Your small garage is more of a catch-all storage zone for a variety of misfit items. The reality of having a functional workspace in your garage while still being able to store the necessities and pull in a car feels more like a dream.

No matter how large your garage is, you could always use a little more room. If renovations are not in your immediate plans, the right storage options can help you maximise your space and make your garage feel bigger than it ever has before.

Aside from housing your car, your garage is one of the most useful parts of the home. Although homeowners don’t give much attention nor credit to garages, these are important in storing your tools and other seasonal items in the home. Others might also store tons of other stuff in the garage.

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With warmer weather finally here, it’s time to tackle the chaos of the garage with oh-so-smart storage essentials that will bring order and functionality to the most cluttered area of the home. Keep scrolling to see our ideas for using every available surface — floors, walls and ceilings — for the ultimate in space-saving solutions.

It is just a very convenient space in keeping items since you can stash anything there while keeping it out of your guests’ prying eyes. However, doing so might lead to a very messy garage with only a little space left for your car.

If you’re one who’s struggling to keep your garage organised and clean, we offer an extensive professional organising and declutter service. Are you getting frustrated by your clutter and home organisation? Let GarageSmart Garage Storage Solutions handle it.

Here are tips to maximise space while keeping everything in order:

Host the Blow-out Sale of the Year

Space is extremely valuable in a small garage, so getting rid of anything you don’t need will pay off big in the extra workspace you’ll gain. Chances are items are lurking in the corners of your garage you don’t even know there. Categorise items based on what to keep, what to donate and what to throw away. Clearing out clutter is incredibly satisfying, and odds are you won’t miss that broken toaster you’ve meant to fix for five years or that piece of fencing you took from your neighbour just because it was free.

Build garage cabinets

If your garage still does not have any form of cabinetry and you’re storing items in boxes on the floor, then it’s high time you build garage cabinets. These are a must for every garage. Having a formal storage cabinet will help in keeping your garage organised.

Install wall organisers

Your walls are great for space-saving. Don’t just think cabinets, and you can also hang items to your walls by using hooks. This removes clutter on the floor while keeping everything visible.

Garage Tips

Add overhead or ceiling storage

When you no longer have wall space, use your ceiling. Use ceiling-mounted racks for additional overhead storage. This is the perfect way of storing seasonal items and keeping the eye-level areas in your garage clean and clutter-free. Just make sure that you’re using sturdy racks or have a safety net placed under in case you’re in an earthquake-prone area.

Create a folding workbench

If you or your family uses the garage for crafting or as a workshop, then making a folding workbench can save space. Opt for those that are wall-mounted and can be folded after every use. It will look like you didn’t even use that after. This collapsible workstation is easy to build and install.

Get magnetic boards for the small parts

If you’re the type who frequently loses nuts and bolts, then a magnetic board will save you. Just have small steel, and metal parts magnetise to the board, especially when you’re working on something. You can also use this to keep little things organised and preventing them from getting lost in the garage.

Go mobile with work areas

Another idea to save on space is building a work area with wheels. Just being able to go mobile while working on your crafts or DIY projects will make things easier. You don’t have to be stuck in a corner. You can also double this mobile working table as storage for keeping your most-used tools.

Upgrade to adjustable shelving

If you have seasonal items in your garage, like decorations and clothes, then having adjustable shelving lets you move around your storage boxes as per needed. One idea is just to install open wall shelves with wooden strips. You can place items inside large plastic containers that you can move around.

Install pegboards and hooks

Always use up your wall space to maximise space. Storage spaces that use up the floor will always make your garage feel full and messy. Keep rakes and other tools in place with a pegboard. You can go large depending on your needs.

A pegboard may be the most versatile of garage storage ideas. With a pegboard installed on a wall, you can hang just about every hand tool or gadget you have; seeing them out in the open makes them easier to find. Get a series of wire brackets to hang basic tools, and buy several hanging baskets that fit on pegboards. They’re great for storing things like nails or bottles of glue.

Tie and keep wires in one place

If you have a ton of wires lying around in your garage, this can add to a cluttered look in your garage. Tie your wires with zip ties or with a paper clip. Keep everything together in one drawer, so you only have to search for a specific wire at a certain place. If something falls behind a drawer, don’t stress, check out this DIY 60-second fix video to see how easily you can remove the cabinet drawer.

Lockdown power tools

Power tools that are rarely used can be kept in your most inaccessible storage. Since these also tend to take the largest space in your garage, you can keep them hidden for long.

Declutter the space

Before you begin your DIY garage storage mission, start by getting rid of any unnecessary items you don’t use or need. If the kids aren’t playing hockey anymore, donate the gear. If you haven’t fixed up an old lawnmower in the last year, it’s time to give it to someone else or take it to your local recycling centre.

If you have a large number of things to get rid of and your garbage service won’t take it, consider using a private removal service. You can buy a giant canvas bag at a home improvement store, fill it with garbage and set up a time for a haulier to come and remove it. Fees apply, of course, but companies like this offer a simple way to rid your garage of junk.

Get Mobile with Wheels

Mobile work areas are a must in a small garage. Put wheels on as many stationery items as you can like floor cabinets, tool chests and workbenches. Furniture dollies work great for rolling around big parts bins and even transmissions! Items on wheels can be moved away from the walls to create temporary work areas or even rolled outside for an afternoon and then easily rolled back into place when you’re done.

Add a folding table

When you have two vehicles in the garage, there sometimes isn’t enough room to do much else. Where do you work? Consider creating a drop-down folding table. Connect the table to the wall with hinges so you can fold the legs under and fold it up against the garage wall when you aren’t using it.

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Hang cans of spray paint

 If you have a lot of spray paint, buy a hanging shoe organiser at a department store and use it to hold spray paint in your garage.

Utilise the space above your garage doors

There’s a lot of space above garage doors that you can use. Consider installing wire shelves that attach to the ceiling as part of your DIY garage storage plan. Or you can try making some DIY garage shelves. Either way, make sure the shelves are secure before you try storing anything on them.

Measure the available space before buying the shelf to make sure it will fit, and then buy durable tote bags that will fit on the shelves. It’s a great place to store seasonal items, like holiday decorations, that you only need to access once a year.

Hang a utility rack

Rakes, shovels, hoes and brooms all take up space. Rather than lean them against the wall and trip over them, get a utility rack from a department store and hang up any tool with a long handle.

If space is an issue, you can buy individual hooks and hang them in tight spaces, such as between the garage doors, next to the tool bench or near the entrance to the house.

Also, check out this video for additional garage organising ideas that can help you clean up your garage in no time.

Use Your Walls

Garages have plenty of wall space, and you should use it to your advantage! Many homeowners look into installing shelving units for tools and auto care products while hanging larger items like garden tools, antique samurai swords, and even bicycles on hooks. This reduces clutter and frees up valuable floor space that was once occupied. Installing a pegboard is another great use of wall space. These boards are ideal for organising tools and cords because your items are easily accessible visible. Relatively inexpensive, pegboard can be installed by even the slightest of handymen (or handywomen.)

By neatly storing items on your wall, you can maximise your organisation and your garage floor’s square footage. Sometimes maximising garage storage is a matter of garage organisation, and a garage wall storage system is a great way to make the most use of your garage wall space and keep your garage organised.

Open Mystery Boxes

And I’m not referring to the kinds that award you with points in video games. You should know what’s in each of your storage boxes whether it’s something useful that belongs in the house or a priceless antique. By seeing what they contain, you might be able to consolidate items, or better yet, some boxes could even be thrown or donated to charity. Staying prepared for the next time you de-clutter by labelling each of your boxes clearly and visibly before returning them to storage can save you a ton of work.

Garage shelving is one of the simplest, least expensive garage storage solutions available for this. So long as you install sturdy brackets to hold your shelves in place, garage shelves can hold a lot of items, even large and heavy items. Garage shelving is a good way to store and organise items that you want to have readily accessible, and garage shelves also come in all different sizes, so you can put small garage shelving units in unused corners of your garage to make the most of your space. The organisation is key, who knows what you might find in there, antique jewellery, secret military documents, maybe even a vintage Chevy Corvette? The list is endless, that is until you clean up your act… and your garage.

Garage Smart Garage Storage Solutions features an innovative wall system with heavy duty sliding wall components such as hooks, garage shelving and stylish, durable steel cabinets designed to hold your gear securely and neatly in place.

Look Up Above

One of the biggest storage spaces in your garage isn’t even on the floor, and it’s on the ceiling. By using sturdy overhead racks and rafters, you can potentially double your storage without using unnecessary floor space. Some homes may even include a small amount of attic space that can be utilised to store items that are used less frequently. Ceiling storage is great for boxes, luggage, and less frequently used items that you need to keep, but don’t need to pull out often.

Sometimes you simply don’t have enough wall and floor space in your garage to accommodate all the things you want to store, especially if most of your garage storage space is used up by a large SUV or van. If this is the case, consider investing in some garage organisation systems like overhead storage racks. Garage ceiling storage systems make the most out of the overhead space most garages have, giving you a lot more storage space than you would otherwise have available.

Consider Cabinetry

You won’t want to store items out in the open that could be toxic to children or pets or release some sort of horror movie creature, so consider using cabinets to keep harmful materials out of sight and out of mind. Not only will they help you keep your loved ones safe, but they can also keep some messy looking items hidden from view, like bundles of cords or jars of nails/screws.

If you want to maximise your garage storage space and truly utilise your wall space, installing garage cabinets is one of the best ways to do so. Garage storage cabinets come in a variety of different designs, from tall standing garage storage cabinets to smaller wall-mount garage cabinets. Storage cabinets are an ideal way to increase the amount of storage space you have in your garage, keep items protected and keep your garage looking clean and organised.

Something that’s not be missed. Before building anything in your garage, a major cleanup is first required. Take out your car and start auditing the things in your garage. Take out unusable items that are taking up space. Mark any tools and equipment for your lawn and set them aside. Throw away anything that you won’t need and start afresh by emptying your garage space.

Can I find garage storage cabinets to match my style? Absolutely! Even the cabinets in the garage should reflect your unique tastes and style. GarageSmart offers stylish storage in a variety of materials and finishes.

Get creative

When it comes to garage-storage possibilities, your only limit is your imagination. Turn one parking space into two with a car lift, mount hooks to your walls or ceiling to hang bikes, and use of the many specialty slat wall accessories such as tilt-out drawers for nails and screws; there’s an answer for any storage challenge.

Your garage space can be so much more efficient than just its floor square footage. By employing the proper storage techniques, you can recreate your garage to match your lifestyle and still have a little room leftover.

It should be no surprise that many vehicle owners end up receiving damage to their car from the clutter that ends up turning their garage into a bad episode of Hoarders. Organising and maximising the space in the garage is one of the easiest ways to take care of your car and home, and not just because of spring cleaning, it will come in handy all year round.

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An organised home — clean garage included — is a great place to spend time and make memories. Ensure your house is protected with homeowners insurance that gives you extra peace of mind.

Now that you know how to organise your garage, you might be inspired to tackle the whole house. Here are some tips and tricks to help you de-clutter your home.

Don’t be afraid to be creative when thinking about your storage solutions and maximising your garage space. Use your creativity in keeping your garage organised and in maximising your space. Aside from following these tips above, think outside the box. Think of other ways or things that you can do to save up space, and that fits with your style and preferences. Find what works for you and you will be happy with your newly decorated and clean garage.

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