackable.
  29. We each have our own tooth-cleaning set that we store in the bathroom’s medication cabinet.
  30. Baskets can be both a stylish and practical addition to a bathroom that lacks ample cabinetry.
  31. A tulip basket with a lid has been recently installed, although how many rolls it can hold is unknown (a TON).
  32. Put the guest bathroom’s supplies (including fresh towels) in a basic basket with a handle.
  33. While you may do your nail care in the bathroom, that’s not where we do it.
  34. When we finally grew up, we realised it would be more practical to put all of our nail care equipment in a single, portable bin.
  35. Your photo box might benefit from a few smaller containers inside it.
  36. Subdividing huge boxes is one of the primary techniques we use to control clutter.
  37. You can store a tonne of paperwork, supplies, and other goods in these narrow, flat boxes.
  38. Get in touch with us if you need high-end options for garage storage in Sydney.
  39. A few years ago, when we gathered all of the sticky notes from around the office and organised them into a single spot, it was great.
  40. For your convenience, we keep our stamps and labels in the same package.
  41. Gathering Legos and Other Miniature Toys for a Good Cleaning
  42. These storage bins are perfect for keeping a child’s Lego collection organised and out of the way in their bedroom.
  43. A wide variety of toys, from Hot Wheels to Barbies and their accessories, can be played with in the same way.
  44. If you want to help your young children clean up without hovering over them, give them pictures of the items to go in each box.
  45. This is the perfect solution for storing the several Play-Doh sets we keep downstairs for our visiting nieces and nephews.
  46. Over time, children have used both an open basket and a closed trunk to store their toys.
  47. The Play-Doh and candle containers you saw were relocated to the hall’s newly-organized storage cabinet.
  48. Many of our friends and family have accumulated countless photo prints they have yet to go through.
  49. Store your laundry pods and other materials in a pretty glass jar instead of the unattractive plastic containers they come in.
  50. The bathroom and the laundry room are two other common areas that can benefit from space-saving storage options.
  51. Throwing extra blankets, pillows, and throws into attractive baskets will help you save on storage space and look great at the same time.
  52. We have them in the bedroom, the living room, and everywhere in between!
  53. Displaying firewood in a basket, whether it be a more conventional woven basket or a log carrier for vertical storage, is a lovely and practical addition to any fireplace.
  54. Find a little basket you can display to conceal but have near at hand in the living room anything you wish to keep hidden from sight.

FAQs About Storage Box


What Is A Storage Box Used For?

One of the most common uses for portable storage containers is using it as a source for extra storage. Homeowners can take back some of their space at home by cleaning out the garage, decluttering the home, packing up seasonal clothing, and storing away seasonal furniture.

What Cannot Go In Storage Units?

  • While self-storage centres are great for most items, there are some things you can not put into storage. So please don’t.
  • Combustible Items or Toxic Chemicals
  • Petrol/gasoline.
  • Paint and paint thinner.
  • Solvents.
  • Medical supplies (unless you’ve made special arrangements with your storage centre).

Can You Sleep In A Storage Unit Australia?

The answer is NO; you can not sleep in a self-storage facility. People think that there are houses or apartments in there, and there are not. You can not sleep in self-storage units. Not only is it a fire hazard, but it’s also an illegal practice.

What Happens If You Sleep In A Storage Unit?

Allowing people to sleep in their storage units increases the likelihood of theft. Another problem with allowing people to sleep in their self storage unit is that it increases the likelihood of theft occurring on the property.

What Should You Not Put In Long Term Storage?

Never put food, even canned or dried food, in long term storage. Check all the goods you put into storage for food debris or residue. Food can attract rodents, insects and other pests. It can also rot and create some nasty odours.


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