If your garage is stuffed to the gills with junk (save for your car), you should probably clean it out. The garage is not a place to store junk that has no other place to go. As a quick and easy solution to getting your garage in order again, we suggest placing garage shelves and storage systems. There are a number of advantages to including garage shelves and storage solutions into a garage renovation.

If you’re looking for a done-for-you garage storage solution, reach out to us on 1800 517 294. Or contact us here. We’re Australias best garage storage solution providers! Speak to us if you’re looking for premium garage storage solutions in Australia.

An Orderly Garage Is Appreciated By All.

To put it simply, garage cabinets and storage solutions make it much simpler to maintain a neat and tidy garage environment at all times. Life is simplified when items like tools, beach chairs, and sports equipment are stored in a garage cabinet system.

Get Your Garage In Order And Keep It That Way

Clutter is unpleasant for everyone. It’s important to have a place for everything, and a well-designed storage system or set of cabinets in the garage does just that. The floor of the garage is not the place for stowing the belongings of a large family, thanks to garage storage systems.

Boost Garage Accessibility

To optimise storage space and ease of access, use garage cabinets and storage solutions. Make sure the garage is clear so that you and your loved ones can enter and exit without incident.

Your Property Value Will Increase Due To This Investment.

Installing garage cabinets and a storage system is a great way to improve the look of your garage. Any buyer will be impressed by a well-kept, low-maintenance garage, and they will be even more interested if there is room for many vehicles. Utilize each and every square foot of your garage.

Wall Baskets And Garage Storage

Garage Cabinet Organization

Get your garage organized with custom cabinetry! Do we need a garage cabinet system? Having garage cabinets installed might not be necessary to certain homeowners. Perhaps you don’t think it’s necessary because you don’t spend enough of your leisure time in the Garage. It’s easy to assume that garages with a lot of tools and their owners are the only ones that need storage cabinetry. Although a garage cabinet system is most useful in spaces where car repairs and woodworking are performed frequently, it is a useful addition to any garage. No matter how adept you are with a hammer, you should consider a garage cabinet system for your home for the seven reasons listed below.

De-Clutter Your Garage With A Cabinet Organization System

Installing a cabinet system in your garage is a great way to reduce the amount of clutter on the floor. Clutter on the garage floor can be an annoyance even if you have a spacious two- or three-car garage and adequate storage space is not an immediate worry. A garage cabinet system is useful because it keeps things off the floor, where they can cause accidents or make it difficult to find what you need when you need it.

You won’t believe how much better your garage looks and feels when it’s decluttered when you combine cabinetry with garage storage systems like Slatwall panels. Our company, Garage Smart Solutions, is a leader in the field of garage storage and organisation, and we build garage cabinets and storage systems to your exact specifications. All of the garage cabinets we instal are of the highest quality and can be modified to match any budget. When you use Garage Smart, we’ll organise your storage so that you never have to waste time looking for anything, and we’ll make the most of the space you have available. When it comes to bespoke cabinetry, no one does it better than us. If you’re looking for a done-for-you garage storage solution, reach out to us on 1800 517 294. Or contact us here. We’re Australias best garage storage solution providers!

What You Need To Know Before Buying Garage Cabinets?

Putting in garage cabinets is a great way to clear the clutter that’s preventing you from making full use of your garage. However, there is a wide variety of garage cabinet manufacturers and styles to choose from. You should realise that there are two basic varieties:

  1. Cabinets can be made to any size you need them to be in terms of height, width, and depth, and other specialised features are also available.
  2. Modular refers to a cabinet system in which individual elements can be purchased separately and assembled in a variety of configurations.

Is there a strategy for picking the best option to meet your requirements? When selecting on the best garage cabinets for your needs, there are a few key considerations. Learn the fundamentals of garage cabinets and what features you should seek before consulting a reliable garage expert about your options. Here are five essential considerations to assist you arrive at the right choice.



How Much Are You Willing To Spend On Garage Storage Units?

You should consider your financial constraints when making a decision about the number and quality of garage cabinets to purchase. Don’t forget the old adage that “you get what you pay for.” If money is tight, it can be tempting to purchase a cheap garage cabinet system from a big box retailer. Beware, though, because many of these cabinet systems use cheap, low-quality materials for their cabinets. At get to that low price point, they are typically built of plastic or low-grade steel. When it comes to usefulness and longevity, cheaper garage cabinets may fall short. Do you want to have to buy a new garage cabinet system in a few years because yours is coming apart? You will then understand why it is better to invest in a product of superior quality in the long run.

If you have room in your budget for new garage cabinetry, you can choose from a wider variety of high-quality solutions. Don’t discount the importance of garage cabinet aesthetics; better quality construction materials and craftsmanship means nicer looking cabinets. Similarly, the possibility of personalisation is not there in more affordable garage cabinet solutions. The options for finishes, hardware, and bespoke touches, such as building a workbench out of your base cabinets, will be severely constrained.

Use Of Garage Cupboards

The type of cabinet system you select for your garage will be heavily influenced by the way in which its contents will be utilised. Consider a housewife in need of additional storage who is shopping around for a multipurpose cabinet system. Garage cabinets of a higher quality, such as our GL Custom Steel cabinets, are definitely overkill. They could benefit from the modularity of the GL Signature or GL Premium cabinet systems. They still provide outstanding quality, but with fewer personalised alternatives.

The available floor area is another consideration while selecting cabinets. A custom-made system can be more easily integrated into a garage with an irregular shape due to angles or impediments in the walls. And the GL Signature line’s lower depth option could be just what you need if your garage is on the cramped side. There will be plenty of room to get in and out of the cars. Do you want to construct a garage that serves as both a place to keep cars and a robust workbench? That’s why it makes more sense to go with a system like the GL Hayley or GL NEOS Elite cabinets, which are more resistant to wear and tear.

How Do You Describe The Contents Of Your Garage Cabinets?

When choosing Garage cabinets, it’s also important to consider the contents of your storage space. Some things are better suited for storage in certain cabinets, so pick wisely. Instances where it might be prudent to select a cabinet system with lockable doors and drawers include, but are not limited to:

  • You need a safe place to store your pricey assortment of hand and power instruments.
  • Keeping your children secure from the garage’s numerous dangerous instruments is a top priority.
  • Quite a few potentially dangerous chemicals and other substances are stored in your garage.

It’s important to think about how much the stored objects will weigh. A plastic cabinet system is too weak to hold heavy equipment or automobile components. You need something more robust, like a garage cabinet system constructed from 18-gauge or, even better, 16-gauge steel. Perhaps you want to put all of your cleaning products in one place, or you want to store longer goods like coveralls in your garage cabinets. If so, the design of your cabinet system probably includes at least one tall locker cabinet. Those that need a lot of space for their tools will want to make sure their cabinet system has plenty of drawers. You should also add containers for the numerous small parts that are so easy to misplace.

How Critical Are Materials, Longevity, And Aesthetics In Building Construction?

To a large extent, the longevity of your cabinet system will depend on the materials that were utilised in its construction. Your cabinet system’s performance may also be impacted by the quality of its construction materials and the quality of its craftsmanship. How easy is it, for instance, to open and close the drawers and cupboards? The quality of the materials used to construct your cabinets is important. Steel is your best bet, but be careful about its origins. Most imported steel is constructed from recycled materials, rusts easily, and isn’t as durable as the North American-made steel used in all of Garage Smart’s garage cabinets.

The garage cabinets you choose should be able to withstand the tough conditions that exist there. Conditions such as temperature swings, humidity, and normal use all contribute to its breakdown. Try to find cabinetry that has been powder coated to make it last longer. Powder coating includes applying several thin coats of a dry powder to the cabinets’ outside. This provides additional defence against wear and tear, as well as corrosion. Check out garage shelving.


Individualization Of Garage Cupboards

Custom cabinets are an absolute must if you want to convert your garage into a unique reflection of your personality. Garage cabinet customization allows you to make the cabinets seem exactly how you want them to. Custom cabinetry is a great way to maximise your living quarters. Putting in bespoke cabinets can make the most of unused nooks and crannies. Have a wall-to-wall cabinet system designed if you have an unpainted wall in your garage. That can solve your clutter problem and make your garage feel more complete. You can have garage storage cabinets that are tailor-made to fit your specific needs and preferences. Your upper and lower cabinets near your most-used countertop can be customised to hold all of the supplies you use most often in your activity. This ensures that they are always within easy reach.

If you’re looking for a done-for-you garage storage solution, reach out to us on 1800 517 294. Or contact us here. We’re Australias best garage storage solution providers! Here are just a few of the specialty options that can be included with custom garage cabinets:

  • There are a plethora of colour choices.
  • Kitchen sinks
  • LED flashlights that may be charged through USB
  • Backsplash
  • LED downlights and valance lights
  • Home theatre system case
  • Convenience chests that include trays for storing items
  • Provision of a concealed location for trash and recycling containers

Isn’t It Time You Updated Your Garage? Consider Adding Some Custom Cabinets.

A garage renovation that is both aesthetically pleasing and practical will serve both the homeowner and their vehicle well. The design of your garage should complement the rest of your house and your personal tastes and preferences. There are a number of good reasons why garage cabinets made specifically for your needs should be a part of any garage renovation. Garage Smart’s metal cabinets are the result of a synergy between the company’s founders’ dedication to their craft and their ability to come up with new and exciting ways to help homeowners organise their garages. Having cabinets built specifically for your garage might make a huge difference. The two most prevalent kinds of garage cabinets are:

  1. In contrast to built-to-order cabinetry, modular designs are comprised of prefabricated, interchangeable modules.
  2. Because of their adaptability in terms of size, custom-built cabinet units provide more freedom of design.

Garage Smart’s designers may adapt a garage cabinet system to meet the specific needs of each customer by using the system’s modular components. You can maximise the efficiency of your garage thanks to the accuracy with which it was built for you. You may personalise your garage storage in many different ways.

Installing bespoke garage cabinets is a great way to increase storage space and maintain order. One obvious advantage of garage cabinets is that they simplify garage organisation. Cabinets are a great complement to other garage storage options like Slatwall and specialised racks. Having the ability to lock the drawers will ensure that your tools and other valuables remain safe and secure.

Custom Garage Cabinets Add Style And Function.

Custom garage cabinets are the greatest choice if you want your garage to appear nice and double as a functional workspace.

Extra Wow Factor For Your Garage

With the help of our shelves, your Garage will no longer look like a concrete basement, but rather a functional and attractive room in your home. Choosing one of our garage floor alternatives will increase the value of your home and make your garage more convenient to clean and maintain. Here at Garage Smart, we are experts when it comes to painting concrete garage floors with durable and long-lasting finishes. Commercial-grade epoxy garage floor coatings like these not only bring your floor up to date, but also make it more durable and resistant to wear and tear.

Patching Up The Cracks

We’ll cover all the crevices in your floor with grinding dust, so filth has nowhere to hide.

Support Structures, Such As Walls And Stairs

You can complete the aesthetic of your garage by applying our floor coatings on the stem walls and stairs.

Multiple Colour Choices

There are countless colour combinations to choose from, so you may find the perfect shade to complement your furniture or automobile.

Fast Water Removal

The porous design of RibTrax garage floor tiles prevents slips and spills by dispersing debris and liquids.

Displays For Books, Toys, And More

Installing storage solutions like shelves, racks, and Slatwall in a garage may be a huge time-saver when it comes to maintaining order. When you have a place for everything in your garage, clutter doesn’t have a chance to build up. Plus, they reduce the amount of time and work needed to maintain a garage clean. There are many ways to improve the storage space in your garage, but a garage cabinet system is one that may have slipped your mind.

Modifiable Shelving For The Wall

Our flexible shelves can be hung from the ceiling or the wall, giving you convenient access to your belongings without the need for hooks.

In A Sack

You won’t have to worry about falling over a football or soccer ball again. The ball bag provides a centralised location for storing and transporting balls of various sizes and shapes.

Hanging Wire Basket

Most people have a few stray items lying around that don’t serve any use. The Wire Basket provides a convenient storage solution for various things. The Bucket Rack expands on the basic idea of a basket. Golf balls, spray paint, and dirty shoes can all be neatly stored in individual buckets.

Holder For Hoses And Extension Cords

The hose and cable holder is useful for storing and organising a wide variety of coiled cords and hoses, from extension cords to garden hoses to air hoses.

Beginning Equipment For Walls

With Garage Smart, installation is a breeze. Explore new territory and pick up a set of accessory hooks to hang your most often used items from. Do you need some advice on how to organise your garage?

You’ve decided to clean out the garage at long last, but you’re not sure where to begin. Rearranging your belongings can only cause additional chaos. If you stack boxes, you may have to dig and sift through them to find what you need later. Thus, Garage Smart has designed the ideal entry-level Storage solution to help you get started.

In just 15 minutes, you may have the area wiped out and ready for new usage. Certainly, with one of our introductory kits. Garage Smart is a must-have if you have a large quantity of tools, gardening supplies, or even camping goods. Even the screws (which are weather-proof and won’t rust!) that you’ll need to get things started on the path to a more streamlined space are included in our starter kits.

Choose from one of the available Accessory Starter Kits. A 46-centimeter wire basket, two tool hooks, a deep lock, and a utility hook are included in the first Accessory Starter Kit. The second Accessory Starter Kit is a better choice if you’re looking for something reliable. Among the contents of this set are a mesh basket, a deep latch, two large hooks, a utility hook, a pair of twin hooks, a broad hook, a scoop hook, one J&L pack containing eight hooks, and a small item bin pack including six containers.

Still Not Satisfied?

Need even more than that? Cleaning supplies and paper towels can be stored in a clean-up caddy, and there are many more storage options available as well. By making better use of the vertical space available, you can reduce the risk of accidents with tripping and provide a more substantial working area. In this respect, the Garage Smart Starter Kits are invaluable. On top of that, everything you require may be found quickly and easily. It’s no longer a source of fear to look for gardening equipment. Store them where everyone can easily access them.

Storage solutions from Garage Smart Solutions are top-notch and developed with a contemporary aesthetic in mind. Our mission is to help you reclaim these areas by clearing away the muck and clutter that has accumulated there. Our storage solutions are both practical and aesthetically pleasing; they’ll give your space a fresh, modern look and make a big difference. They are extremely long-lasting, serving you well for decades. Our high-quality steel goods remain the best option for long-term storage since they are more durable than cardboard boxes and other types of shelving. Get your storage system set up by checking out Garage Smart Solutions’ other notable offerings.

Custom Garage Wall Storage Solutions To Get Your Space Back!

Here at Garage Smart, we offer individualised garage storage solutions to help you maintain a clean and tidy space. Garage organisation is easy with the help of our professional installers and their grid systems and Slatwall add-ons. Your living area, aesthetic preferences, and budget will all be accommodated by the home storage solutions we offer.

Slatwall And Accessories

The use of high-quality PVC Slatwall can help you save room and look great while you get things in order. Slatwall, available in a wide variety of colours and accessories, is a versatile storage solution that can be used to store smaller objects above workbenches and to keep longer ones neatly arranged along walls. Check out garage wall hooks.

Garate Fit Out Renovations 009

Grid Systems Provide A Flexible Means Of Data Storage.

You may use powder-coated grids to store and arrange virtually anything in your garage. With the flexibility afforded by the 2×4 grid, you may tailor your storage solution to meet your changing needs by simply attaching whatever you like to any given square. Pull the hook free and move it to a different grid cell. The options are limitless. The usefulness of Slatwall accessories in the office

Having decided where in the garage you want to set up your workshop, you can then start putting together the necessary Slatwall panels and other equipment. The following Slatwall components are ideal for maintaining order in any office:

  1. Hooks for hanging hand power tools and extension cords
  2. Magnetic toolbars that keep small hand tools easily accessible
  3. Screwdriver holders
  4. Small tool racks
  5. Paper towel racks
  6. Various sizes of baskets
  7. Shelving, and small tilt-out storage bins for nuts, bolts, screws, and other small pieces of hardware

Products For Garage Air Conditioning

“Are you getting enough heat?” With the current heatwave affecting the majority of Australia, you’ve probably been asked that question more than once. Northerners often prefer hot weather to cold and snow because of how brief their summers are. But when the thermometer reads well beyond 40 degrees Celsius, that perspective might be put to the test.

Use Innovative Garage Air Conditioners To Escape The Heat

When the humidity level is high, going about your everyday activities can be a real drag. If you want to spend your free time in the garage working on cars or other projects, hot days might be a real challenge. As much as 5-10 degrees Celsius more heat can build up in your garage without air conditioning. It’s not enjoyable when the garage heats up to the point that you can’t work out, fix cars, do crafts, or do any other activity you enjoy doing in there. It’s time to find ways to combat the heat and get comfortable in your garage, so it’s time to start thinking about your options. Why does a garage get so hot? Let’s first identify the cause of the issue before discussing some potential garage cooling solutions. The temperature of a garage can be affected by a number of things, such as

  • garage orientation (late afternoon sun can be very hot inside a garage that faces west).
  • hues for the garage (darker garage doors and exterior garage colours will conduct heat)
  • how well your garage is ventilated
  • Keeping your car inside the garage after driving it on a hot day.
  • The insulating qualities of your garage

Proven Methods For Cooling Your Garage

Now that you know what causes a garage to heat up, you may employ the following garage cooling methods to reduce the temperature. Some of these suggestions for keeping cool don’t even cost money, just a little bit of time and effort on your part. In the end, no matter how big or tiny your garage cooling efforts are, they will have an effect. When the temperature in your garage rises to the level of a sauna, any measure you can take to cool it down would be appreciated.

Put Your Used Car Outside To Cool Down

There is something you have probably never even thought of before that we think could be one of the most effective ways to cool down your garage. If you intend to utilise the garage after returning home from a drive on a hot day, leave your car parked in the driveway. Your garage may get a few degrees warmer due to a parked car’s residual heat even after you’ve turned off the engine. Please bring your cars inside when you’re done. Using your garage as a parking spot has several advantages, including security.

Limit Your Garage Time Use Wisely

Time of day is another simple technique to make being in the garage more enjoyable when the weather is hot. You should go early in the day, before the sun’s heat sets in (about 10 or 11 a.m.). If your garage is well-insulated, you can let out some of the day’s accumulated heat by opening the doors before you head out to your morning workout or work. If you have to go out in your garage on a hot day, try to avoid doing so between the hours of 3 and 6 p.m.

For Relatively Little Money, You May Instal A Fan In Your Garage As A Means Of Cooling Off On Hot Days. 

Completely renovating your garage’s air flow and insulation could be out of your price range. The costs associated with cooling the garage with AC could also prove to be too high. A single oscillating home fan is one of the most affordable and efficient ways to cool down your garage. Use either a high-powered shop fan or a set of pedestal fans to get the air circulating in your garage. Using many fans, you may vent the garage’s heated air through an open window or door. It is possible to direct the airflow of another fan in the garage in the direction of the space you will be using. Even if you use these fans, the temperature in your garage won’t drop below the ambient air temperature. Basically, all they’re doing is making air move, which helps a little bit.

Garage Doors And Outside Siding Should Be Painted In Light Colours.

By using lighter shades of paint on the roof and walls, you can reduce the amount of heat your home absorbs from the sun. If your garage faces west and you want to use it for activities while temperatures are at their peak, you may want to think again about investing in brand-new doors. Depending on how your house faces, a lighter colour for the garage door may be a good idea. Selecting a garage door style without windows or with windows that let in as little light as possible could be another good idea. You may learn more about the various customization options by consulting with a Garage Smart garage door pro. Picking a house in a spot with lots of trees to provide shade for the garage is a smart move for a number of reasons, including the temperature inside.

Improve The Ventilation In Your Garage

The notion of fan-driven airflow is used in a specialised garage ventilation system, which can be either passive or active. In order to get rid of the excess heat in the garage’s attic, passive ventilation is typically set up on the roof. Their most recognisable form is the whirring turbine found in many roof vents. Mechanically powered active ventilation is more expensive and complex, but it may remove hot air from the garage more quickly. Both the roof and the walls of the garage, particularly in a lofty location opposite the garage entrance, are suitable locations for this type of ventilation system. Active ventilation should only be installed by a trained professional. It’s important to keep your electrical circuits from getting too hot because they might eat up a lot of power.

A/C Is More Expensive, But It’s The Most Efficient Cooling Option.

Air conditioning is another costly choice, but it is the most efficient way to immediately reduce temperatures in the Garage. It is possible to instal central air conditioning in a garage if you have the funds for it. Using smaller air conditioners is another option for cooling a garage. Assuming your garage is small enough to have a window, an air conditioner installed in the window can do a fine job of maintaining a pleasant temperature. A portable air conditioner with sufficient BTUs is preferable for cooling larger (but still reasonable-sized) garages. Please keep in mind that this device requires access to the outside air for proper ventilation.

If you want to instal one of these systems, you’ll need to insulate your garage well to keep the cool air where it belongs: in your car.

A Significant Factor In Maintaining A Comfortable Temperature In A Garage Is The Quality Of Its Insulation.

 Insufficient or nonexistent insulation is a common problem with garages. If your garage is air-conditioned, this is a major drawback. When insulated properly, your garage’s heat loss to the outside will be drastically cut down. Air conditioning cold air won’t be lost via gaps in the walls if you have good insulation. You’ll have a higher electric bill and a longer time required to get the garage to a comfortable temperature if that happens.

One option is to insulate the garage’s walls, ceiling, and doors. Even the garage door’s composition can make a difference in how well it retains heat or cold. Natural insulators include, for instance, wood. Adding silicone caulk and weatherstripping to your garage’s window and door frames will further increase its ability to maintain a comfortable temperature in there. Investing in better insulation for your home is a smart move that will pay dividends all year long in the form of reduced heating and cooling costs and a higher resale price.

The Garage Should Be Kept Clean And Clutter-Free.

If you want better ventilation in your garage, even simple things like clearing out the clutter and keeping things more organised will help. Congestion in the garage, such as boxes stacked on top of one another or large items lying around, can lower air quality. If the garage is cluttered, you can’t make the best use of the space. Installing garage storage systems like cabinets, Slatwall, and overhead racks will make it much easier to maintain a clutter-free garage floor. That will keep the air circulating more easily in your garage.

Place A Dehumidifier In Your Garage.

Consider purchasing a dehumidifier for the garage if you live in a very humid region. With a good ventilation system in place, you should feel a little temperature drop as the humidity in the air is reduced. Constant use of a dehumidifier in the garage is warranted due to the benefits it provides in terms of reduced condensation. Effective garage cooling solutions will provide some much-needed relief. You can spend more time in the garage during the hot summer months if you use these cooling methods. Storage Solutions for Your Garage from GarageSmart.

Storage Area And Garage Led Lighting

In the event that your garage is illuminated by a single bulb or a fluorescent tube that constantly flickers, it is time to upgrade to a better system of lighting. A high-quality, well distributed LED light fixture that is only 4 feet in height is what we recommend for a garage. This LED bulb uses 90% less power than conventional bulbs while producing the same amount of light as ten 60W incandescent lights.

Innovative Methods Of Garage Illumination

The common perception of a garage is that it is a grim, dirty place. All too frequently, this is the case. On the bright side (pardon the pun), this is a simple issue to resolve. A judicious use of light may do a lot. It’s easy to assume that your garage lighting choices are limited to incandescent tubes, but this is far from the case. With this thought in mind, we at Garage Smart are happy to bring you our round-up of our top 4 ideas for garage lighting.

Stores With Exposed Light Fixtures

Shop lights that hang from the ceiling may seem like the most basic option for lighting your garage, but don’t be deceived! Putting in even one fluorescent light fixture with two or four bulbs above your workbench would greatly improve the lighting in your garage.

Pot Lights That Use Cfl Bulbs (Compact Fluorescent Light)

CFLs are the way to go if you want the light output of fluorescent bulbs without the glare that tube lighting can occasionally provide. To illuminate your garage workstation without casting unpleasant shadows or glare, consider installing compact fluorescent lamp (CFL) pot lights around the room’s perimeter. Also, they save you the trouble of scaling a ladder once a month to swap out light bulbs because they are so efficient at conserving energy.

Rolls Of Led Lights

Our next recommendation, LED light strips, is sure to pique your curiosity if you’re after a somewhat more contemporary or edgy appearance. While these may not be as bright as fluorescent lights, they should still provide more than enough illumination for most garage tasks. LED lights not only appear modern and chic, but they also last for an average of 50,000 hours. Six years is a long time to wait. Wow, that’s really little upkeep.

The Hue By Philips

The slogan for Philips Hue’s line of lights reads, “your wireless illumination.” Probably the most awesome thing about it? Using only your mobile device, you may customise and adjust the lighting to your liking. When you’re working, go for a more traditional setting, and when you’re entertaining, give your garage a little more personality with some funky touches. According to Philips, “Hue can help you relax or concentrate, change the ambience of a space, assist keep your home safe when you’re out, and even remind you of that amazing moment you had on vacation. It’s open-ended in terms of what it can do. There’s a shatterproof lens inside a waterproof housing, making it ideal for use in a wide variety of damp environments.

Rails For Garage Wall Panels

Garage Smart offers wall-mounted storage options to help you maximise and organise your existing space. We use high-quality materials and meticulous craftsmanship to ensure that our goods survive for years. It’s also the easiest system to set up of any comparable quality. Both the Garage Smart and the Rubbermaid Fasttrack are the greatest garage wall track systems currently available. Each of the Garage Smart and Rubbermaid Fasttrack’s pros and cons are worth considering when deciding which garage wall track system is best for you. See how they stack up against one another and then make an informed choice. Garage Smart includes panels that can be mounted on the inside of your garage’s walls. These extras are sold independently. The primary benefit is flexibility; depending on your needs, you may instal it along only one wall in your garage or throughout the entire length.

Garge Fit Out And Storage Solutions 114

Tools And Organizers For Stash Space

Your tool collection will become more cumbersome to manage without a well-thought-out storage solution. That huge toolkit won’t be useful for much longer. The following are some of the benefits you’ll reap from investing in a well-thought-out garage cabinet system:

  1. There will be less time wasted looking for equipment (leaving more time to work)
  2. This will result in a less chaotic environment in your workplace.
  3. Place the things you use most often within easy reach.

Your screwdrivers, wrenches, hammers, and other tools will last much longer if they are kept in a garage cabinet system with drawers and doors. There won’t be as much airborne dirt and filth or rust-inducing humidity to get on them. Speak to us if you’re looking for elite garage storage solutions in Melbourne.

Store Your Equipment Neatly

Cordless power tools and pneumatic equipment, in particular, will likely be among your more expensive options (which are driven by compressed air). For the same reason, you should keep your expensive air compressor, power generator, and even much higher grade hand tools (which can cost hundreds of dollars each) in a safe place. One such choice is a set of garage cabinets with lockable doors and drawers. Knowing that your pricey equipment is safely housed is well worth the further cost of this bespoke function.

Extremely Durable Storing

With Garage Smart, you can finally get rid of the stacks of boxes and the plethora of tools that have been taking up residence there. Our industrial steel shelving can hold anything, including sacks of concrete (yep, that’s what we tested it with), making it the strongest, sturdiest, and most efficient storage system we’ve built so far. The only thing that isn’t heavy about Garage Smart is its price tag; otherwise, it’s the best heavy-duty garage storage solution available.

Racks For Storing Things On The Wall

In order to maximise your garage’s storage potential, instal Garage Smart Slatwall panels. The adaptable Slatwall system may be used to store and display anything that can be hung, including gardening tools, extension cords, sporting goods, and much more.

Garage Wall Coating And Coverage

Garage slatwall panels are great for organisation, but they may also be used to improve the overall aesthetic of the space. Walls are safeguarded by the cellular foam PVC construction’s tough surface, which can be easily wiped down and kept looking fresh.

Slatwall Mounting

When installing Slatwall, Garage Smart first cuts panels to fit around outlets, conduit, switches, and other wall fixtures. During installation, our team will scribe and cut the Slatwall panels to fit your garage’s ceiling and floor precisely. Trim for corners, ends, and gaps between panels, as well as color-matched screws, are the finishing touches. When compared to the traditional garage, which often includes unfinished drywall, the end effect is a huge upgrade.

Hanging Racks

It’s natural to worry about the accumulation in your garage if you haven’t done your spring cleaning yet this year. The majority of people today utilise their garage for a variety of storage needs beyond just cars. However, this quickly becomes a disorganised jumble. There’s a higher chance of wrecking your car if the garage is a total disaster. You and the people you care about could get hurt if you leave sharp tools or other hazards lying around. Take a look at our Overhead Garage Ceiling Storage Systems if you’re in the market for a garage storage solution that is both intelligent and practical, and that will keep your belongings off the garage floors. Your valuables will be safely and neatly stored, even if you don’t have a lot of room. They are tailor-made to meet the specific requirements of each client, making them not only useful but also secure. Some smart garage storage strategies to help you make the most of available room:


Cabinets are a good choice if you need to keep things secure. They can be used for both the safekeeping of potentially hazardous goods and the ordinary storage of items like wires, nails, and screws. There is a wide selection of garage cabinet units available to meet your specific demands and design preferences. It’s a smart move that will help you make the most of your garage’s vertical space and maintain its cleanliness.

Location Along A Wall (Hooks And Pegboards)

Don’t waste all that blank wall space in your garage. Install hooks for hanging larger objects like bicycles and garden tools, and use shelving units for smaller items like paint and auto supplies. There will be a lot more room to move around once you pick up all the clutter from the ground. There are ways to simplify the process of installing a pegboard. Positioning your belongings so that they are both easily seen and useful is of great assistance.

Throw Open The Storage Bins And Containers.

Stop keeping them in the dark. Those garage bins and boxes should be opened if you have no idea what they contain. You should go through as many boxes as can, discarding unnecessary items while sorting and storing the rest.

GarageSmart Storage Solutions

Bike Shelving

Bike racks are a fantastic storage solution for the garage, allowing you to organise your bikes neatly and efficiently. The struggle to find space for your car, bike, toys, and other possessions in a small garage is genuine. It’s also a bother to get started on your daily commute, pleasure ride, or family time. Clutter needs to be cleared out now. The bikes should be neatly stacked, untangled, and removed from the entryway. You’ll be blaming yourself for not having a garage bike storage solution sooner once you try one of these ten basic bike racks for garage use.

Indoor bike storage can take the form of a stand, shelves, or a suspended system, all of which are common in the garage. Safe, indoor bike storage in a house, apartment, or garage is ideal because it extends the life of your bikes and is more convenient than storing them outside. In a storage facility, this apparatus can help maintain order and cleanliness.

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Today, you can choose from a wide variety of garage bike storage systems, each one a clever adaptation of the last one. There are a few things to keep in mind while picking out a bike rack for yourself.

  • The reliability of the construction
  • Simplicity of Operation
  • Materials quality
  • Appearance

Initially, bike racks were designed to accommodate the general public. Over time, people have developed a wide variety of customised garage bike rack systems, and they’ve also come up with a lot of different ways to store their stuff on shelves. If you need to store bicycles, keep things as basic as possible. After a lengthy ride, you’ll be ready to park your bike in the garage and take a long, hot shower to wash away the exertion. Your worst nightmare is taking on additional responsibility.

Storage Options For Bikes

Bike Stand

In addition to keeping your bikes secure, vertical wall-mounted bike racks help keep your business looking neat and tidy. Bike Racks are great for providing both security and tidiness, and they can be installed anywhere from a condo’s basement to a parking garage. Floor and wall-mounted bike racks of varying styles are among the many things we can construct and instal for you. You can choose from several floor-mounted units, wall-mounted and rod-style racks for individual upright cycles, horizontally-suspended flat racks, and vertically-hung hangers to meet your demands for safe bike storage. In addition to improving public health and reducing traffic, installing bike storage can encourage locals to make more trips on two wheels instead of four. Choose the best Bike Rack for your building to make the most of your storage space and promote a healthy lifestyle.


We have elevated units for separate parking spots and lockable mesh style lockers for storage areas. Side-hinge safety doors for underground storage facilities are another service Metro Compactor provides. With us, you can get a linen chute for your condo/hotel development.

Sports Bike Hanger

A space-saving solution for storing one bike in a horizontal position. You can secure this versatile rack to the wall with just two screws and adjust it to fit any bike. It’s cheap, easy to carry, and looks good in its basic black design, but its durability is its best and most crucial feature. Hang your bike securely without fear of it falling if you attach the rack to the wall studs.

Wall-Hanging Bike Rack For Secure Bike Storage

This is yet another easy method of stowing away a single bicycle. A wide range of bicycles can be stored vertically or horizontally on this wall-mounted rack. The pound and a half it weights is more than enough to safely secure a bike up to 66 pounds. The wall-mounting hardware for the bike rack is included with your purchase, simplifying installation.


Decorate Your Walls With This Charming Bicycle Ornament

This slick-looking vertical rack mounts to the wall and stores a single bicycle. The steel frame is surprisingly spacious for its compact size, and it houses bikes of many different designs. The hook won’t scratch your bike’s rims, and there’s a lock loop for extra protection when storing your bike. Everything you need to get the job done is included in your purchase. A fantastic alternative that won’t break the bank.

Two-Bike Rack By Stoneman Sports

This freestanding bike rack eliminates the need for drilling or wall mounting. The two bike rack’s cradles may be adjusted to accommodate bikes of varying sizes and shapes, and the maximum weight it can support is 80 kilogrammes. The sturdy steel construction and wide footing make this frame a long-lasting pick. The plastic coating on the cradles is just one more thoughtful addition that will keep your bike safe from scratches while it’s in storage. The sleek black colour makes it a versatile addition to any closet or basement.

Bike Stand With Space For 5 Bikes On The Floor

This bike rack can accommodate up to five bikes of varying sizes, making it ideal for families. Its modular construction makes it easy to store all five bikes at once, or to disassemble them for more granular organisation. The powdered steel frame weighs ten pounds, and you should anticipate it to endure considerably longer than the warranty’s stated year. You’ll be relieved to have your bikes within easy reach without having to waste time untangling them or strain your back lifting them.

Bike Hanging Rack, Saris Cycle Glide

With this ceiling-mounted rack, you can keep up to four bicycles safely out of the way. It’s not the most budget-friendly choice, but if you need to save some serious square footage, this is it. Each bike can weigh up to fifty pounds, yet the Saris Cycle Glide can accommodate them all. It’s a single unit for storing bikes, but you can move each rack separately to get to the one you want. With this solution, you may store up to six bicycles thanks to the availability of an extra pair of gliding racks. You’ll be astounded by the ingenuity of this storage solution as soon as you get used to the occasional overhead lift, and you’ll be overjoyed by the newly available square footage.

After - GarageSmart

Bike Stand In The Style Of Michelangelo’s Delta

This method of storing items is ideal for homes and apartments with limited square footage, such as garages. This rack leans against the wall for support and has a dainty chain attachment at the top, so it requires no tools for assembly. This Delta Michelangelo bike rack has a robust platform that can be used on a wide range of surfaces, including carpet. The coating on the cradles prevents damage to your bike from accidental scrapes. There is a wide variety of bicycles that they can accommodate because of its adaptability. Easy to assemble and sturdy enough to carry up to 100 pounds, it’s a great choice for stowing your bikes out of sight.

Hoist Lift For Bike Storage

Use the storage system’s hooks and pulleys to safely suspend even the heaviest bicycle. The bicycle hoist storage device is available in pairs, each of which can hold two bicycles. You’ll notice that they’re all installed in their own dedicated ceiling mounts. There are two coated hooks, one for the handlebars and one for the seat, that hold your bike safely and firmly without scratching. There is no risk in purchasing this storage option because the manufacturer provides a lifetime guarantee. Imagine having a place to put your bikes where they won’t have to be twisted up or lifted off the floor again.

Wheelchair Rack With Monkey Bars

If you’re looking for a way to keep your bikes organised and off the floor for the long haul, this is the perfect option. A maximum of six bicycles can be stored on the Monkey Bars rack, and their rims will be safe because the hooks are coated. For convenience, this rack can hold a maximum of four bicycles, however we recommend keeping no more than two bicycles on it at any given time. The sturdy, wall-mounted, industrial steel frame can support up to 200 pounds.

Bike Hook, Extra Strong

If you want to get your bike up and running but aren’t ready to invest in one of the more elaborate and costly options discussed above, this straightforward and inexpensive choice is a wonderful place to begin. These reliable bike hooks may be installed in the ceiling or the wall, so you can keep your bike in either the horizontal or vertical position. Surprisingly sturdy, the hooks can support up to 100 pounds, and their protective coating keeps your bike unscratched. You can use these hooks to store garden tools, folding chairs, or even the garden hose until you decide to buy one of the other storage solutions. Investigate Garage Storage Options

Bike Rack Made From Bamboo Grass Staples

The Rackcycle bamboo bike rack by Grassracks ticks all the boxes for a trendy, robust, and aesthetically pleasing bike rack. This wall-mounted, one-bike rack aims to be the strongest and most aesthetically pleasing option available. It can hold up to 65 pounds, has a top shelf (perfect for storing your wallet, keys, bike tools, and other knickknacks), and is simple to instal. This bamboo bike rack is attractive and eco-friendly; it is perfect for storing bicycles in a garage or hanging in a home, workplace, or condominium.

Storage Racks And Shelves

One great way to keep clutter at bay while still keeping items easily accessible is using an overhead garage storage system. The enhanced organisation you’ll get from our innovative open-corner and T-brace design is unmatched. The T-brace and multi-truss mounting mechanism prevents the rack from swaying or moving while the open corners make it easy to place and remove items. By keeping items off the floor and up high, your garage will finally seem complete. Beautiful garage overhead systems that work for you in terms of price, size, and functionality.

To The Extent That The Garage Doors Are Open

Don’t let all that empty space above your garage doors and ceiling go to waste; put your storage goods there instead. With the help of overhead garage storage racks, you can finally park your car inside the garage without having to crawl over boxes and bins. The items you store in our above garage racks will be out of sight. The safety of your children and pets is ensured by the elevated location of all possessions.

Customized Space-Saving Solutions

Durable Options For Storing Your Things

Our speciality racks are ideal for stowing away large and heavy things like golf bags, firewood, and tyres. We provide both wall-mounted and freestanding open shelf solutions for more valuable items that need to be easily accessible. Bike stands, a convertible workstation, and LED lights are just a few of the garage accessories available from leading brands.

Stacks Of Shelves In The Ceiling

Overhead racks from Garage Smart are ideal for stowing away and keeping track of large seasonal items. Installing overhead storage racks in your garage is a great way to make use of otherwise wasted vertical space, and can be used to store a wide variety of items, including patio furniture, winter tyres, storage bins, and sports equipment. Among its distinguishing characteristics are:

  • The robust steel design ensures that weights of up to 600 lbs.
  • durable powder coating paint finish
  • One can alter the height of each rack independently (up to 45 inches)
  • Sizes range from 2×8 to 3×6 to 4×4 to 6×6 to 4×8 feet.
  • Adjustable shelving units are not only convenient, but also practical for storing items in unusual locations.

GarageSmart Storage Solutions

Garage Equipment Organizer – Garage Equipment Storage

Garage Smart is where you should go if you want to equip your garage with a high-quality storage and shelving system, complete with tool organisers. A well-organized toolbox is a must-have for every DIYer or enthusiast. If you enjoy tinkering around the house on the weekend, you understand the significance of having easy access to the tools you need. It’s common for tool organisers to feature compartments for tools that aren’t necessarily necessary for your hobby or profession. Every drawer and slot is fully functional in the tool organisers Garage Smart creates for our customers. We are the industry leader and forerunner, and our user-friendly technology may help you get your garage in order. Our garage-specific tool storage solutions are built to last. The material is durable enough to support weighty equipment and projects, yet it’s simple to clean.

Installing Garagesmart Storage Solutions Is A Great Way To Reorganize Your Garage

Let us manage the remodelling of your garage if you are in need of dependable tool storage solutions. We can restore your existing garage to its former glory or outfit your brand-new garage with storage from floor to ceiling, whichever you want. Wherever you need it, we can instal brand new electrical outlets, plumbing, and lighting. If you’re interested in learning more about how upgrading or adding tool organisers to your garage might increase the value of your house, feel free to get in touch with our local office for a free consultation. A custom storage solution, built just for you by our professionals. By incorporating our artistic hardware and other accessories, you can make the most of your garage’s storage space and enhance its aesthetic value.

Build A Workshop In Your Garage

In contrast to the general population, there are those who would jump at the chance to convert their garage into a work space. Some people will be motivated to buy garage cabinets so they may turn the garage into a multi-purpose place by designating a specific area that allows space to work with their hands. Homeowners will be further encouraged to purchase garage cabinets when they learn that the cabinets may be modified to better suit the buyer’s specific needs. The cabinets we sell are perfect for a home workshop. Strong 16 gauge steel is used in the construction of this system, and it comes with a galvanised stainless steel countertop and optional locks and a sink unit.


Modular And Well-Organized Garage Workshops: How To Set One Up.

Woodworkers, metalworkers, auto repairmen, and people who tinker with electronics in their spare time can all attest to the importance of having a well-equipped, quiet place to work on their projects. However, it may be challenging to designate a dedicated location for work in the home. The need to tinker, fix, and create might be stifled by a lack of space, worries about privacy, and anxiety over the amount of mess and noise you’ll generate. You may spend more time on your creative pursuits if you set up a functional garage workstation. You may boost the value of your home and improve your quality of life by implementing some of these garage workshop ideas.

Using Garage Wall Storage, You Can Free Up Valuable Floor Space.

You’ll need a fair amount of room to set up a garage workshop, so make sure you plan accordingly. One-car garages don’t leave a lot of room for storage. While a double garage does provide greater storage space, it can be difficult to find enough empty space to accommodate two vehicles. The use of a Slatwall storage system is a great way to free up floor space in your garage. You may get rid of the clutter on your garage floor and make better use of the vertical space there by installing accessories and slatwall panels. As a result, you’ll have a more spacious place in which to work, park automobiles, and do other garage-related activities.

Even If Your Workshop Gets Messy, A Strong Floor Coating Can Handle It.

An epoxy floor coating is a great garage workshop concept because it simplifies maintenance and cleaning. Only FloortexTM floor coatings are used in Garage Smart’s garages. The best garage floor coating available will completely modernise the look and feel of your area.


Seeking a workbench but concerned about limited storage space in the garage? Have you had enough of leaving your car in the driveway because the garage is too small? If you’re looking to free up some room in your house or garage, The Bench Solution is a great option to consider. This innovative foldable workbench may be installed on the wall and unfolded into a spacious work surface when needed. If you’re short on storage room in your garage, this is a fantastic solution that yet provides all the necessary features.

The Bench Solution foldable workbench is a sturdy, secure, and space-saving piece of equipment. You need a garage workbench or woodworking bench, but you don’t have much room; this is the ideal answer. This folding workstation can be installed on the wall of a garage to save space. With a Bench Solution wall-mounted foldable workbench, you can make better use of your garage space while providing a workspace large enough and sturdy enough for your heavy-duty chores.

The workbenches have a hammered granite finish on the steel legs and a strong wood top, so they are suitable for demanding tasks. Because of its straightforward design and customizable features, you can jump immediately into your project. A foldable workbench is one of the best inventions ever for the garage or basement workshop.

One of the best garage workshop ideas is to have a folding workbench because of how useful and convenient it is. They’re great if you have a small garage or need a bit more room in a larger one. This foldable workstation may be stored away on the wall until needed, and then deployed in a flash. The foldable workbench is a must-have for any home workshop thanks to its many convenient features.

  • the robust framework can support up to 400 lbs.
  • You may rely on the 1.5″ thick solid butcher block surface for the rigors demands of your professional or recreational endeavours.
  • a roomy desk that is 5 ft. broad and 2 ft. deep
  • The workbench’s double-latch safety system ensures it can’t be accidentally lowered.

Garage Cupboards: A Safe Haven For Your Tools

Long-term enthusiasts sometimes amass significant collections of tools, including high-priced speciality items. If this is the case, or if your tool collection is still expanding, you can supplement your Slatwall storage space with custom-fit garage or modular cabinetry. These shelving and storage solutions are not only easy to combine with the existing design of your garage, but they also give the space a clean, contemporary aesthetic. We have five distinct collections of garage cabinetry, each of which is built to last a lifetime out of durable, high-grade materials. In addition to helping you keep track of where you put everything, garage cabinets with a locking door is a great way to safeguard expensive items.

Upgrade The Lighting In Your Garage To Make Work Easier.

It’s important to have good lighting in the garage workshop so that you can see everything clearly. Measurements, saw cuts, drilling holes, and routine repairs all require pinpoint accuracy. As important, you’ll also need something that most garages lack: sufficient lighting, so you can work securely as you do these things. Your garage will be much brighter with this LED lighting fixture, and you’ll save energy in the process—by about 30 percent compared to traditional fluorescent bulbs. The bulbs in this setup are rated to last for 95,000 hours, and the installation itself features a shatterproof lens and housing to protect them for that long. Good task lighting surrounding your collapsible workbench is also recommended in addition to the general illumination. If you need garage storage options in Sydney, get in touch with us.

Ideas For Expanding Your Garage Workshop

The aforementioned suggestions for transforming your garage into a workable workshop cover all the bases. The following are some more suggestions for maximising your garage workshop’s potential as a workspace:

  • A car lift is not only a convenient solution for the do-it-yourself mechanic to gain extra parking space in the garage, but also to work on the undercarriage of automobiles.
  • A good usage for overhead racks is to store any excess or unwanted lumber from your construction work.
  • You may lessen the volume of outside noise and make your garage more comfortable in both hot and cold weather by installing or upgrading insulation (we also instal garage heating systems)
  • A lot of the garage doors we sell may be outfitted with windows to let in natural light and fresh air, and some even offer insulation.
  • Consider upgrading your garage’s ventilation system if you anticipate producing a lot of dust and other debris while working there.
  • garage electrical systems should be upgraded (particularly in older garages) and additional outlets installed if power equipment will be used frequently.

Making more room in your garage without sacrificing functionality can allow you to devote more time to your favourite pastime. Keeping your workspace neat and tidy can do wonders for your inspiration levels. Contact us today to set up your no-cost consultation and get started designing your ideal garage workshop!

Storage Cabinets – Discover the benefits of an efficient garage cabinet system

Garage Smart is here to assist you if the idea of reorganising your garage and giving it a facelift with a new cabinet system appeals to you. Any of our five collections of premium modular and custom-fitted cabinet systems is sure to improve your garage, no matter what you use it for.


The appearance of your garage can be greatly enhanced by installing cabinets and a storage system. Having a place to keep things like tools, beach chairs, and sports gear in a garage cabinet system makes life much easier. Incredibly low-maintenance garages are a selling point for any property. Use a cabinet organisation system to clean up the mess in your garage. To get rid of the mess that accumulates on the floor of your garage, consider installing a cabinet system.

Adding cabinets to garage storage systems will make a huge difference in the overall look and feel of your garage. Custom cabinets can be built to fit any space in terms of height, width, and depth. It’s tempting to choose a cheap garage cabinet system when funds are limited. Aesthetics matter when it comes to garage cabinets; higher-grade building materials result in more aesthetically pleasing cabinets. How you plan to use the garage’s stored items should strongly affect the type of cabinet system you choose for the space.

Garages can more easily accommodate bespoke systems. You should carefully consider which cupboard to use to store each item. Be sure to take into account the total weight of the items you intend to store. To store machinery or vehicle parts, plastic cabinetry is simply not strong enough. For the garage, you’ll want to upgrade to a cabinet system made of at least 18-gauge steel.

The durability and longevity of your cabinets depend on the high standard of the materials used in their construction. Modifying a garage cabinet’s appearance lets you get them looking just how you want them to. Making the most of your space is easy when you have custom cabinets installed. The metal cabinets sold by Garage Smart are the result of the company’s founders’ passion for their work and their ingenuity in devising novel approaches to an old problem: how to better assist homeowners in maintaining a tidy garage. The designers at Garage Smart can modify a garage cabinet system to better suit the demands of each individual client.

Garage storage alternatives like Slatwall and specialised racks benefit greatly from the addition of cabinets. The ability to protect the drawers with locks will keep valuables safe. With that in mind, Garage Smart has created beginner-friendly storage options. Shelves that can be adjusted in height and mounted on either the ceiling or the wall are quite convenient. Put your golf balls, spray paint, and dirty shoes in a bucket.

Our introductory kits have everything you need to get going, even down to the screws. Pick a Package to Get Started With Accessories. There is a wire basket measuring 46 centimetres long, two hooks for various tools, a deep lock, and a utility hook. A clean-up caddy is an excellent place to keep paper towels and other cleaning essentials. Also, you can choose from a wide variety of storage facilities.

Above workbenches, slatwall can be used to store smaller items, while along walls, it can be utilised to keep longer items organised. Superior PVC Slatwall can aid in storage without sacrificing aesthetics as you organise your space. If the temperature in your garage ever becomes too high, any action you can take to reduce the heat would be greatly welcomed. Some of these ideas for staying cool require no more resources beyond your own time and energy. One of the least expensive and most effective ways to cool off your garage is with a single oscillating house fan.

Painting your roof and walls with a lighter colour can make them more reflective, therefore reducing the amount of heat your property absorbs from the sun. Choosing a home in a tree-filled area may be beneficial for creating a cool garage. The level of insulation in a garage is crucial to keeping the space at a pleasant temperature. Oftentimes, garages have little or no insulation at all. By properly insulating the walls, you can prevent the air conditioning’s cooled air from escaping through the cracks.

Insulating a garage can save money on utility bills and increase the home’s value, so it’s a wise investment. For even better temperature control, weatherstripping and silicone caulk the window and door frames in your garage. The experts at Garage Smart have compiled their four favourite options for garage illumination. Both CFL (compact fluorescent lamp) recessed can lights and LED (light-emitting diode) strips are excellent choices for general lighting. Be wary of the simplicity of shop lights that hang from the ceiling.

These bulbs are both energy efficient and long lasting. An organised and well-planned garage is worth the investment of a good cabinet system. When it comes to garage wall track systems, both the Garage Smart and the Rubbermaid Fasttrack are at the top of the food chain. When compared to our other storage solutions, Garage Smart is superior in every way. Even sacks of concrete won’t be a problem for our commercial steel shelving. The versatility of slatwall panels means they can be used not only for storage but also to enhance the room’s design.

Content Summary

  1. To help you quickly and easily get your garage in order again, we recommend installing garage shelving and storage solutions.
  2. Garage shelving and storage solutions are a great addition to any garage makeover.
  3. If you’re in need of high-quality garage storage options in Australia, get in touch with us.
  4. A well-planned storage system or set of cabinets in the garage ensures that everything has its own dedicated space.
  5. Increase Garage Availability Make the most of your garage’s storage space and your time spent there by installing cabinets and shelves.
  6. The appearance of your garage can be greatly enhanced by installing cabinets and a storage system.
  7. Maximize the effectiveness of your garage space.
  8. Custom cabinetry is the key to a well-organized garage.
  9. Even if you’re handy with a hammer, the seven points below should convince you to consider installing a garage cabinet system.
  10. Using a Cabinet Organization System, you can clear up the chaos in your garage. To get rid of the mess that accumulates on the floor of your garage, consider installing a cabinet system.
  11. There are a few important factors to think about while choosing the ideal garage cabinets for your needs.
  12. Before talking to a reputable garage specialist, arm yourself with knowledge on the basics of garage cabinets and what features you should look for.
  13. When deciding how many and how high-quality of garage cabinets to buy, you should keep your budget in mind.
  14. But be wary; many of these cabinet systems’ cabinets are made of low-quality, inexpensive materials.
  15. With more money in your budget, you may pick from a wider range of high-quality options when shopping for garage cabinetry.
  16. How you want to use the garage’s stored items is a major factor in determining what kind of cabinet system to instal.
  17. Think about what you plan to store in your Garage cabinets before making a final decision.
  18. You should carefully consider which cupboard to use to store each item.
  19. Be sure to take into account the total weight of the items you intend to store.
  20. You can use garage cabinets to store longer items like coveralls or to keep cleaning supplies in one convenient location.
  21. In that case, you undoubtedly have at least one tall locker cabinet built into your cabinet system’s layout.
  22. The materials used and the level of expertise used to build your cabinet system may also have an effect on how well it performs.
  23. The durability and longevity of your cabinets depend on the high standard of the materials used in their construction.
  24. View the garage storage options.
  25. If you want to turn your garage into a one-of-a-kind expression of your individuality, custom cabinets are a must.
  26. Customized cupboards are a great way to maximise otherwise wasted space.
  27. If your garage has a wall that you’d prefer to keep unfinished, consider commissioning a wall-to-wall cabinet system.
  28. Personalized garage storage cabinets can be manufactured to order to meet your needs and aesthetic choices.
  29. Make the most of your space by installing new custom cabinets.
  30. Garage cabinets designed for your needs are a worthwhile investment for a variety of reasons.
  31. It could make a significant impact if you had custom cabinets made for your garage.
  32. By utilising the garage cabinet system’s modular components, Garage Smart’s designers may tailor the system to the unique requirements of each individual customer.
  33. There are a variety of ways you can customise your garage shelving for your own needs.
  34. Garage storage can be greatly improved and chaos kept at bay with the installation of custom cabinets.
  35. Personalized Storage Solutions for Your Garage Include both form and function.
  36. If you want your garage to look good and serve as a practical workspace, custom garage cabinets are your best option.
  37. Adding to the value of your house and making garage maintenance a breeze, one of our garage floor replacement options is a no-brainer.
  38. Concrete garage floors can be difficult to maintain, but at Garage Smart, we specialise in applying finishes that last.
  39. These garage floor coatings are commercial-grade epoxy, which not only modernises your garage but also makes it more robust and resistant to wear and tear.
  40. Shelves, racks, and Slatwall could be a lifesaver when it comes to keeping a garage organised.
  41. One technique to increase the amount of room you have in your garage that you might have forgotten about is installing a cabinet system.
  42. The Wire Basket can be used to store a wide variety of items.
  43. Construction of the First Walls Beginning Tools
  44. Setting up Garage Smart is simple.
  45. That’s why Garage Smart made a perfect starter Storage system to help you out.
  46. If you have a lot of tools, gardening equipment, or even camping gear, Garage Smart is a necessity.
  47. Pick a Package to Get Started With Accessories.
  48. The Garage Smart Starter Kits are excellent for this purpose.
  49. Garage Smart Solutions’ storage products are high quality and sleekly designed.
  50. See what else Garage Smart Solutions has to offer to help you set up your storage system.
  51. Reclaim Your Garage Space With Our Tailored Wall Storage Solutions!
  52. At Garage Smart, we provide custom garage organisation services to help you keep your space neat and tidy.
  53. High-quality PVC Slatwall can help you make the most out of your space while also improving its aesthetics.
  54. Take a look at the garage wall hooks available.
  55. Slatwall’s practicality as an office accessory
  56. After settling on a spot in the garage, you may begin assembling the Slatwall panels and other tools you’ll need to get started with your workshop endeavours.
  57. Hot days can make it difficult to enjoy the garage as a place to spend spare time working on automobiles or other hobbies.
  58. In the absence of an air conditioner, the temperature in your garage could rise by as much as 10 degrees Celsius.
  59. How well your garage is insulated
  60. Proven Strategies for Maintaining Garage Coolness
  61. Now that you know what warms up a garage, you may take advantage of certain garage cooling techniques.
  62. If the temperature in your garage ever becomes too high, any action you can take to reduce the heat would be greatly welcomed.
  63. There are a number of benefits to parking your vehicle in your garage, the most obvious being safety.
  64. It may be out of your price range to completely renovate the ventilation and insulation in your garage.
  65. It’s possible that installing air conditioning in the garage would be too expensive.
  66. One of the least expensive and most effective ways to cool off your garage is with a single oscillating house fan.
  67. To get the air moving in your garage, you can use either a powerful shop fan or a series of pedestal fans.
  68. The temperature in your garage will not dip below the outside air temperature no matter how much you run the fans.
  69. It is possible to lessen your home’s heat gain from the sun by painting the roof and walls with lighter colours.
  70. A garage door painted in a lighter shade can be preferable depending on the direction in which your home faces.
  71. To keep the garage cooler, it’s a good idea to choose a home in a location with plenty of trees.
  72. Active or passive, a garage ventilation system uses the concept of fan-driven airflow.
  73. Passive ventilation systems are often installed on the roof of a garage to remove the surplus heat from the attic.
  74. Installing central air conditioning in a garage is a viable option for those who can afford it.
  75. This becomes a significant issue if your garage has climate control.
  76. Increase your garage’s energy efficiency by adding silicone caulk and weatherstripping to the window and door frames.
  77. Improving your home’s insulation is a sound investment that will pay off in the long run through lower heating and cooling bills and a higher selling price.
  78. Simple actions like eliminating the clutter and keeping things more organised will improve airflow in your garage.
  79. That way, air in your garage will be able to flow more freely and easily.
  80. Dehumidify the garage by installing one.
  81. If you reside in a very humid area, you may want to think about investing in a dehumidifier for the garage.
  82. Because of the decreased humidity caused by the functioning ventilation system, you may notice a slight cooling effect.
  83. Solutions for effectively cooling the garage will bring welcome respite.
  84. Household Stuff and Vehicle Garage Luminaires à éclairage à led If the only light in your garage is a single bulb or a fluorescent tube that flickers, it’s time to instal a new lighting system.
  85. We suggest a high-quality, widely dispersed LED light fixture no taller than 4 feet in height for a garage.
  86. Perhaps a lot can be accomplished with strategic illumination.
  87. Many people believe that fluorescent bulbs are the only option for garage lighting, but this is not the case.
  88. retail locations with unprotected light switches
  89. Suspension shop lights may appear to be the simplest solution for illuminating your garage, but don’t be fooled!
  90. The lighting in your garage could be substantially improved by installing a single fluorescent light fixture with two or four bulbs above your workbench.
  91. Installing compact fluorescent lamp (CFL) pot lights around the perimeter of the area will brighten up your garage workspace without creating harsh shadows or glare.
  92. Batteries for LED Lights If you’re looking for a more modern or edgy vibe, you’ll be interested in our next suggestion: LED light strips.
  93. Your wireless illumination” is the tagline for Philips Hue’s lighting products.
  94. You may personalise and fine-tune the illumination to your preference using simply your mobile device.
  95. Racks for Storage Area Walls
  96. With Garage Smart’s wall-mounted storage solutions, you can make the most of and better organise your garage.
  97. When it comes to garage wall track systems, both the Garage Smart and the Rubbermaid Fasttrack are at the top of the food chain.
  98. When picking between the Garage Smart and Rubbermaid Fasttrack garage wall track systems, it’s important to weigh the benefits and drawbacks of each.
  99. Panels for the inside of your garage walls are included with Garage Smart.
  100. An organised garage cabinet system will provide you with several advantages.
  101. Time spent rummaging for tools will be reduced (leaving more time to work)
  102. Doing so will lead to a more peaceful atmosphere at work.
  103. Easily access the things you use most frequently by putting them in close proximity to the door.
  104. Put Away Your Tools Neatly
  105. In particular, pneumatic instruments and cordless power tools are likely to be among your more pricey options (which are driven by compressed air).
  106. Air compressors, generators, and professional-grade hand tools may easily cost hundreds of dollars, so it makes sense to store them somewhere secure.
  107. Garage cabinets with drawers and doors that can be locked are one option.
  108. The peace of mind in knowing that your expensive gear is held securely justifies the added cost of this individualised feature.

FAQs About Garage Make-Over

Is It A Good Idea To Convert A Garage?

There’s no doubt that investing in a garage conversion will add value to your home. However you decide to use the garage, you’ll be gaining valuable extra living space for your home. The great thing about a garage conversion is that it is generally less expensive and quicker to complete than building a house extension.

How Much Does It Cost To Convert A Garage Into A Room Australia?

In Australia, garage conversions can cost anywhere between $6,000 to $20,000 with an average of around $12,000. Depending on the type of room you plan to convert it to, the price may vary.

Do You Need Council Approval To Convert A Garage Into A Room?

If you’re planning any structural changes to an existing garage, you’ll need planning permission from your local council. Structural changes include relatively minor changes, like building an interior wall or adding a door.

Why Do People Convert Garages?

Many people choose to convert their garage to make space for a guestroom, kids room, office, rec room, or any other extra space that might not fit into their current floorplan.

Should I Convert My Garage To Living Space?

For the most part, experts agree that converting your garage into living space does not add value to your home. This isn’t always the case; it depends on where you live. And if you’re planning to sell your home within three to five years, a garage conversion is usually not a good idea.



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