Cleaning your room can feel like an overwhelming task, but it is likely a quicker and easier process than you imagine! Play music, write a list, give yourself rewards, and make it into a game to keep yourself motivated. Tackle the big tasks first and then move onto deep-cleaning your room by dusting, wiping and vacuuming all of the surfaces. Before you know it, your room will be sparkling clean.

Your bedroom is supposed to be your sanctuary, a place where you lie down at the end of the day and let your worries drift away. Instead, your bedroom quickly turns into a storage area where you dare not let anyone enter. 

The key to cleaning a room quickly is an understanding of which tasks to tackle first and knowing which tools you need before you start (so you don’t have to walk back and forth through your house a million times), as well as possessing a simple list of instructions in the order you need to go in to ensure that not much thinking is required. Find all that and more in this post.

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Get into the right mindset and get energised

First things first.

If you’re not in the right mindset for cleaning you will no doubt take longer to do it, feel terrible in the process, and procrastinate before you get started. Who wants that?!

It’s time to get your head into the game!

Cleaning can be seen as a very dull way to spend your time, so getting motivated and creating a buzz around the jobs will end up helping you to get things done a lot more quickly.

  • Understand what you’ll be doing during your clean. Will you be tackling one room, an area in a room, or a whole house? If you know what your goal is, then you will be more focused and won’t feel as overwhelmed.
  • Set a time limit for the task – this also helps focus as you will have a finish line to aim for.
  • Make it a habit – get used to the fact that you have to get things done, but how good it feels to have finished when it’s over. Making cleaning just part of your daily routine will make it a no-brainer, and you’ll just get it done rather than fight yourself each and every time.

It’s also no good if you are feeling low and have no energy. Getting into the right mindset with the tricks I’ve just talked about will have helped already. However, you may still be feeling like you can’t do it right now because you’re still too tired/lazy (I’m talking general energy slump and not medical of course – if you have medical issues then listen to your body and do what you can).

Home Improvement Ideas

Assemble Your Cleaning Supplies

Don’t waste your time using inadequate tools and products; get the good stuff that isn’t going to waste your time because of quality issues. Select items that you need; nothing more and nothing less, just enough to be efficient. Then, gather the items up and take them to the room, don’t leave one item out. If you have it all with you, you won’t need to leave your room, and that will keep you focused.

Take a moment to grab everything you’ll need to get the job done. A few key items you should gather are a basket, a bag or box, a hamper, a trash can, two cloths, and a vacuum cleaner or broom. Having everything at hand will keep you on track and prevent you from losing precious cleaning time as you scavenge for supplies.

Declutter and pick-up

Take things that don’t belong in the bedroom out. Throw dirty clothes laundry into hampers and rehang up any outfits that you may have tried on and left out. Clear off your surfaces as much as you can of things that don’t normally go on them.

Go through your entire room and decide what you need to keep and what needs to be donated or tossed. There is no point in keeping things around that don’t have a purpose or that you don’t enjoy.

It doesn’t matter what room you are talking about; clutter is a bad thing. It takes up too much valuable space and is proven to bring on stress. 

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Collect Your Clothes

Find your floor again by picking up any articles of dirty clothing and placing them in a hamper. If you can fit a hamper in your closet, opt for an open bin, which is easier to use during rushed mornings when it’s tempting to drop clothes on the floor.

Find your floor again by picking up any articles of dirty clothing and placing them in a hamper. If you can fit a hamper in your closet, opt for an open bin, which is easier to use during rushed mornings when it’s tempting to drop clothes on the floor.

Probably the biggest offender in a messy room are the clothes stacked high on chairs and strewn across the floor. Begin by grabbing all dirty clothes and placing them in the hamper. Skip sorting clothes or unrolling socks—you can take care of that when it’s laundry time.

Next, pick up any clean clothing. If there isn’t a significant amount, consider quickly folding or hanging the remaining items. Otherwise, make a stack of like items (shirts, pants, sweaters, and so on) and lay them flat upon one another. Fold each pile of items as you would normally, but into a bundle. Place these bundles of clothing neatly into a basket to be properly folded and put away when you have more time.

Put Away Clean Clothes

While your mind is already on laundry, take some time to fold and put away any clean laundry you have laying around. A few minutes is all it takes to clear your floor space and tuck shirts and pants into dresser drawers. For an organised bedroom closet, make sure to hang blouses and sweaters facing the same direction. This will also make choosing outfits in the morning more accessible as you file through your clothes.

Clear Surface Clutter

With bigger tasks taken care of, it’s time to focus on the details, starting with surface clutter. Nightstands, dressers, vanities, and desks are all prone to becoming drop zones for small daily objects that accumulate over time. Please take a few minutes to put these items back in their rightful homes. If you notice a daily habit, such as commonly picking up keys, applying cosmetics, or choosing jewellery, consider creating an organisation system for these frequently-used items. A small, decorative tray on the dresser is a no-fuss way to corral earrings and other accessories, while a small box in a nightstand drawer stays at the ready for tucking away reading glasses.

Clean surfaces and storage

Use a clean damp cloth to dust all surfaces, furniture, door frames and lamps. Remember, when dusting, you want to start with the highest surfaces and work down, so you prevent knocking dust onto items you’ve already cleaned.

Using your vacuum’s crevice tool, vacuum the folds of your bare mattress until it’s really clean. Then flip it over to help it wear evenly over time. If you have a pillow top, try rotating head to foot instead. Either take down your curtains and wash or dry clean them according to care instructions, or use your vacuum’s hose attachment to dust them thoroughly.

Remove clothes from the closet and bureau. Vacuum the closet well. Use the crevice tool again to clean all corners and wipe down the shelves with a damp cloth.

Wipe the inside and outside of the bureau drawers, and dust the top. Neatly return clothes to their places.

Toss the Trash

While you should probably sort through your stack of old magazines and birthday cards at some point, now’s not the time. We’re looking for obvious garbage, stuff that can be dumped into the trash without hesitation. This includes anything perishable, like food, packaging, wrappers, or crumbled tissues. Toss all of this into the trash can, then empty the can. Also, make sure to run any lingering dishes or cups you find straight to the kitchen sink.

Wipe Surfaces Clean

Now that your bedroom is free of clutter, the next step is to wipe down all surfaces. Choose the appropriate cleaner, whether that be a dusting spray, glass cleaner, or antibacterial wipes, for your surface and get to work. Wiping down the tops of tables is obvious, but also pay attention to the legs of chairs and fronts of dressers and nightstands. If you have a four-post bed, take some time to clean the posts and your headboard, as these rarely-touched features are prone to dust bunnies.

Organise Each Space In Your Bedroom

Once you have decluttered and only have left what you use and love, you can make sure it is all organised. 

Make the Bed

Is there anything better than slipping under the covers with fresh sheets? To save time, make your bed using a spare set of sheets while your original linens wash. Once your laundry is ready, replace the duvet cover over your comforter.

Your bed is probably the biggest thing in your room, so making it will immediately deliver an impression of tidiness. Pull up the sheets, straighten the bedspread, and fold any blankets. This one simple task will instantly make the room look much more inviting.

Even if you shower before bed every night and keep food out of the bedroom, your sheets need to be washed and changed regularly. Take the time to strip the bed as you clean the rest of your room. Remove the comforter, sheets, and pillowcases! If you have a duvet with a cover, remove the cover and wash it with your sheets. The comforter should be washed occasionally, but it is not necessary to include in the laundry each time you wash your bed linens.

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Edit Your Surfaces

If it’s been a while since the last time you cleaned, you probably have collected a smattering of items that don’t belong in your room. Do a quick scan of the surfaces, including the top of the dresser and bedside tables. If it will only take a minute to restore everything to its proper place, do it now. Otherwise, tuck everything into a box and place it out of sight, to be sorted later on. Paring down the surfaces will not only make your room look neater, but it will also make your next task much easier.

Dust the Surfaces

Armed with two cloths, one damp with water and the other dry, begin wiping everything down. The wet cloth will keep dust from flying into the air only to land on some other unsuspecting surface. Use the dry cloth to wipe away moisture and pick up any little trails of dust left behind.

Pay special attention to the nightstand and dresser tops. Don’t just dry dust use a moist cloth to really swipe up dust and lock it away from resettling. Don’t forget about the tops of mirrors, art and any accessories in the room.

Clean pillows

Aim to clean your pillow every six months or quarterly if you have allergies. Feather down pillows or foam pillows should be hand washed with warm, soapy water. Allow to air dry, preferably outdoors.

Human-made fabrics — like cotton, nylon and other synthetic materials — can be thrown in the washing machine with a detergent that doesn’t suds up a lot. An ideal mix for cleaning is hydrogen peroxide to kills germ, baking soda to get rid of smell and oxygen bleach to get rid of any mysterious stains.

If using a top-loading machine, stand pillows up and put a towel on either side using 1/3 cup of cleaning solution. Front-loaders should wash one pillow at a time and use 1 tablespoon for each. Set the cycle on “gentle” and “extra-large load.”

Human-made fabrics can be dried on medium heat, but make sure to read the labels to make sure nothing will melt. Wool balls can prevent clumping, but avoid tennis balls since they could be toxic.

Stash Anything Personal

Our bedroom is our oasis, which also means that it’s overflowing with personal items. If you’re quickly cleaning your room before guests arrive, do a sweep of your room to make sure you haven’t left behind anything you wouldn’t want a guest to find.

Put Away Your Supplies

Allow yourself to reflect on how much nicer this briefly cleaned room is. If you keep up this regime regularly in your room, you’ll always be able to find your bed. And isn’t that what we all want.

Get rid of anything perishable that has already perished.

Grab all crusty dishes/water glasses/Tupperware from old lunches and run them to the kitchen sink. Then take the overflowing trash out. Remember: there’s a HUGE difference between “messy” and “gross.” Clutter = messy. Anything that mice and roaches might like to make a nest in = gross.

Sweep or Vacuum the Floor

A bedroom that’s spotless from top to bottom isn’t possible without cleaning the floors. If you have hardwood floors, remove and vacuum any rugs before sweeping the entire floor. Sweeping should get the job done; save mopping for a deeper seasonal clean. For carpeted bedrooms, beat the dust bunnies with a vacuum.

Depending upon if you have wood floors or carpeting, quickly sweep or vacuum the entire floor, paying attention to the most visible areas, rather than trying to reach every nook and cranny under the bed. Put away your cleaning supplies, and voila—you cleaned your bedroom in 30 minutes.

Use a microfiber cloth and warm soapy water to wipe down the baseboards. Use the vacuum extension to clean under the bed. Remove any area rugs and vacuum or give them an old-fashioned, stress-busting beating outside.

Suppose you have hardwood floors, vacuum and mop the floor. To freshen up carpets, sprinkle some baking soda and let it sit for a few minutes. Then, vacuum the rug twice — once in each direction — to deep clean the pile of your carpet.

For either method, reach as far under the bed and heavy furniture as you can. If you have a lightweight side table or chair that can be moved easily, put it in the hallway as you clean your floors.

Wash walls and windows

Dust isn’t just for side tables and dressers. It can also coat walls, ceiling fan blades, crown moulding and window sills.

Use a new cotton mop to dust walls and corners, or use the extension on the vacuum to suck up cobwebs from the top corners. Vacuum your heating and air conditioning vents to clear them of dust.

If you have a ceiling fan, slip an old pillowcase over each blade to trap falling dust while you wipe the surface with a damp cloth. Use a microfiber cloth and warm, soapy water to wipe the window sills and tracks and use glass cleaner to polish the windows.

If you have an overhead light fixture with removable globes, wash them in the sink and set to dry. Otherwise, dust well. Clean light switches and doorknobs with a cloth and disinfectant spray.

Open all the windows.

Seriously, even if it’s freezing. Air the cave out! Now spray one (ONLY ONE) squirt of your perfume right in front of your door, close to the ceiling, and fan it around with your hands. Perfect! Now anyone walking in will have a first impression of a good-smelling room. And your crush will get a waft of your scent, which is always good.

Remember the basket of clean clothes you set aside? And the container of “stuff” tucked into your closet? Make sure to attend to these items when you have some spare time. Putting everything back where it belongs will keep things from piling up and spilling over. Plus, it will give you a serious advantage the next time you speed-clean your room.

Excellent. Your room looks like it belongs to a casually neat person, a person who never has to worry about someone coming over unexpectedly because everything is always this way! Now put on your favourite album, starting it smack in the middle because you’ve been listening to it this whole time, alone in your awesome room.

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