Most home designs don’t give much thought to the garage’s dimensions. But, planning the garage’s layout with the same care as the house’s inside is equally crucial. This massive quantity of space leaves a significant imprint on the house’s layout, thus careful planning is obviously required.

A garage layout can be built into the floor plan, or it can be a separate building, which is known as a “detached garage.” A garage with a different name is called a carport. It has at least one open side. The carport can be attached to the house or stand-alone, just like a covered garage.

A single-car garage should have a minimum of 18 inches (1′-6″) of clearance on either side of the entrance while arranging its layout. A minimum of one foot and a half inches is required between garage doors when there are two or more bays. When the car is towed into the garage, the door will be able to open easily because of this.

Considerations for Garage Layout Design

Carport Operations

The primary function of the garage is to house and protect your vehicle. In addition to protecting your vehicles, it could have further uses on occasion. You can fit a workshop, lawnmower storage, and other storage needs into a well-designed garage. On top of that, it starts working. It is common for garages to be located next to mudrooms.


A garage is a support structure for a house. Since this is the case, the garage should be placed near the kitchen, hallway, and utility room. The site of the home determines where the garage goes on a floor plan. The garage should be in the back, not in front of the house. If you could put the garage anywhere in the house, where would it go? Is the garage door front-load, side-load, or court-yard? You need to answer these questions before you can plan out the layout of your garage.

Dimensions And Formalism

The number of cars you have, together with any extra space required for tools or storage, should be your guiding factor when deciding on a garage size. Typical garage and carport dimensions are listed below. The dimensions should be taken from the outside wall to the outside wall. Take the width and depth and deduct seven (7) inches to get the clean space measurement.

can garage storage systems help in decluttering and creating a more organised space

Ideas for Garage Storage in Australian Homes

A lot of homeowners in Australia deal with this issue. However, if you are creative and have a little do-it-yourself energy, you may make this area more orderly and clutter-free. For optimal space utilisation, consider the following storage suggestions.

Putting Up Shelves On The Wall

Putting shelves on the wall is one of the easiest ways to make more storage room in your garage. One great thing about them is that they keep things off the floor, and they can hold anything from tools to farming gear. The shelves can be changed to fit your wants and space, and they are quite cheap.

Storage Racks For The Ceiling

Instead of letting your garage ceiling collect dust, why not put it to use this season? Things like Christmas decorations, camping gear, and winter sports equipment look great hung from the ceiling. They help you save floor space and make things more accessible while keeping them out of sight.

Put Up Pegboards.

For garage organisation, pegboards are a classic. They’re great for keeping gear and tools in order. You can change the structure to suit your needs and see everything at once with ease. You can store many things by adding hooks, bins, and trays.

Magnet Strips: A Try

There are many other uses for magnetic strips than holding knives. Not only that, but they would be perfect for the garage. Make use of them to arrange and make readily accessible any metal tools or hardware you may have.

Get A Workbench With Storage Space.

For people who like to do their own projects, a stand with built-in storage can change how they work. It gives you a place to work on your projects and a lot of space to store your tools and supplies. For better arrangement, look for one with shelves, drawers, and a pegboard back.

Storage Units For The Garage

Garage cabinets are great if you’re going for a sleeker look. They hide messes behind closed doors and provide an organised appearance. If you’re short on room, go for cabinets that go all the way to the ceiling; if you want more options, combine them with shelving.

Racks For Bikes

For people who like to ride bikes, bikes can take up a lot of space in the shed. Putting up a bike rack on the wall can help with this. It keeps bikes off the ground, in order, and simple to get to.

Rely On Transparent Containers For Storage

You can’t beat clear storage bins for tiny stuff. You can see what’s inside without opening them, they stack well, and they keep things neat.

Trolley With Tools

For people who have a lot of tools, a toolbox trolley might be a good option. It has mobile storage, so you can bring your tools with you to where you’re working.

A Better Garage Door Upgrade

Consider replacing your old door with a more modern, space-saving model if it’s taking up too much room. To avoid sticking out from the garage, a roller door, for example, rises vertically. More space is available inside and out thanks to this layout, which facilitates storage and movement.

Organising your garage storage can be hard, but these tips will help you make the most of your space and stay on top of things. Making sure things are both easy to get to and hidden is key to organising your garage well.

FAQs About Garage Cabinet

Can I Customise Garage Cabinet Layouts To Accommodate Specific Hobbies Or Interests?

Yes, tailor the layout to accommodate hobbies such as woodworking, gardening, or automotive repair by incorporating specialised storage solutions and organising tools and supplies accordingly.

Are There Any Safety Considerations To Keep In Mind When Designing Garage Cabinet Layouts?

Ensure that cabinets are securely anchored to the wall or floor to prevent tipping, avoid overloading shelves or cabinets with heavy items, and store hazardous materials in designated areas away from children and pets.

How Can I Incorporate Aesthetic Elements Into My Garage Cabinet Layout?

Choose cabinets and storage solutions that complement the overall style and design of your garage, consider adding decorative hardware or finishes, and incorporate colour-coded storage bins or labels for visual appeal.

Can I Seek Professional Assistance For Designing And Implementing Garage Cabinet Layouts?

Yes, professional organisers, interior designers, and garage renovation specialists can provide expert advice and assistance in designing and implementing efficient and functional garage cabinet layouts tailored to your specific needs and preferences.

How Can I Make The Most Of Corner Spaces In Garage Cabinet Layouts?

Utilise corner cabinets or shelving units designed to fit in corners to maximise storage capacity and prevent wasted space. Consider installing rotating shelves or pull-out drawers for easy access to items stored in corners.

Garage Storage Ideas for Specific Items

If done right, your garage can store almost anything. You may want to check your garage for humidity and temperature control before storing delicate items. Here are some products and garage storage ideas to keep them safe.

Retaining Motorcycles In The Carport. 

Bikes are bulky and easy to obstruct with other objects. Hanging your bikes is the greatest method to keep them. More room for your car’s floor space will be available thanks to the bikes being accessible, safe, and out of the way in this manner.

A Place To Keep Sporting Goods. 

The first and foremost rule of sports equipment storage is to separate items according to their respective sports rather than storing them all together. There will be less mess in your garage and more time for other things if you do this. After you’ve arranged your gear, put large items (like skates and helmets) on shelves and smaller ones (like wire or plastic baskets) in them. To keep your sports balls organised and ready to go, use mesh laundry bags.

Keeping Your Hand Tools In The Garage In Order. 

If your tools are jumbled up in a box or drawer, it can be hard to find the right one for the job. To keep tools in order and make them easy to find, hang them on the wall. To make the perfect tool display, use the pegboard method or the Slatwall system that was already talked about. Attach tie/belt racks to hang wrenches and other small tools.

Storing Kayaks. 

Always store your kayak in a cool, dark place, out of direct sunlight. To hang your kayak from the ceiling, you can either purchase a special system or make one out of broad webbing straps. Always wipe off the bottom of your kayak and give it a good scrub before putting it away. When storing a kayak in a garage, make sure the hull is facing upwards at all times.

Putting Golf Clubs Away In The Garage. 

Before you put your clubs away, make sure they are clean and dry. Get a garage that can keep the right temperature if you want to keep your golf clubs there for a long time. You should keep your clubs in a garage that isn’t warm during the winter because the cold and humidity could damage them. Cover your clubs and put them away in a spot where they won’t get knocked around if your garage has climate control.

Storing Garden Tools In The Garage. 

Having a well-organised system in place will ensure that your lawn tools are always in excellent condition and prepared for use. An ideal method for preserving the quality of your tools is to use a vertical storage solution. Secure various tools such as rakes, weed whackers, shovels, and hoses to the wall using hooks or racks. Using an old desk into a potting table or gardening workspace is a great way to repurpose space in your garage. To keep your gardening gloves and other small equipment organised, set up some baskets and hooks on your work surface.

Clean Out Your Storage For Camping Gear. 

Camping is a great way to enjoy nature, but if your gear is strewn across shelves in your shed, it can be hard to get ready for a trip. Carton storage is a great way to keep your camping stuff organised and ready for your next trip. Insert small totes with things and name them. Then, put the small totes inside the larger totes on wheels. As soon as it’s time to leave, you can just roll your bags into the truck and go. Make sure you clean all of your stuff well after each trip so that you don’t have to buy new things.

Tips for Keeping Your Garage Safe for Your Home

Ensuring your garage is a safe space becomes even more important when you have children. It’s crucial to educate your family about the potential hazards that might lurk in this often-overlooked area of the home.

Secure Hazardous Materials

Every garage stores a variety of materials that can pose risks if not handled correctly. This includes but is not limited to, pesticides, fertilizers, gasoline, cleaning agents, swimming pool chemicals, automotive fluids, paints, and solvents. Keeping these items securely locked away minimizes the risk of accidental exposure or ingestion.

Safely Store Power Equipment

Children are naturally curious and may be tempted to explore power tools they see their parents using. To prevent unauthorized access, ensure all power equipment is stored securely, preferably in lockable storage cabinets. This not only keeps your children safe but also protects your equipment from potential theft.

Garage Storage Solutions BMW

Manage Sharp Tools with Care

Just as power tools require careful storage, so do sharp tools and implements. After use, instead of leaning them against walls or stashing them in corners, invest in a robust storage solution. This will help avoid accidents and keep your tools in good condition.

Maintain a Clutter-Free Work Area

If your garage doubles as a workshop, it’s essential to keep the area clean and tidy. Regularly clearing away sawdust, wiping up spills, and properly disposing of greasy rags can significantly reduce hazards. A clean work environment is a safe one.

Regularly Inspect Garage Doors and Openers

Given that the garage door is the largest moving part in most homes, its maintenance is critical for garage safety. Regular checks for wear and tear on cables and springs, ensuring the opener controls are out of children’s reach, and keeping the emergency release handle well-maintained are all vital practices. Additionally, clean and align the photo eye sensors and test the auto-reverse feature monthly.

Enhance Garage Lighting

Adequate lighting is a less obvious but equally important aspect of garage safety. The old setup of a few weak bulbs won’t suffice. Modern lighting solutions can significantly improve visibility, making the space safer and more functional.

Dispose of Old Electrical Cords

Outdated or worn electrical cords not only present a fire hazard but also a risk of electric shock. It’s important to use the correct gauge of the power cord for each tool or appliance and avoid overloading garage outlets with extension cords and chargers. Regularly inspect and upgrade the electrical setup in your garage to prevent accidents before they happen.

By implementing these safety measures, you can create a safer environment in your garage, protecting your family and your possessions. Always prioritise safety and take proactive steps to mitigate risks in this essential part of your home.


Garage cabinet plan ideas are important for keeping things organised in a home. There are two types of garages: ones that are built into the floor plan and ones that are separate and have at least one open side. For a garage with one car, there should be at least 18 inches of space on each side of the doorway. For garages with two or more bays, there should be at least 1.5 feet of space between each door.

The garage’s main job is to protect and house your car, but it can also be used as a workplace, to store lawnmowers, or for other storage needs. If possible, put the garage near the kitchen, hallway, and utility room. The garage’s location on a floor plan is based on the home’s site.

When choosing a garage size, you should think about both size and style. To find the clean room measurement for a garage or carport, measure from the outside wall to the outside wall, then take the width and depth and subtract seven inches.

Many Australians can make their garages neater and less cluttered by using storage ideas like pegboards, shelves on the wall, garage cabinets, bike racks, clear containers, toolbox trolleys, and modern garage door upgrades.

Getting your garage storage in order can be hard, but these tips will help you stay on top of things and make the most of your room. It’s important to make sure that things are both hidden and easy to get to in your garage.

Garage storage ideas can help you keep things like bikes, sports gear, hand tools, boats, golf clubs, and gardening supplies out of the way. To keep these things safe, hang bikes in the garage, sort sports gear by size, hang tools on the wall, and hang wrenches and small tools on tie or belt racks. Keep kayaks in a cool, dark place that is out of direct sunlight and make sure the hull is faced up.

Before putting golf clubs away in the shed, make sure they are clean and dry. To keep your things safe during the winter, store them in a garage with temperature control. Hooks or racks can be used to store yard tools vertically, and old desks can be turned into potting tables or gardening work areas. Clean out your camping gear storage by putting things in small totes and giving them names, then putting those totes inside bigger totes on wheels.

Protect dangerous items, store power tools safely, and be careful with sharp tools to keep your garage safe for your home. Clear away sawdust, clean up spills, and throw away used rags to keep your work area clean. Check garage doors and openers for wear and tear on a regular basis, and keep the emergency release buttons in good shape.

Use modern methods to improve your garage lighting, and don’t plug too many chargers and extension cords into the outlets. Get rid of old electrical lines to keep them from starting fires or giving you an electric shock. Implementing these safety steps will make your garage a safer place, safeguarding your family and belongings. Safety should always come first, and you should be proactive about reducing risks in this important part of your home.

Content Summary

  • Planning a garage layout is as important as planning the interior of a home.
  • A well-designed garage layout can significantly impact a home’s overall design.
  • Garages can be either attached or detached, with carports serving as an alternative option.
  • Providing enough clearance on either side of the garage entrance ensures easy access.
  • The garage’s primary function is to protect vehicles, but it can also serve multiple purposes.
  • The location of the garage should be strategically planned in relation to the house.
  • The size of the garage should accommodate the number of vehicles and additional storage needs.
  • Installing shelves on the wall is an effective way to increase garage storage space.
  • Ceiling storage racks can be used to store seasonal items, freeing up floor space.
  • Pegboards are a versatile tool for organising equipment and tools in the garage.
  • Magnetic strips can be used to organize metal tools and hardware.
  • A workbench with storage enhances functionality for DIY projects.
  • Garage cabinets provide a tidy storage solution and can improve the garage’s appearance.
  • Wall-mounted bike racks save space and keep bikes organized.
  • Clear storage containers help with the organization of small items.
  • A toolbox trolley offers mobile storage for tools.
  • Upgrading to a space-saving garage door model can create more usable space.
  • Proper storage solutions can transform a cluttered garage into an efficient space.
  • Storing motorcycles by hanging them can free up floor space and keep them accessible.
  • Separating sports equipment by type can reduce clutter and improve organization.
  • Hanging hand tools on the wall makes them easy to find and keeps them organized.
  • Storing kayaks off the ground protects them and saves space.
  • Climate control in the garage can protect valuable items like golf clubs from damage.
  • Vertical storage solutions are ideal for organizing lawn tools and equipment.
  • Utilising carton storage for camping gear makes preparation for trips more efficient.
  • Ensuring garage safety is crucial, especially in homes with children.
  • Hazardous materials in the garage should be securely stored to prevent accidents.
  • Power equipment should be kept in lockable storage cabinets to ensure safety.
  • Sharp tools require careful storage to prevent accidents.
  • Keeping the garage work area clean and tidy reduces hazards.
  • Regular maintenance of garage doors and openers is essential for safety.
  • Adequate lighting in the garage improves visibility and safety.
  • Old electrical cords should be disposed of to prevent fire hazards and electric shock.
  • Strategic garage design can enhance the functionality and appearance of the space.
  • Flexible shelving and storage options allow for customization to meet specific needs.
  • Investing in quality storage solutions can improve the garage’s usability and aesthetics.
  • Planning for the garage’s layout includes considering vehicle storage and additional functionalities.
  • Detached garages and carports offer alternative storage and parking solutions.
  • The placement of the garage should consider accessibility and aesthetic impact on the home.
  • The dimensions of the garage should accommodate storage and workspace requirements.
  • Australian homes face unique challenges in garage organization due to space constraints.
  • Innovative storage solutions, like ceiling racks and pegboards, maximize garage space.
  • Garage storage systems can be tailored to fit various items, from tools to sports equipment.
  • Safety considerations in garage design protect both people and stored items.
  • Lockable cabinets and storage solutions add a layer of security for valuable possessions.
  • Organizing the garage not only improves functionality but also enhances safety.
  • Clear labelling and the use of transparent containers facilitate easy item retrieval.
  • Regular safety inspections and maintenance ensure the garage remains a safe environment.
  • Implementing a comprehensive storage system can transform the garage into a versatile space.
  • Proper planning and investment in quality storage solutions yield a well-organized and efficient garage.

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