It’s been a few months since you decided that your new year’s resolution would be to go to the gym more often.

Let’s face it, there’s a reason this resolution doesn’t work out for any of us. Gyms are expensive, overcrowded, and just way too much effort. Your Garage on the other hand, is less than five metres away, which makes it the perfect place for a gym!

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Not only is this insanely convenient, but it also gives you an excuse to get your hoarding habits under control or at least shifted to another section of the garage in order to create space.

Creating a garage gym can be the answer to all your problems! Here are 3 great steps to help you put yours together:

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1. Determine your Fitness Goals

A garage gym is an excuse-free place to reach your fitness goals, but you have to first determine exactly what these are!

Spend a bit of time thinking about where you want to get to, before you look at exactly how much space you require and what equipment you need to purchase. We definitely recommend a one-off consultation with a personal trainer to ensure you’re on the right path from the get-go.


2. Clean Up, Clean Out, and Keep it Clean

The next step is a proper clean up. Creating the necessary space that will contain the gym does not mean organisation and storage goes haywire. Try and find a method that allows everything to be housed in an orderly structure.

Motivation to work out in your garage gym won’t happen if you have to hike through Storage to get to the dumbbells!

Another Garage or home gym necessity is to consider is your respiratory health. Most garages are dirty, dusty, and sometimes mouldy. It’s important to clean the space routinely especially if you’re spending lots of time in your gym.

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3. Invest in the Essential Equipment

In order to achieve your goals in the most cost-effective way, you need to invest in key items that are more efficient for your specific needs.
If you’re trying to tone up or lose a bit of weight, you’ll likely want to focus on cardio.

Keep in mind that it’s important to invest in rubber mats for heavier equipment to maintain the position of the machine.

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Five pieces of equipment most suited for cardio workouts include:

1. Treadmills

2. The Elliptical and Stair Steppers

3. Stationary Bikes

4. Skipping Ropes

5. Rowing Machines

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(Estimated cost: $1000+ for all of the above)


If you’re looking to build muscle mass, you’ll want to focus on strength training.

Five pieces of equipment most suited for this include:

1. Power Rack (ideally with pull-up bar and dips bars)

2. A few Free weights (dumbbells are fine)

3. Workout Bench

4. Resistance Bands

5. Kettle Bells

(Estimated Cost:  $800+ for all of the above)


Remember that there are limitless numbers of body-weight exercises you can do with just a mat! These include:

1. Sit-ups

2. Push-ups

3. Squats

4. Lunges

5. Planks

6. See here for a list of 50 awesome body-weight exercises you can do anywhere.

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Turning your garage into a gym can be a reality on any budget. Whatever your fitness goals, you can purchase all the home equipment you need for a similar price to many annual gym memberships!

Having a home gym can be a lot of fun and your health and fitness goals are definitely worth it!

We’re not fitness professionals.. But GarageSmart are always here to help you organise your Garage and make the space you need for your new gym, so feel free to get in touch!

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