How do you fold jeans to save space?

Some people hang their jeans over coat hangers, but this can take up a significant amount of closet space. If you decide to fold your jeans instead, or if you need to fold any long trousers for your work, take a few minutes to learn how to keep the jeans tidy and compact. Have a look at Garage Storage Solutions

The way you fold sweaters, shirts and pants for optimum Storage in your dresser is no way to stash them in your luggage!

You want a perfect mix of compressing them for space while still being able to see what you packed in a quick glance. In short, you should be able to pack any outfit without disturbing the delicately organized ecosystem of your suitcase.

There’s nothing more frustrating than trying to cram your favourite pair of jeans into an already-stuffed suitcase. Seriously, how is it that even the skinniest pairs of skinny jeans seem so much bigger when it comes time to pack them?

Virtually everyone has a favourite pair of jeans: the one that’s perfectly soft highlights your best features, and effectively camouflages the parts you’re less-than-eager to show off to the world. Unfortunately, unlike those cocktail dresses and suits that get prime hanger placement, jeans are often an afterthought when it comes to organizing clothes, meaning they spend an excessive amount of time draped over the back of a chair or crumpled on the closet floor. And the reason jeans get the short end of the organizational stick is clear: they’re a tricky item to fold neatly.

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5 Reasons to Fold Jeans

  1. Jeans don’t tend to wrinkle or stretch out of shape so that you can fold them, and they’ll still look fresh.
  2. If you have limited hanging room, folding jeans makes more space for the clothes that need to be hung up.
  3. Folding jeans allows you to store them either in a drawer or on a shelf. 
  4. When you fold them, you can file them so it’s easy to see and grab the pair you want quickly. 
  5. Folded jeans can be compressed to save space if you have limited closet or clothes storage space.

Keeping your jeans compact

  1. Smooth out the pockets. Insert your hand into each pocket, especially the largest ones, and push them to their furthest extent. If your pockets are bunched together or pulled inside out, they may make your fold uneven or bulky.
  2. Hold the jeans upright and shake once or twice. Pick up the pair of jeans by either end of the waistband, keeping the seams of each leg along the outer side. Shake the jeans with one or two short, emphatic flaps to remove any obvious wrinkles.
  3. Fold one leg of the jeans over the other. Line up the legs of the jeans, so the seams remain on the outside, or your fold may create wrinkles. You may fold so either the back pockets or front pockets are touching; both methods are common.
  4. Tuck the crotch under the legs (optional). This step makes the folded jeans a little thicker, but it may make them appear tidier, and reduces wrinkles in the crotch area.[1] Smooth out the crotch fabric extending past the legs, then tuck them over the leg lying face-up toward you.
  5. Fold the pants in half or thirds, depending on space. If you have plenty of room in your dresser or cupboard, fold the hem up to the waistband, then smooth out the pants. If you need to fold more compactly, you may instead fold the hem halfway up the pant legs, smooth them out, then fold the waistband over it all the way to the folded edge of the pants.

Condensed packing of jeans

It might feel like overkill, but this super-condensed way of folding jeans allows you to store them horizontally and pack more pants into each drawer.

  1. Fold the pants in half, placing one leg on top of the other with the back pockets facing out.
  2. Fold in half lengthwise, bringing the hem to just below the waist and forming a long rectangle
  3. Fold the pants upwards again, this time into thirds.

An easy way of packing your jeans

  1. Lay the jeans flat and fold in half lengthwise.
  2. Lift one pant leg and fold it up diagonally.
  3. Roll pants starting at the waist, leaving the diagonal piece out.
  4. Tuck the rolled denim into the extra pant leg.

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Folding Jeans Efficiently

First things first: the way you fold your jeans will make or break your organization scheme. A sloppy pair of jeans will always throw off any plan for maximizing Storage. There are a few ways to fold your jeans efficiently, but perhaps the most recommended is this:

  1. Fold your jeans in half lengthwise. In other words, fold one leg on top of the other and align the top of the jeans.
  2. Fold the jeans again so that the bottom cuff sits just below the back pocket. The bottom of the jeans will now be the knee portion.
  3. Fold the knees up to the bottom of the pockets.
  4. Fold the jeans in half one final time.

Alternatively, you can replace steps 3 and 4 above with:

*3. Fold the jeans in thirds (fold the top half down to the middle and the bottom half down to the middle).

If you fold your jeans using the alternative method as described above (folding them in thirds as the final step), the jeans will be able to stand alone in your closet drawer or shelf. With the middle fold on top, the two sides serve as legs to hold up the folded pants. This method is becoming increasingly popular, and it allows you to see all of your jeans at once even when they’re folded.

When you fold your jeans efficiently, they will stack nicely in most drawers or on a closet shelf. Because they are folded so tightly, you may be able to fit two stacks in a single drawer. If you find that the tower of jeans is beginning to fall over, consider alternating the orientation of the jeans in the stack. Place the top of the jeans facing you at the bottom, then facing away for the next pair, and so on.

To stack jeans when they’re folded this way, line them up horizontally on the bottom of your drawer (as opposed to on top of each other). When you open the drawer, you’ll be able to see the top fold of each pair and can easily grab and go.

Single Best Way to Fold Your Jeans

  1. Start with a shape in mind. It pays to have a clear picture of how your jeans will look when they’re folded. Before you start, imagine yourself making a rectangle with that pair of pants, suggests professional home organizer Karin Socci, owner of The Serene Home. “In KonMari, Marie Kondo folding, the idea is that each item is visible, so we fold all things into as close to a rectangle as possible.”
  2. Fold the legs vertically. When you’re ready to start folding, spread your jeans flat on a table or bed with the fly facing you. Then fold so that one leg is on top of the other with the jeans in a vertical orientation and tuck the fabric where the legs meet between them.
  3. Fold your pants at the knee. Make a crease with your hand at the midpoint in the leg of your jeans, or where your knee would naturally hit. Next, fold the pants upward at the knee, so the hem of your jeans touches the waistband.
  4. Roll your jeans up. If you want to keep your jeans crease-free and save space, it’s time to start rolling them. Do this “, so the waist is at the top because often that is what you need to see to know which pair of jeans you want,” says Socci.
  5. Put them away. Now all that’s left to do is tuck your jeans neatly in a drawer!

Folding Jeans – The KonMari Method

  1. Lay jeans flat in front of you.
  2. Fold the left leg over the right.
  3. Fold in the crotch.
  4. Fold over the bottom toward the waist, leaving an inch of space.
  5. Fold inward until the jeans stand upright.

Lifehack in folding of your jeans

  1. Start by buttoning/clasping the pants and folding them in half long-ways on a hard surface. Just like the shirts, you don’t want to do this on something soft like a bed or your edges will come out really uneven.
  2. Fold in the booty seam. That section may have a technical name, but I don’t know it. Plus, the teenagers I trained always got a good giggle when I said booty seam.
  3. Flip the bottom edge of the pants right above the top edge of the pocket. Hold that booty seam in place while you do this. If you don’t have pockets, just bring the foot of the pants to the bottom of the waistline. If you’re doing shorts, that’s it, and you’re done. Unless you want to file fold, at this point, you’ll fold in half again.
  4. Fold what you have in half. It’s best to leave about half an inch between the waist of the pants and the fold line so that they lay flatter. (This is totally hard to describe, check out the photo above to make some sense of my jumbled rambling.)
  5. Flip it over, and you’re all set! If you want to file fold denim, instead of folding them in thirds as you did, fold them into fourths. That will make it less bulky in your drawers.

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Fold your jeans like a pro

  1. I start by laying my jeans out flat. Lay them out this way to prevent wearing crease line down the front and back of legs of the jeans. 
  2. Next, fold the jeans in half. 
  3. Again, do it this way to prevent wearing lines down the legs of your jeans.
  4. Fold the jeans with the back pockets on the outside (in the photo below the pockets are folded in.
  5. Then fold the jeans in half by bringing the hem up to the waistband. Be sure to smooth out any large wrinkles.
  6. And fold them in half one more time.

When your jeans are folded into this square, you can file them in a bin, box or basket. Place the jeans with the folded edge up to keep them neater. Filing your folded jeans like this makes them easier to access. 

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Quick packing of jeans to save space

  1. First, you’ll need a pair of jeans. Fold them in half lengthways.
  2. Take the upper leg and fold it perpendicularly outwards, just below the knee.
  3. From the waist, roll the jeans up towards the bottom of the leg, rolling them up as tightly as you can.
  4. Take the bottom of the leg that is still sticking out and fold it out over itself and the rest of rolled-up jeans.

How to fold pants

Like T-shirts, pants and jeans also can be folded to be stored vertically and maximize space:

  1. Start by folding the pants in half so that the back pockets touch.
  2. Fold the hem up to the crotch.
  3. Fold again, but this time in half.
  4. Fold in half again.

The easiest way of folding jeans

  1. So now that you understand when you fold, you can store more stuff as opposed to hanging. This is the way I store all my pants and my jeans. 
  2. Fold them in quarters. 
  3. So I fold them in half, and then I fold them in half again, and then I fold them in quarters 
  4. Last is I store them vertically inside here. 

Folding jeans in half and throwing them on a shelf doesn’t cut it anymore. Folding them more compactly means you can maximize your drawers/shelves and stop fighting with a messy stack of pants every day.

So what I love about this is I just open the drawer like literally just open it, and I see everything right away. Like it’s not – I’m not storing them – you know when you store stuff like that like most people store jeans like that and they have like another pair on top of another pair, and then they have to go like that and like that. And then like to get to the bottom pair, you have to like wiggle it out, and then the whole top of the stack falls. There is none of that when you store them vertically like that. Do you see it? Super easy. Super easy and easy to maintain.

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So that’s what I did. I took my jeans off the hanger, off the rod, and I folded them in quarters and I put them in the drawer and you can see that I literally quadrupled my Storage space. Super easy to do. It adds more storage to your closet, and the way I’m storing my jeans and my pants is super functional. Although I don’t wear the stuff every day because I normally just wear like comfy clothes, although I don’t wear the stuff every day like it’s still accessible and I could still reach it, and I could still grab it when I want to wear that stuff.

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