If you own a ute, you know that there are a thousand and one ways to use it. It’s the perfect vehicle for all sorts of purposes, both commercial and personal. But if you’re looking to take your ute’s functionality up a notch, consider investing in a canopy service body. 

These bodies can be fitted to your ute and used for various purposes, from carrying tools and equipment to transporting goods. So if you’re looking for an easy way to increase your ute’s versatility, a canopy service body is the perfect solution.

To help you get started on your ute canopy hunt, we’ve rounded up our favourite Ute Canopy Service Bodies right across Melbourne, Victoria.

Ultimate List of Ute Canopy Service Bodies in Melbourne, Victoria

Ridgeback Service Bodies – Ute Canopy Service Bodies Melbourne

Ridgeback Service Bodies


1300 131574


We build the best work trucks & service bodies in Australia.

Ridgeback has been an Australian premier ute & truck body manufacturer specialising in aluminium service bodies since 1996. With corporate headquarters in Melbourne, Victoria, we build and deliver service truck bodies all over Australia.

Ridgeback Ute & Truck Service Bodies are built to manage the toughest workloads with an innovative design that guarantees robust and heavy-duty core bodies. Our team is ready to help you with your fleet needs.


Ridgeback designs and builds premium aluminium service truck bodies in Australia. We provide the best fleet solution for all major Australian industries. Our service truck bodies are designed and manufactured to exceed the needs of any application.

Whether you need a body that can handle all your tools or welding equipment, Ridgeback has innovative designs and features to meet your individual needs. If you’re looking for a work vehicle, ute or truck that gets the job done, look no further than a Ridgeback Service Bodies. We make the best work vehicles in Australia!


Ridgeback Service Bodies’ high-quality products are strategically designed using state-of-the-art materials, specifically constructed to provide ample, adjustable storage whilst keeping your equipment and tools safe. Our commitment to our clients proudly spans 25 years and ensures your new service body not only looks great but also adds a heightened level of organisation and efficiency to your day!


  • Ridgeback Service Bodies are built to manage the toughest workloads with innovative design technology that guarantees robust and heavy-duty bodies to the core.


  • With the largest range of quality service bodies in Australia, there is a service body for every trade and every possible requirement. If not, then we will custom build a body for you – easy!


  • Your tools, your business efficiencies, and YOU are at the centre of every Ridgeback innovation.


  • Our National Dealer Network is perfectly positioned to supply and service Australia-wide.

We have over 70 employees dedicated to quality product manufacture. We are accredited to AS/NZS 9001:2008, which further strengthens our ability to supply quality products. We are proudly 100% Australian owned and managed.

APMI Group has three business units

APMI Metal Industries has been providing specialist quality sheet metal fabrication and component manufacture since 1974, working in the fields of Automotive, Defence, Rolling stock, Mining and Electrical.

Ridgeback Service Bodies incorporate the flexibility of vehicle changeover and the benefits of our lightweight aluminium construction security and are currently used by tradespeople, government bodies and large corporations all over Australia and New Zealand.

Pioneer Campers offer a range of Hard floor Off-Road Camper Trailer options for every budget and for every level of 4×4 experience.

Lock&Load Ute Bodies – Ute Canopy Service Bodies Melbourne

Lock&load Ute Bodies


03 9357 5216

At Lock & Load, we work in the understanding that when something is designed well, it should be functional and easy to use, durable and last a long time. It should also be elegant and not look out of date in a few years. The new utility vehicles available today are so much better than they were 10 years ago. They have more power and drive more like a car than a truck, and so is an increasingly popular choice.

The factory-installed ute tubs are attractive, and the fiberglass canopies are well-fitting and enhance the appearance. They have enormous internal wheel arches, deep sidewalls, and few side windows, making them challenging to exit.


Boss Aluminium – Ute Canopy Service Bodies Melbourne

Boss Aluminium


(03) 9909 5354

Because Boss Canopies and Trays are flexible, adding, exchanging, or updating your arrangement is simple and necessitates little change. The lightweight, marine-grade aluminum Boss Canopies and Trays are composed of will help you stay inside your GVM. We’ll work with you to determine the job or sightseeing schedule that is most convenient for you from start to finish.

Outback 4WD – Ute Canopy Service Bodies Melbourne

Outback 4wd


(03) 9720 6227

ARB canopies and ute lids provide versatile storage space, weatherproofing, and greater security for your cargo, whether for work, play, or everything in between.

With our wide selection, you may be sure to discover something that not only meets your specific needs but also improves the aesthetic appeal of any function. ARB’s canopies and ute lids are made from UV stable ABS thermoplastic, making them a solid solution you can rely on for many years to come. They are built robust and have been proven reliable in the harsh Australian environment.

Ute Safe – Ute Canopy Service Bodies Melbourne

Ute Safe


+61 3 9357 6641

Ute Safe has developed the widest selection of aluminum toolboxes over the past 18 years and continues to develop new, unique storage spaces to accommodate any imaginable need. Victoria is where Ute Safe boxes are made, and they are sent all around Australia. The fact that Ute Safe sells directly to customers is the best. To fit ute vehicles and trailers, boxes of every design are produced. 

Razorback – Ute Canopy Service Bodies Melbourne

Razorback Ute Canopies


(02) 9627 7001

High-quality products are produced and imported by Razorback Canopies specifically for car owners who expect more from their daily commute. Our main product is a fiberglass canopy, which is currently the market’s most stylish and secure canopy.

Spinifex Manufacturing – Ute Canopy Service Bodies Melbourne

Spinifex Manufacturing


1300 308 874

The harsh extremes of the Australian continent range from the Simpson Desert’s heat and solitude to Bruny Island’s frigid winds.

We have seen some of the finest and worst that this nation has to offer because we are ardent travelers. We have developed a variety of sturdy and functional goods based on our practical knowledge. Our design philosophies are centered on usability, sturdiness, and affordability. Although quality is driven by manufacturing consistency, we are constantly looking for ways to adapt to the needs of each person.

Tuff Engineering – Ute Canopy Service Bodies Melbourne

Tuff Engineering


(08) 9459 3513

Among Tuff Engineering’s specialties are pop-top canopies, metal canopies, and ute coverings created to order. In Perth, Western Australia, we also produce a range of service bodies, trade-size toolboxes, and luxury ute tents. Starting with the original design phase and continuing through product development, we handle the full production process.

HSP 4×4 Accessories – Ute Canopy Service Bodies Melbourne

Hsp 4×4 Accessories


1300 441 499

Do you want to upgrade your bike completely? You’ve arrived at the proper location. At HSP, we continuously push the envelope to produce genuinely exceptional 44 auto parts and accessories. Our products are made to address common issues so you can concentrate on what matters and accomplish more. In order to make HSP’s Australian line the best on the market, look to us for “world-first” designs.

Custom Canopies & toolboxes – Ute Canopy Service Bodies Melbourne

Custom Canopies & Tool Boxes


0490 952 195

Since it’s in the name, the utility vehicle, or “ute,” is favored by many tradesmen for its high level of functionality and usefulness. Equally as widespread on the streets of Melbourne as they are in greater Victoria and across Australia, utes are just as popular for camping enthusiasts as they are for tradies.

You’re going to need the necessities, such ute canopies, aluminum toolboxes, and ute trays, to make your vehicle genuinely user-friendly, whether you work in the agricultural industry or you’re just seeking to get away. You need Custom Canopies and Toolboxes if you’re seeking for ute toolboxes and ute canopies in Melbourne.

MFI Service Bodies – Ute Canopy Service Bodies Melbourne 

Mfi Service Bodies


1300 708 597

The ergonomic designs of MFI Service Bodies enhance productivity and lean principles in order to meet and surpass safety standards. Our service body team generates precise computer models of each of our buildings before starting actual construction. This enables our clients to make last-minute changes to their unique projects in order to reach and surpass their goals.

Image Enclosed, safe, and secure transportable workstations are provided by full canopy service bodies. Our goal is to maximize accessibility while guaranteeing a strong seal against the elements—an appropriate arrangement for a variety of applications such as commercial, emergency, and recreational.

ezToolBox – Ute Canopy Service Bodies Melbourne



1300 710 668

We understand what our customers desire. As a result, our umbrellas are built with durability, security, and functionality in mind. Whether you’re a busy tradesperson, a do-it-yourself builder, or simply someone looking to update their ute, ezToolBox has you covered. Our canopies stand out on the road due to their full TIG welded seam and internal frame bracing structure, which produces the greatest results.

Rockbox Australia – Ute Canopy Service Bodies Melbourne

Rockbox Australia


(08) 6118 4890

Rockbox Australia takes pride in producing service bodies that are not only attractive to look at but also incredibly durable. A ROCKBOX is incomparable to anything. Modern 3D computer design software is used by us to make sure that each ROCKBOX we provide is equally durable as the next. Have an innovative idea or need something for your fleet? Our team is prepared to develop a special solution to meet your needs.

CSM Service Bodies – Ute Canopy Service Bodies Melbourne

Csm Service Bodies


1800 618 333

You may be sure that we can help because we are Australia’s top supplier of these designs. From our selection, design the perfect product to meet your unique requirements. For a wide selection of unique accessories that are completely customized to meet your unique needs, contact our staff.

Hidrive – Ute Canopy Service Bodies Melbourne



1300 368 162      

Hidrive’s unique modular design, which offers outstanding versatility and configurability, is the key to our success. In order to increase reliability and payload, our devices are designed to be as light as possible. We offer excellent designed polymer co-bonded aluminum structure that has a track record of dependability and strength. This makes sure that both urban and extremely remote operation circumstances may be accommodated by our designs.

TC Boxes – Ute Canopy Service Bodies Melbourne

T.c Boxes


03 5922 1011

TC BOXES has created a line of aluminum toolboxes, steel toolboxes, dog boxes, and gullwing canopies to protect the average craftsman, handyman, or hunter’s equipment, tools, and animal friends. Our boxes are made of high-quality materials, and we provide a 24-month, fully comprehensive warranty, making us the ‘Trades Choice.’

Our meticulous attention to detail and unshakable before and after-sales service will relieve you of the burden of finding cost-effective and well-organized storage solutions for your tools and equipment.

M2O Toolbox & Canopy – Ute Canopy Service Bodies Melbourne

M2o Toolbox & Canopy


03 9729 7569

To keep your treasured tools safe and secure, use the dependable ute toolboxes from M2O Toolbox & Canopy. We have the skills and understanding to design and build the appropriate ute tool boxes for drivers and tradespeople in Melbourne because of our years of experience and training.

While there might be other “custom toolbox manufacturers near me”, the team at M2O stand out from the competition thanks to our comprehensive and reputable services and solutions, as well as our competitive pricing and rates.

L&G Chivalry – Ute Canopy Service Bodies Melbourne

L&g Chivalry


1300 001 687

Look no farther than the experts at L&G Chivalry for robust and dependable Aluminium Canopies that can safeguard your items and equipment! Our professional and attentive crew has been accurately producing galvanised aluminium ute canopies and tool boxes for customers from all walks of life, drawing on years of experience.

Flexiglass – Ute Canopy Service Bodies Melbourne



1300 656 590

Flexiglass was developed in 1949 in Western Australia after Harry Robins saw the first Holden car and believed there was a need for a station wagon.

Using a steam-bent timber frame and sheet metal panels, Harry built his first canopy. Because of its incredible success, he soon began producing a variety of designs from aluminum sheeting with side sliding windows. This novel canopy included inner dome lighting and laminated glass.

MW Manufacturing – Ute Canopy Service Bodies Melbourne

Mw Manufacturing


1800 5544 35

MW began as a small workshop in Sydney in 1999. MW has more than 20 years of experience in the industry and has become the industry leader in the creation, production, and sale of aluminum toolboxes, Ute trays, trailers, and canopy products. The MW retail network is a nationwide business that has 26 stores in Sydney, Melbourne, and other regions that cater to the majority of Australians. We produce over 100,000 units annually.

Eureka Canopies – Ute Canopy Service Bodies Melbourne

Eureka Canopies


1800 887 881

We keep a wide variety of sizes and configurations at our main warehouse, ready for pickup. Located just off the Dalton Road exit of the M80 Metro Ring Road in Thomastown. (Northern suburbs of Melbourne)No matter what you need, there’s a fair chance it is sitting on our shelves.

All prices on the website and in-store have been discounted by 10%. No discount code is required. Limited time Only

Norweld – Ute Canopy Service Bodies Melbourne



 +61 1300 302 890

Making the dreams of our customers a reality is something Norweld is proud of. The crew has put all of our goods through rigorous testing by traversing Australia on foot, covering tens of thousands of miles and subjecting the equipment to some of the most extreme weather situations.

Kylin Campers – Ute Canopy Service Bodies Melbourne

Kylin Campers


03 9357 8913

Benefiting from years of professional manufacturing, R&D and QC experiences of our sister company, we are offering more eco-friendly and user-friendly products day by day.

At Pioneer Tech, a wide variety of off-road camper trailers, trailer tents, camping equipment, and accessories are available for your choice. Besides camping products, we offer label printing machines, such as intermittent offset presses & intermittent letterpresses and converting machines, such as die-cutting machines & label slitting machines.

Caddy Storage – Ute Canopy Service Bodies Melbourne

Caddy Storage


(02) 9831 2879

All of our service bodies are made to fit utes with dual, extra, or single cabins. Our in-house design team specializes in coming up with a practical and affordable option for tradespeople that combines additional storage with the security and safety of your tools and equipment.

With the help of our Service Bodies’ additional accessories, you can customize a storage solution to meet any job requirement and choose from three different finish options.

SMM Steel Canopies – Ute Canopy Service Bodies Melbourne 

Smm Steel Canopies


+66 641 318 297

Because of the numerous types, styles, and accessories available, selecting the appropriate ute canopy can be as challenging as selecting the vehicle itself. Only SMM Steel canopies provide the best durability, longevity, security, cargo capacity, and environmental friendliness. These vehicles are offered in the Amarok, Hilux, Ranger, Triton, Colorado, D-Max, BT-50, and Navara trim levels.

Aussie Tool Boxes – Ute Canopy Service Bodies Melbourne

Aussie Tool Boxes


03 9775 0016

Australian-owned and -operated Aussie Tool Boxes is a firm that specializes in the design and production of premium aluminum ute, truck, and trailer toolboxes. All of our boxes are developed and made in-house, and the person you deal with in the showroom is virtually always the person who fabricates your toolbox, so you can be confident that you will receive exactly what you requested.

Fleet Trades – Ute Canopy Service Bodies Melbourne

Fleet Trades


1300 358 874

Fleet Trades’ Melbourne based warehouse is where the trays, service bodies, canopies, and accessories are stored, ensuring industry-leading turnaround time for the supply and fitment to your vehicle. As they say, time is money, and faster delivery means less downtime, which results in saving you money.

Tradespeople, who work hard all day, are among the toughest on their equipment. A ute, its tray, canopy, or service body may be punished by having to lift tools in and out of the vehicle continuously, drop heavy objects, carry ladders or concrete, or endure just about any other type of punishment.

HQ Link – Ute Canopy Service Bodies Melbourne

Hq Link


(03) 8759 3690

All were carefully constructed to complement the headboard or profile of your car. The inside finishes and features (shelves, racks, drawers, central locks, etc.) are all constructed to meet your specifications! They are entirely constructed in Australia at our plant in Dandenong, VIC 3175, at 91A Cheltenham Road.

We offer highly competitive pricing! All our quotes are well-considered for quality and competition in this industry before we provide them to you. We want to make sure that we provide you with the highest quality products with excellent service and at a great price!

Wigley Engineering – Ute Canopy Service Bodies Melbourne 

Wigley Engineering



We can design and construct a canopy specifically for you, whether you want one for a work site or the outback! No matter what trade you are in—electricians, plumbers, builders, landscapers—we can design a canopy to meet your demands. In accordance with your specifications, we may arrange the inside.

Top Dek – Ute Canopy Service Bodies Melbourne

Top Dek


03 9793 8000

For more than 20 years, Top Dek Transport Equipment Pty Ltd has been a significant supplier of heavy-duty aluminum and steel tray bodies to the Victorian industry. For every new or used car, we can create standard tray boxes out of steel or aluminum. We can also provide completely bespoke fit-outs based on your specifications. We can customize an entire fleet or just one special car.


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