If you’re like most homeowners, your garage is packed full of stuff. You probably have shelves and cabinets installed in order to organize everything, but sometimes it can be difficult to find a place for everything. If you’re looking for a way to get your garage organized, consider installing some garage shelving. 

There are many different types and styles of garage shelving available, so you can find one that fits your needs. Shelving can help you clear out clutter and make it easier to find what you need when you need it. Plus, it can make your garage look neat and tidy. If you’re ready to get started on organizing your garage, consider installing some garage shelving today!

To help you get started garage shelving solution hunting, we’ve rounded up our favourite Garage Shelving Solutions from right across Australia.

Ultimate List Garage Shelving Solutions in Australia

StorageSmart – Garage Shelving Solution Australia



1800 517 294

Fleximounts® No.1 Selling Garage Storage Brand in the World, Now Available In Australia!

With garage floor space being a premium nowadays, it’s time to get everything off the floor and up onto the unused space of your garage being the walls! Traditional floor based shelving units are bulky and simply take up valuable room within many garages. If sorting your garage has been on the “To Do” list for sometime, let StorageSmart® help you reclaim your garage with Fleximounts® DIY Garage Storage Solutions.

Fleximounts® Garage Storage Products are the “Best Seller” on Amazon in the USA! Further, Fleximounts® is the No.1 selling Garage Storage Brand in Walmart, The Home Depot and Lowes who are the 3 Largest Home Improvement Stores in the World.

Reclaim Your Garage! Get It Under Control & ORGANISED with Fleximounts®

With Fleximounts® you’ll do it once and do it right. With over 30,000 positive reviews and ratings in the USA, StorageSmart® will help you get your garage organised and functioning in a way whereby you’ll be proud to walk and drive into it each day.

Proudly an Australian Owned and operated company, StorageSmart® has gold standard customer service and 20 years experience as leaders in DIY Garage Storage Solutions.

StorageSmart® has worked tirelessly with our US partners Fleximounts® to ensure that their world leading products and supporting installation material are adapted for the Australian market, in particular from Imperial to Metric measurements (Feet & Inches to Centimetres & Millimetres)


GarageSmart – Garage Shelving Solution Australia



1800 517 294


We’ll turn your cluttered garage into a fully functional extension of your home in just 1 day!

GarageSmart® is a full service “do-it-for-you” company that provides tailored  Garage Storage Solutions & Organisational Expertise accompanied by old-fashioned personalised customer service. Our experienced employees are specialists at in-home consultation, 3D modelling, organisation advice and the installation of our premium GarageSmart® products. 


GarageSmart® pioneered the Garage Storage Solutions category in Australia in 2004, setting the benchmark for Garage Organisation & Fit-Outs. With 19 years of experience and the help of the latest technologies, we have perfected the techniques of remodelling  elite garages. GarageSmart® is a totally independent and privately owned company with a passion for turning cluttered garages into fully functional areas of your home. We work tirelessly to ensure that all our customers receive exceptional service and are fully satisfied with their premium garage renovation.


GarageSmart® tailored storage solutions are a highly effective and much needed addition to the familiar chaos of household garages. Our expert renovation team will walk you through every step of the process from designing to remodelling and organisation of your space. If your goal is to transform a cluttered garage into a premium fully functional extension of your home, we will turn your vision into reality. 


GarageSmart® tailored storage solutions turn wasted spaces into functional (and adjustable!) storage. Whether you just need a single section of SmartWall and a few accessories or a fully customised fit-out, we will come to you to help create the best tailored storage solution for your space. We’ll work through our simple 3-step process making the entire experience smooth for you, whilst ensuring you love your new garage.   

Our team of design and installation professionals will provide you with personal assistance through the entirety of your garage remodelling project. We’ll present samples of products like SmartWall, hooks, baskets, shelves and modern cabinets for storage and other accessories from which to choose for your space. During the renovation project, our experts at GarageSmart® ensure that everything is convenient for you, from setting an installation date that works around your schedule to storing your belongings, providing quality product by experienced installation technicians. Once complete, a senior garage renovation expert will perform a final quality control check to ensure the job not only meets but exceeds your expectations. 

Steelspan Storage Systems – Garage Shelving Solution Australia

Steelspan Storage Systems


1300 851 378

A family-owned company, Steelpan Storage Systems is established in Australia. Customers from all over the world, including Australia, use our services. Steelpan offers a variety of carefully crafted storage options to clients in the home and commercial sectors. Steel cabinets, shelves, workbenches, lockable tool drawers, tool hanging, and storage bins for small parts are already part of a modular system. To find out more about the storage options we offer, visit our product websites.

Oz Shelving Solutions – Garage Shelving Solution Australia

Oz Shelving Solutions


1800 697 436

Add outstanding shopfitting displays and creative shelving to your store.

Oz Shelving Solutions, Australia’s leading provider of upscale retail display shelf and store furnishings, provides a range of useful and customized solutions to meet your demands. You can enhance the visual appeal of your store design by going above and beyond to meet your shop floor and visual merchandising requirements with sturdy and long-lasting display shelving and mixture of various equipment.

Shelving and Racking – Garage Shelving Solution Australia

Shelving And Racking


 (08) 8349 6623

Our sales consultants will work with you to understand your requirements and develop a design concept to enhance storage capacity, efficiency and safety, taking into account your operational requirements. A clearly documented layout clearly explains the proposal – and easily allows for customer feedback on the final design and layout of your storage system.

GarageKing – Garage Shelving Solution Australia



1300 208 503

High-quality garage storage products have been produced by GarageKing for a very long time. Our designs are located in Melbourne and can be shipped to the majority of the major Australian cities, ensuring that the space in your garage or shed is used to its full potential. Additionally, we have everything you need to make your garage space effective when paired with our modular kits, which range from wall bays and workbenches to golf bag holders and tool racks.

Super Rack – Garage Shelving Solution Australia

Super Rack


1300 884 483

Do you need Garage Storage Systems or Warehouse Storage Systems? You’ve come to the correct location! We provide the biggest selection of garage shelving in various sizes and load ratings. They are the most popular garage shed and warehouse storage facilities.

Our website now features a fully functional online store where you can place orders for long span shelves, get shipping quotes, and complete the entire purchasing procedure. Most importantly, PayPal, Afterpay, and Zip are now accessible for your convenience.

Garage Shelving Solutions Australia

Garage Shelving Solutions


0428 714 947

Our goods range in size, color, and weight rating, making them suitable for all clients and enterprises, large and small. We presently deliver and stock locations throughout NSW and QLD. We offer high-quality items at a reasonable price.

Our extensive selection varies in size, color, and weight rating, making it ideal for any garage, workshop, or warehouse. Our product line is comprised of numerous suppliers who choose only the greatest quality products at the best rates and make them available all in one spot, backed by a 30-day money-back guarantee and a 12-month warranty policy on all of our new products.

CNA Storage Solution – Garage Shelving Solution Australia

Cna Storage


0480 251 050

Discover an amazing collection. CNA Storage offers top-notch garage shelving for your Australian residence. Make the most of every inch of space in your home and keep items off the floor by using our racking unit to get storage and arrangement ideas. Our top-notch racking is offered in a range of sizes and can be used in garages or other household settings.

Rapid Stac Shelving – Garage Shelving Solution Australia

Rapid Stac Shelving


0452 241 376

Many hospitals, coolroom providers, canteens, and food franchise organizations in Perth and across Australia prefer our coolroom shelving items. Because it is food-safe, non-corrosive, and custom-built, our goods include some of the best shelving Perth has to offer. Our product line includes a variety of all-plastic storage systems made of high-impact, non-toxic plastic.

Storage Sam – Garage Shelving Solution Australia

Storage Sam


0405 713 999

Australians are the owners and managers of Sydney-based Storage Sam. Since our company’s founding in 2007, we have concentrated on offering premium storage options at competitive prices. Our products offer storage solutions for both the home and the office and are designed specifically for the Australian market.

Our quality products are backed by our commitment to offering a high level of customer service. Customer satisfaction is very important to us and is paramount to our business model. Our aim as a company is to become the leading retailer in the shelving industry by continuing to offer our high-quality products and excellent customer service.

Garage Storage World – Garage Shelving Solution Australia

Garage Storage World


08 9248 4849

Your garage will be organized, we promise! The first and only carport storage company in Perth, WA is called Garage Storage World. We provide full garage remodeling, organization, and storage choices. So, whether you need a single item, a particular solution, or a whole makeover, we can help.

Contact us today for a free consultation and no-obligation quotation!

Stormor – Garage Shelving Solution Australia



1300 880 845

Purchase directly from our website or contact our professional staff for off-the-shelf and bespoke comprehensive turnkey storage solutions for any purpose – on budget and on time.

To make the most of your garage storage space, Stormor provides everything you require. If you need heavy-duty racking, tool storage, or a new workstation for your garage, Stormor has the answer. We provide a wide range of shelf kits that are easy to construct, come in a variety of sizes, and let you create the precise arrangement you need to fit your area.

Toprax – Garage Shelving Solution Australia




Storage issues? Overcrowded floors? Are your things are piling up, and your business is utterly disorganised?

Having your warehouse, your business or your working area disorganised can drastically decrease staff productivity and impact your ability to reach your business goals. The same applies to your life and your home. A house or garage with clutter is bad for your health, and it ruins productivity.

United Storage Shelving – Garage Shelving Solution Australia

United Storage


1300 993 416

In addition to administrative staff, the Company employs dedicated sales and technical personnel. Technical support is an important element of the Company’s customer service, ensuring rapid resolution of the issues which may arise from time to time. The Company also carries out extensive testing and evaluation of new products prior to their selection and introduction to the range.

Able Storage Systems – Garage Shelving Solution Australia

Able Storage Systems


(03) 9305 3677

Are you looking for a safe and secure storage solution for keeping heavy and oversized materials or products in your industrial plants? At Able Storage Systems, we are one of the renowned providers of industrial storage systems in Melbourne, Australia.

We offer warehouse storage solutions to everyone, from small enterprises to huge distribution centers. We provide a one-of-a-kind selection of pallet racking solutions that can handle larger building materials while saving space. Contact our team for the best source of industrial storage solutions in Melbourne. The storage solution you choose for your business will invariably become the backbone of your operation. Managing storage and inventory in the absence of a solid, adaptable storage solution is a logistical headache waiting to happen.

Shed and Shelving – Garage Shelving Solution Australia

Shed And Shelving


(08) 9418 8302

Our direct warehouse rates help your money go further, and Shed and Shelving is your neighborhood expert supplier of 100% steel storage solutions. We can help you make the most of your small space and even lock it up for security with our steel cabinets and storage solutions.

Advanced Racking and Shelving Australia

Advanced Racking


Advanced Racking and Shelving can supply and install racking & shelving systems for your Industrial, Commercial and Domestic space.

Our aim is to provide quality products with professional advice to maximise your storage space at a competitive price. We are more than happy to come out to your site and speak with you directly to ensure you get the best product to suit your purpose. We are distributors and suppliers of many leading brands and have access to a large variety of products, and are always willing to source the right equipment to meet our customer’s needs.

Skyteck – Garage Shelving Solution Australia



1300 822 828

What is it that everyone with a shed despises? When the shed is a shambles!

Every shed owner realizes that adequate garage shelving, whether shelving units or shelf racks, is crucial for minimizing clutter and mess, enhancing productivity and organization, and making it easier to find exactly what you’re searching for in your shed, whenever you need it. Consider this: you’re in your shed, attempting to work on a project for your house or business, but you can’t find the items you need to complete the task – and to make matters worse, there’s clutter, waste, and materials all over your workspace blocking you from completing the task!

Direct Storage Systems – Garage Shelving Solution Australia

Direct Storage Systems


(03) 5277 0827

Direct System Storage Geelong intends to offer a range of storage options, such as pallet racking, office furniture, small parts storage, and more. We offer services for residences, warehouses, workplaces, small enterprises, and commercial sites. Melbourne, Geelong, and the neighboring areas are served by us.Longspan is a durable, affordable storage option that offers our customers the benefits of premium shelves at a cheap cost.

TuDay Storage Solutions – Garage Shelving Solution Australia

Tuday Storage Solutions


(02) 6653 3356

TuDay Storage Solutions in Toormina provides storage options you never believed were feasible. Our innovative storage solutions allow your growing business to make the best use of limited floor space. TuDay offers pallet racking, long-span shelving, cool room shelving, office furniture, shopfitting goods, and much more in Coffs Harbour.

RockSolid Shelving – Garage Shelving Solution Australia



+61 425 780 571

RockSolid Shelving distributes our workbenches and quick shelves all around Australia. Garage shelves and warehouse racks are designed to be quickly and readily assembled without the use of bolts or other fasteners. Your garage or warehouse space will be maximized and organized if you choose RockSolid shelving as your storage solution. Shelving is now available in Melbourne, Swan Hill, Wangaratta, Bairnsdale, Mildura, Gippsland, Mansfield, and Horsham.

City Shelving – Garage Shelving Solution Australia

City Shelving


+61 8 8345 1267

Since City Shelving has been in operation for more than 20 years, you can trust that we are experts in what we do. Whether you require a single bay of industrial shelving or an entire raised storage space, we will make every attempt to offer you the finest solution for your needs. We want to find you the best goods and satisfy you when you do business with us.



(03) 9762 9556

The ABRSS team has the expertise and skill set for any storage challenge with over 100 years of industry experience serving a variety of customers, including large established organizations and smaller jobs of all kinds and sizes!

They provide business and residential storage systems while keeping product quality, customer service, and affordability in mind. We supply new and used pallet racking, long span shelving, cantilever and drive-in racking business owners require for their warehouses, and the shelving and storage solutions homeowners require for their garage or home workshop.

Gerry Brown’s – Garage Shelving Solution Australia

Gerry Brown’s Shelving


07 4633 2424

Gerry Brown’s provides a selection of Shelving Solutions to assist you maximize your vertical space.

When you maximize your storage capacity, you may easily boost productivity and workflow. Our experts can assist you in planning and designing a customized solution to make your space work better for you by providing high-quality shelving goods that are functional, efficient, and long-lasting. Gerry and Norma Brown founded Gerry Brown’s Tyres over 30 years ago with a lifetime of expertise running a small business. Soon after, seeing a demand for high-quality shelving, they ventured into Shelving and became the Toowoomba area’s Spacerack distributor.

Multiple Storage Solutions – Garage Shelving Solution Australia

Multiple Storage Solutions


03 8390 4484

The organization truly equals efficiency. However, it is often not a matter of not having enough space to organize our workspaces, but rather of knowing how to use the area we do have. This is where shelving can help.

Rackmart – Garage Shelving Solution Australia



08 9478 5756 

The industry leader in office and storage equipment is Rackmart. You can outfit an entire office with just a few clicks using our straightforward online store.

Rackmart Pty Ltd has been providing storage solutions for homes, sheds, workplaces, and warehouses since 1995. We began in a small Bayswater warehouse and swiftly expanded to Belmont, but we have returned to our roots in Bayswater to continue to flourish with a showroom and warehouse. We take pride in offering a diverse selection of high-quality new, used, and factory-second products at affordable pricing.

StoreWALL – Garage Shelving Solution Australia




 StoreWALL’s exceptional garage storage solutions may help you organize your garage, workshop, storeroom, or even your laundry.

Our goods are built to last since they are constructed with top-notch materials and craftsmanship. Our extraordinary power Plasterboard, concrete, brick, metal, and wooden studs are just a few of the surfaces that slatwall panels can be installed on. They are robust and water-resistant. With our broad assortment of industrial-grade Hooks, Brackets, Shelves, Totes, Bins, and Baskets, your StoreWALL Slatwall panels will look fantastic.



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