If you’re like most homeowners, chances are you’ve been thinking about finishing your garage for some time now. Maybe you’ve even started the process by framing the walls or installing insulation. But what’s next? 

Finishing your garage can be daunting, but with a few simple tips, it can be much easier than you think. So read on for some helpful advice on finishing your garage and making it the perfect space for storing your belongings and entertaining guests.

What You Should Think About When Completing Your Garage

In addition to serving as a location to park cars, a garage can also be used to store junk, display hobbies, and serve as an extra door into the house. 

A garage renovation may not result in a complete return on investment, but it will increase your home’s selling price compared to what it would have been without the renovation. GarageSmart® pioneered garage remodelling and can turn your old, cluttered garage into a beautiful and functional space. Visit our website today for more information!

If a garage is already built but needs walls, flooring, a roof, and other finishings, the project cost might be as high as $10,000. To finish your carport for a few thousand, any contractor may instal panelling or sheetrock on the walls and ceiling.

Codes for Construction

Before breaking ground on your infant garage, check in with the appropriate local authorities to ensure the design satisfies all necessary building regulations.


Large-scale garage additions or alterations always necessitate a building permit. Permit fees are determined by several variables, including the proposed construction’s location, size, and complexity. One thousand dollars is a possible price for a building permit.


When remodelling a garage, it’s not common to include a restroom or sink, and you’ll want one, nevertheless, so you can clean your hands after working. To have a plumber lay the necessary pipes and do the necessary work, you could pay anywhere from $250 to $750.


Even though most garages already have electricity, it usually costs around $1,100 to instal additional outlets and wiring for a living area (or man cave).

A/C & Insulation

Depending on where you reside, garage repairs may necessitate the installation of insulating or cooling and heating equipment. It could cost up to $3,000 to instal new heat, ventilation, and insulating systems in your house.

Flooring for a Garage

You presumably have a regular concrete flat on the ground of your garage. All you need for your new house or store may be a concrete slab. Applying an epoxy or urethane coat to the concrete can fix cracks, flaking, stains, pits, and wear. In addition, it sticks to your floor, making it stronger and more durable than ever. Use a nonslip coating or a dark colour to make the garage floor safer.


Likely, the van’s roof isn’t doing its job and keeping things cool inside. One of the simplest and cheapest ways to fix this is to instal fibreglass batt insulation. Drywall can be installed over insulation to make it appear better once it’s all done.


Because the foundation wall or exterior cladding is necessary but may seem out of place in a completed garage, many people leave their garages unpainted. If the old covering is taken down, you will have simpler access to the bolts, valves, and electrical markings in the walls. You can save cash on wall finish using wood panels instead of gypsum if you don’t need the extra shine. You may screw it to the framework and use it to mount as many extra shelves as you like. Plywood is versatile and may be painted to fit any design scheme.


The garage is usually the first thing people notice when they see a garage. There are many ways to deal with a massive foyer while renovating a garage. You can choose from a broad selection of doors, block off the entry, or repaint the interior of a door you now have to make it much more aesthetically pleasing. Most garages have a second door that may be used when the first one is too small, while those that don’t can have one added without much trouble.

Put in Place Weather Stripping

Do I Finish My Garage Cheaply

Winter stripping the garage will prevent cold air from leaking and insects from entering.

Windows and doors that don’t close tightly can cause draughts, which can be unpleasant and expensive to fix. The overhead door to the garage may be the biggest contributor to the house’s temperature swings.

A weatherstrip may sometimes not be present, especially with older models. Door weatherstripping can be found in any home improvement store and is simple to instal on any lock.

Install Some Shelves or Cabinets for More Space

Garage organisation doesn’t require any fancy gadgets. Clear glass and iron shelves are also available, as are garage cupboards made of plastic for discreet storage. Reusing existing cabinetry in the kitchen is a cheap and easy solution to add more room. GarageSmart® offers the perfect garage storage cabinet to fit your needs!

Completed Plans for Garages

The possibilities for your beautifully renovated garage are endless. Your garage may be transformed into whatever you need, from a simple storage area for holiday decorations to a full-fledged man cave.

Confined Area

Garages are typically used for storage. A shed is a convenient storage solution for yard equipment and holiday decorations you pull out just sometimes. Nonetheless, it need not be a boring, uninteresting place simply because it serves a functional purpose as a repository.

Completing your van’s floors and walls will create a light environment that will aid in the location of your belongings. Better use of your restricted floor area and a larger spot parking the car can be achieved by putting pegboards and slats walls above your vacant frame. You won’t have to rummage through stacks to find what you need. Instead, use the time you have while renovating to change how you store things completely. Several straightforward weekend tasks can make a significant impact on garage organising.

Bonus Space

Adding a bonus room to your home is a great option for families with young children.

The point of a spare room is to serve whatever purpose you have at the time. To accommodate your children as they develop and their interests shift, you can furnish a playroom that can be easily rearranged. Use it as home entertainment or playroom when your children are older. It’s a good compromise, as nobody has to leave the house or utilise the living room exclusively for their kids’ use.

Put something here that you wouldn’t have room for anywhere in your house. Why not turn that spare room into a recreational area? You can turn this spare room into the yoga studio of your dreams or the craft room of your childhood fantasies.

Small Home

In the last two years, small homes have become an extremely popular trend in the garden and home market. Instead of renting a little apartment, why not build a whole house in your garage? This additional area can be made in a garage. With GarageSmart® Storage Solutions, you can have the perfect garage for your needs without all the hassle.

This is a wonderful choice if you expect to have family members living with you, such as adult children returning from college or grandparents relocating from another location. You can still be close to them while granting them freedom and personal space. Another strategy for generating more revenue is to complete your garage and put it up for rent. 

There is more work to be done on this completed garage’s interior before it can be used as a permanent residence than on the usually finished carport interiors. If you want to rent out all the space, this is crucial. It must comply with all relevant building codes and standards to be available for lease.

A Man’s Den

Most husbands utilise the garage as their private retreat. A guy cave is coveted by any guy who needs a dedicated space for his activities, be they watching the game or working on the car. The finished interior of a garage can be transformed into a man cave, just like any other room in the house. A wet bar is a common fixture in homes today.

You can decorate your man cave in various styles. For example, a rustic cabin vibe may be achieved with wood panelling and other animal accessories. At the same time, a sports memorabilia-filled man cave with a big-screen TV is ideal for watching the game.

Garage with a Finished-In Loft

A garage loft is a great solution if you need more space for living but don’t want to give up a parking spot. Because of their adaptability, any of these loft layouts might be used for the upper level of a garage. However, adding a second story to your garage requires some extra planning.

The first is determining if you’d want to leave the front of your loft unenclosed with an open railing or if you’d rather totally seal it away from the rest of your garage. One solution could be preferable to the other based on how you want to put the area to use.

Access to the garage’s upper levels is another matter to think about. For this reason, a standard, straight staircase might not be the best option if space is at a premium. Their massive frames can sometimes take up a full wall, depending on the room’s ceiling height. Spiral staircases are one option for garages since they provide the safety and convenience of full stairs and handrails without taking up as much space.

It’s easy to see that a wide variety of uses could be made for an unfinished garage. With these completed garage concepts, you may remodel your home or build a new one right in the driveway.


Completing your garage may seem insurmountable, but it’s easier than you think if you follow a few basic guidelines. In addition to housing vehicles, a garage can be utilised as a place to exhibit one’s hobbies and as an additional entrance into the home. A few thousand dollars will get any contractor to instal panelling or sheetrock on the walls and ceiling of your carport, completing the structure. It is unusual to instal a sink or bathroom while remodelling a garage. If you hire a plumber to instal all of the required pipes and fixtures, you may expect to pay between $250 and $750.

Putting in brand-new HVAC and insulation systems in your home might set you back as much as $3,000. In the process of remodelling a garage, there are a number of options for dealing with a large foyer. Sealing the garage for the winter will keep the chilly air out and the bugs out. Weatherstripping is cheap, available at most hardware stores, and easy to instal on most doors and windows. Kitchen space can be easily and cheaply expanded by recycling the existing cabinetry.

Families with young children can benefit greatly from having access to a spare room. Furnishing a playroom in such a way that it can be moved around to suit your children’s changing interests is a great idea. Any unfinished space in the house can be turned into a man cave, including a garage that has been finished on the inside. You might even finish your garage and rent it out as an alternative income source. If you need more living space but don’t want to give up a parking spot, converting your garage into a loft is an excellent option.

Another factor to consider is how to get to the higher floors of the garage. The safety and convenience of conventional steps and handrails can be brought into a garage in a compact fashion by installing a spiral staircase.

Content Summary

  • The majority of homeowners have garage finishing plans on the back burner.
  • Even while completing your garage may seem like an insurmountable task, it’s actually rather manageable if you follow a few basic guidelines.
  • In that case, keep reading for some useful tips on how to complete your garage and turn it into the ideal place to keep your stuff and host parties.
  • Do yourself a favour and gather all of the materials you’ll need for this DIY endeavour before you begin.
  • You might have to rush to the store at the last minute if you forget something essential.
  • Even if you don’t get your money’s worth from remodelling your garage, you can expect to see an improvement in your home’s selling price.
  • Garage finishing costs might reach upwards of $10,000 if the structure is partially complete but lacks walls, floors, a roof, and other components.
  • Paneling or sheetrock installation on the walls and ceiling of your carport can be done by any contractor for a few thousand dollars.
  • Garages don’t typically have sinks or bathrooms, but you’ll want one if you’re remodelling it so you can wash your hands afterwards.
  • To have a plumber instal pipes and complete the necessary work, you may pay between $250 and $750.
  • Most garages already have electricity, but it costs about $1,100 to add outlets and wiring for a living space (or man cave).
  • Depending on the climate of your region, repairing your garage may need putting in new insulation or a new HVAC system.
  • New heating, cooling, and insulation systems might run you up to $3,000.
  • You probably have a standard concrete slab for a flat floor in your garage.
  • A concrete base could be all that’s required for your new home or business.
  • Not only is it robust and long-lasting, but it also adheres to your floor.
  • Make the garage floor secure by spraying it with a non-slip coating or painting it a dark colour.
  • The van’s roof is probably not functioning properly, so the interior temperature is likely rising.
  • Installation of fibreglass batt insulation is one of the quickest and cheapest ways to resolve this issue.
  • Drywall can be put up over insulation to improve its final appearance.
  • Many people choose not to paint their garages despite the fact that the foundation wall or exterior cladding is required but may look out of place in a finished garage.
  • Once the old covering is removed, you’ll have easier access to the bolts, valves, and electrical marks that are embedded in the walls.
  • If you don’t require the added shine of gypsum, you can save money on wall finish by choosing wood panels instead.
  • You may attach it to the wall with screws and add as many shelves as you like.
  • When most people think about garages, the first thing that comes to mind is the garage.
  • While remodelling a garage, there are a number of options for dealing with a large foyer.
  • Depending on your taste and budget, you may want to replace the door entirely, seal off the entrance, or simply repaint the door’s interior.
  • By weather-stripping the garage, you can keep the chilly air out and the insects out.
  • Drafts from poorly sealed windows and doors are annoying and can cost a lot to rectify.
  • The garage’s overhead door could be the main source of heat loss or gain within the house.
  • To make more room, put up some shelves or cabinets.
  • Simple tools are all that’s needed to keep a garage in order.
  • To save money and time, reuse your current kitchen cabinetry to create more space.
  • Everything is possible in your newly refurbished garage.
  • You may turn your garage into anything from a basic storage space for seasonal decorations to a full-fledged man cave.
  • Storage is the most common function of garages.
  • A shed can be a great place to keep seasonal items like garden tools and Christmas decorations that you use only sometimes.
  • A well-lit interior will make it easier to find items in your moving truck, so don’t skimp on finishing the flooring and walls.
  • By installing pegboards and slat walls above your empty frame, you may make better use of your limited floor space and create a wider parking location for the automobile.
  • You won’t have to dig through piles to find what you’re looking for.
  • If you have young children, adding a bonus room to your house is a fantastic choice.
  • The objective of a spare room is to accommodate whatever needs may arise.
  • When your kids are older, they can use it as an entertainment room or playroom.
  • Insert an item here that would otherwise be relegated to the attic or the basement.
  • It makes sense to transform the unused space into a fun place to hang out.
  • Make your childhood goal of opening a yoga studio out of this unused space.
  • Why not construct a full home in your garage instead of paying rent on a tiny studio?
  • Converting a garage into this extra space is a viable option.
  • You can increase your income by finishing your garage and renting it out.
  • Renting out every available room is essential.
  • The garage is the man cave of choice for most husbands.
  • Just like any other room in the house, a finished garage interior has the potential to become a man cave.
  • There is no one right way to decorate a man cave.
  • If you want to avoid giving up a parking spot but yet need extra room to live, a garage loft is a fantastic option.
  • The versatility of these loft designs makes them all viable options for the loft area over a garage.
  • Adding a second level to your garage, while possible, does necessitate some more preparation.
  • The first is deciding if you want to completely shut off your loft from the rest of your garage, or keep the front unenclosed with an open railing.
  • The issue of how to get to the higher levels of the garage is a further consideration.
  • When room is at a premium, a traditional, straight staircase may not be the greatest choice.
  • Using these finalised garage plans, you may construct a new home or make extensive renovations to your current one without leaving the driveway.

FAQs About Garage

What Is the Best Way to Finish a Garage?

The best material for finishing garage walls is usually considered to be drywall. It increases the fire resistance of walls and is easy to install. However, you do have another garage wall covering option. Oriented strandboard (OSB) can be screwed to the wall framing, but does not require taping and finishing.

What Is the Cheapest Way to Finish a Garage Wall?

Plywood, medium-density fiberboard (MDF) and oriented strand board (OSB) are expedient and low-cost solutions for garage walls. They can be attached over studs quickly with framing screws and, unlike drywall, wood doesn’t require any taping, mud, or sanding.

What Should I Line My Garage Walls With?

When lining out concrete garages a good method is to use ply board sheets preferably at least 12mm thick. Ply board is a good material to use as it is sturdy and it repels moisture.

Should You Drywall Your Garage?

Drywall is a great building matter that is highly resistant to fire so it is a great addition to garages. Garages often have power tools in them, flammable materials, and also people who work on cars with products that could catch fire. Installing drywall would be a good idea to keep it a safe area.

Should I Use Drywall or Plywood in My Garage?

Drywall has a thick compound which offers superior fire resistance in comparison to plywood. Drywall consists of gypsum and crystallized water. Due to the addition of crystallized water, it’s highly resistant to fire and hence is the go-to option in garage walls in terms of safety.


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