Stylish and functional bathroom storage is waiting for you here. A well-planned arrangement of shelves, baskets, and hooks may do wonders for a disorganised and uncluttered bathroom. In this article, you will find unique storage hacks that will maximise vertical space and incorporate imaginative DIY solutions. 

Take a look at the many uses for baskets, the clever way shelving may save space, and the usefulness of hooks to learn how to combine form and function without sacrificing either. Put an end to the mayhem in the restroom and welcome a serene haven where everything has its designated spot.

Storage Space In The Bathroom Is Important For Several Reasons

Towels, toiletries, and cleaning supplies may be kept out of sight and out of mind in a spacious bathroom with plenty of storage. This improves the aesthetics of the bathroom and makes it more practical in terms of cleaning and upkeep.

Things like medications, personal care goods, and toilet paper should all have a specific spot so that you can easily locate them when you need them. Particularly during the morning rush, this can help you save time and feel less stressed.

Cleaning products, pharmaceuticals, and other potentially dangerous items should be stored in a secure location, away from children and pets.

Be sure to include the necessary quantity of storage space when planning or renovating a bathroom. Included in this category are both built-in and freestanding storage solutions, such as shelves and medicine cabinets. To get the most out of the available space, you also need to think about how the bathroom is designed and what kinds of things will be kept there.

Having a place to put things in the bathroom is crucial for keeping things neat, easy to reach, and secure. It is an essential factor to think about when creating or renovating a bathroom since it may make the space more practical and pleasant to use. Your bathroom can become a more practical and pleasant place with the correct storage solution.

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Top Tips For Maximising Small Storage Spaces

Even a little bathroom storage may make a big difference. Take a look at a few of them below.

Install Hooks

One of the best ways to take advantage of vertical space, such as walls, is with hooks. Incorporate towel or robe hooks into an underutilised wall or even the rear of your door for added convenience. If you’re looking for a way to store your hair dryer, a hook would be ideal for hanging it over the sink. Some of the simplest installations that may hold a wide variety of objects are hooks.


For a good reason: shelves are a time-honoured method of stowing goods; they offer a great deal of flexibility. Open shelving or storage containers like bins and baskets are two options to consider. You can make the most of vertical space with the help of stackable storage choices. Use the bottom storage for things you use often, things you want your children to be able to reach, or things a guest could need—especially if you can build two or three shelves. Use the space on top to stow away cleaning products or other goods you don’t use often but would rather not have on display.

In-Shower Storage

The size and amount of built-in storage in showers can vary greatly, so finding inventive alternatives to store items can be a challenge. Alternatively, you can use suction cups to attach the caddies to the walls or hang them from the showerhead. Soaps, hair products, wash bath loofahs, and other bathroom necessities will fit snugly in these. Corner shelving and other ingenious corner storage solutions allow you to make better use of vertical space.

Drawer Organisers

Making the most of every space is crucial, but it becomes even more crucial when the number of drawers is limited. When it comes to organising your bathroom, nothing beats a set of custom drawer organisers. Particularly useful for organising clutter, they make keeping a bathroom tidy a breeze.

Over-The-Toilet Storage

Put some chic, compact containers on top of the toilet, or get creative with the space you have there. For such tight quarters, there are basket shelves that are just the right size to hold toiletries and cleaning goods.


As an attractive and functional piece of furniture, a basket can serve as both an open display and a hidden storage solution for a variety of bathroom necessities. Towels, hand towels, dirty laundry, toilet paper, and other large, bulky things fit perfectly in storage baskets.

Carts And Rolling Storage

There is a plethora of versatile, easily adjustable rolling storage choices available online. To organise your belongings, search for mobile carts that have shelves for open storage or drawers for closed storage. The narrow space between your bathroom’s shower and toilet might be transformed into a treasure trove of storage space for these things, as they typically fit in tighter spaces.

Organising Tips For Small Bathrooms

Use Height To Your Advantage.

If you’re just starting off with organising, one good strategy is to make the most of the space you have. It all starts with height! 

Consider the spaces in your bathroom that now serve a storage purpose but could use some more height with the addition of a tier. A basket under the sink is convenient for storing items, but it leaves a lot of room for your head. 

Stackable storage containers are a great investment because they provide double the space you need. Use a wheeled cart next to the sink, or set it up on a deep window sill—it doesn’t matter where you put it.

Think about the area above things your normal eye would naturally look at, like doorframes. Shelving in these places can free up a tonne of room for things like spare toilet paper and guest towels that you don’t use every day. Using the entire wall, ceiling to floor, may transform even the smallest bathroom!

Break Up Your Items Into Categories And Label.

Unbeknownst to us, we amass an overwhelming amount of toiletries that clog up our already cramped quarters.

Sort through everything (yes, even the little soaps from your last vacation) and mark the products that you use daily, those that are duplicates, and those that can be put somewhere else, like the linen closet, away from the bathroom. In terms of proximity, you’ll soon see that your daily necessities take precedence!

A sink caddy or space-saving rolling cart would be ideal for storing and displaying these goods. You use these things every day, so giving them a designated spot will keep them from piling up, and you’ll also know precisely where to find them when you need them, which will help you keep things neat.

To better organise your linen closet, you might choose to add some baskets and label them for products that aren’t used often or are duplicates. Arrange your belongings in baskets or containers with labels in a cupboard or on a shelf if you have the room. Group like goods together, such as hair care, medicinal, or guest items. The first step in arranging a cramped restroom is taking stock of your belongings and marking their locations.

It goes without saying that you should only retain usable items and dispose of or donate the remainder. Keeping only the necessities in a small bathroom can help keep it neat and tidy.

Use Your Sink Space Fully.

Knowing how to maximise the sink space can be quite useful! Despite the fact that most compact bathrooms have a severely limited amount of space for the sink, these tricks will help you stay organised.

Consider your over-the-toilet and bath area.

In order to make the most of limited space, it is essential to maximise organisation in small bathrooms. Consider installing a cupboard over the toilet in your bathroom if one is not already there. Simple shelving, particularly floatless shelves, can do the trick when a real cabinet with doors won’t function or won’t fit. Then, to further free up floor space in the bathroom, you may add baskets, some basic décor, and your spare towels. If you’re short on storage space, roll your towels instead of folding them flat.

Free Up Counter Space.

People will notice your counter space right away! Even if the things on the counter are necessary, having too many might make a tiny bathroom seem even more cramped. Just keep the bare necessities, like hand soap or lotion, on display to keep your counters clutter-free. You may conceal the other stuff, such as dental floss, mouthwash, fragrances, and toothbrushes, in the mirror cabinet up there. To accommodate these things in the absence of a mirror cabinet, you can install a single under-mirror shelf. Still, you’ll have more freedom to move around as you get ready in the mornings, thanks to the cleared-out counter space underneath.

If you usually put your cosmetics in the sink while you’re in the bathroom, you might want to think about getting a makeup bag or caddy to keep your products organised when you’re not using them. You may avoid having your cosmetics clutter up your countertop and put them all in one convenient spot with this!

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Use Hooks Versus Towel Racks.

Bathroom hooks are fantastic! Particularly in cramped quarters, they are a need. Installing hooks near your entrance, shower, or sink will catch anything that could fall to the floor and keep it out of your floor, helping you to maintain a clean and clutter-free environment. When folded or arranged on a rack, towels significantly increase the amount of space required for their storage. Towels can be more conveniently stored on a hanger instead of a rack, making better use of available space. The same logic applies to drying towels (near the bathroom) or hand towels (near the sink).

Keep Your Decor Simple.

Even though it’s a big component in deceiving the eye, few people consider their decor when they’re organising a tiny bathroom. A small bathroom can still be cheerful and light, but it needs to be minimalistic so there isn’t too much unnecessary stuff.


This blog has a lot of information on how to use baskets, shelves, and hooks to make your bathroom storage space more efficient. It is important to have a storage room for things like toilet paper, towels, cleaning supplies, medications, personal care items, and toiletries that you don’t want to see or remember. It is important to think about how the bathroom will look and what will be kept.

Several tips can be used to make the most of small storage areas. For extra ease, hooks can be put on walls or behind doors. Shelves are versatile; they can be used to store things that can be stacked or that are often used or need to be quickly accessed. You can store things in the shower by attaching caddies to the wall with suction cups or hanging them from the showerhead. If you only have a few drawers, you can make the most of them with custom drawer organisers. You can store things over the toilet by putting small containers on top of the toilet or putting toiletries and cleaning supplies on basket shelves. Baskets can hold a variety of bathroom items and look nice while they’re out in plain sight.

To keep things in order in smaller rooms, you can use rolling storage choices like mobile carts with shelves for open storage or drawers for closed storage. You can make your bathroom more organised and nice to look at by using these storage hacks.

To get a small bathroom organised, start by using height to get the most out of the storage area. To make more room, put a basket under the sink, storage bins that can be stacked, or things above the doorframes. Label the things you use every day, the ones you have twice, and the ones you can put away from the bathroom. For daily items, use a sink caddy or a rolling cart that saves room, and for duplicates, use baskets.

Install a cupboard over the toilet or use simple shelves to make the most of the space under the sink. To make more counter space, put only the most important things on show and hide other things in a mirror cabinet. When not in use, keep your makeup in order with a beauty bag or caddy.

Put hooks near doors, baths, and sinks to catch trash and keep it off the floor. To make better use of the room, hang towels on racks or hangers. To keep a happy and light mood in a small bathroom, keep the decorations simple.

Basically, to keep a small bathroom clean and organised, you should use height to your advantage, name and group things into categories, make the most of the space under the sink, clear off the counter, hang towels from hooks, and keep the decor simple. By following these tips, you can make your bathroom more organised and useful.

Content Summary

  • Discover stylish and functional bathroom storage solutions through well-planned arrangements of shelves, baskets, and hooks.
  • Unique storage hacks presented in this article maximise vertical space and offer imaginative DIY solutions for an organised bathroom.
  • Towels, toiletries, and cleaning supplies can be stored out of sight, improving bathroom aesthetics and practicality.
  • Medications, personal care items, and toilet paper should have designated spots for easy access during morning rushes.
  • Securely store potentially dangerous items away from children and pets to ensure bathroom safety.
  • Plan or renovate a bathroom with both built-in and freestanding storage solutions like shelves and medicine cabinets.
  • Adequate storage is essential for a practical and pleasant bathroom experience.
  • Small storage spaces can be maximised with hooks, utilising vertical space on walls or behind doors.
  • Shelves provide flexibility for storage, offering options like open shelving or containers for efficient use of vertical space.
  • In-shower storage solutions include suction cups, corner shelving, and other inventive alternatives for organising bathroom essentials.
  • Drawer organisers are crucial for maximising limited space and maintaining an organised bathroom.
  • Over-the-toilet storage, including chic containers and basket shelves, helps utilise tight quarters effectively.
  • Baskets serve as both attractive furniture and hidden storage solutions for towels, laundry, and bathroom essentials.
  • Versatile rolling storage options, like carts, can transform tight spaces into efficient storage areas.
  • Utilise height for storage by adding tiers under sinks or using stackable storage containers for efficient space management.
  • Install shelving above eye level, such as doorframes, to free up space for spare toilet paper and guest towels.
  • Break up items into categories, label them, and store daily necessities in designated spots to maintain a tidy bathroom.
  • Organise a linen closet with baskets and labels for items not frequently used or duplicates.
  • Dispose of unnecessary items to keep a small bathroom neat and clutter-free.
  • Maximise sink space with clever organisation tricks for compact bathrooms.
  • Consider adding a cupboard over the toilet or installing floatless shelves for additional storage.
  • Roll towels instead of folding them flat to save storage space in tight bathrooms.
  • Free up counter space by displaying only the bare necessities and concealing other items in mirror cabinets or under-mirror shelves.
  • Use a makeup bag or caddy to keep cosmetics organised and avoid cluttering the countertop.
  • Install hooks near entrances, showers, or sinks to catch items that could fall to the floor, maintaining a clean and clutter-free environment.
  • Towels take up less space on hooks than racks, making them a more efficient storage option.
  • Keep bathroom decor minimalistic to create a cheerful and light atmosphere in a small space.
  • Decor plays a role in deceiving the eye and making a small bathroom appear more spacious.
  • Incorporate baskets for open display and hidden storage, catering to various bathroom necessities.
  • Hooks are ideal for hanging hair dryers or other items, providing simple installations with a wide range of uses.
  • Open shelving and storage containers offer flexibility, with stackable options maximising vertical space.
  • Suction cups and corner shelving are inventive solutions for in-shower storage, accommodating various items.
  • Drawer organisers are essential for efficient use of limited space and ease of bathroom organisation.
  • Over-the-toilet storage options, such as chic containers and basket shelves, optimise tight quarters.
  • Baskets serve both functional and decorative purposes, accommodating towels, laundry, and bulkier items.
  • Versatile rolling storage, like carts, transforms tight spaces into efficient storage areas.
  • Use height effectively with tiered storage under sinks and stackable containers for efficient space management.
  • Shelving above eye level, such as doorframes, frees up space for spare toilet paper and guest towels.
  • Categorise and label items for efficient organisation, ensuring daily necessities have designated spots.
  • Linen closets can be organised with baskets and labels for less frequently used or duplicate items.
  • Dispose of unnecessary items to maintain a neat and clutter-free small bathroom.
  • Maximise sink space with clever organisation, considering areas above the toilet and bath.
  • Additional storage over the toilet or floatless shelves can be added for efficient space utilisation.
  • Roll towels instead of folding them to save storage space in compact bathrooms.
  • Free up counter space by displaying only essential items and concealing others in mirror cabinets or under-mirror shelves.
  • Use a makeup bag or caddy to keep cosmetics organised and avoid countertop clutter.
  • Hooks near entrances, showers, or sinks catch items and help maintain a clean and clutter-free environment.
  • Towels take up less space on hooks than racks, making them a more efficient storage option.
  • Keep bathroom decor minimalistic for a cheerful and light atmosphere in a small space.
  • Decor plays a role in deceiving the eye and creating the illusion of a more spacious small bathroom.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Is Effective Bathroom Storage Important?

Effective bathroom storage helps maintain a clean and organised space, reduces clutter, and makes it easier to find and access essentials. It also enhances the overall aesthetics of the bathroom.

What Types Of Baskets Are Suitable For Bathroom Storage?

Various types of baskets work well for bathroom storage, including wicker, wire, and fabric baskets. Wicker baskets add a touch of natural warmth, wire baskets offer a modern look, and fabric baskets provide a soft and versatile option.

How Can I Creatively Use Baskets In The Bathroom?

Baskets can be used for towel storage, toiletry organisation, and even as alternatives to traditional laundry hampers. They add both functionality and style to your bathroom space.

What Are The Advantages Of Wall-Mounted Shelves?

Wall-mounted shelves maximise vertical space, keeping the floor area clear. Floating shelves and corner shelves are popular options, providing both storage and decorative opportunities.

How Can Hooks Be Utilised In A Bathroom?

Hooks are practical for hanging towels, robes, and various accessories. They come in single or multi-hook racks and can be used on walls, behind doors, or even on the back of cabinet doors.


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