Are you building your house and thinking about what kind of door to use for your garage? Or are you remodelling your garage door because it has become battered and weathered over time? And at the same time, are you wondering how much it would cost you to get a new garage door? Don’t worry because we have researched for you so that you can go ahead with your next home project.

A garage door is one of the most essential and yet, often overlooked parts of the house. Some may not bother understanding the specifications of the new garage door that they are getting, thinking that any door would do as long as it does the job. But smart homeowners would give this a lot of thought as your new garage door would more than just open and close at your command. 

Your garage door can increase the curb appeal of your home. A high-quality garage door would indicate to others that the house is well taken care of and that the owner cares a lot about its features and condition. It would also enhance the overall appearance of your house and increase its value. 

Installing a new garage door would increase the resale value by 84%. It is your chance to express your style by choosing a garage door that fits your personality and lifestyle. 

Choosing the right kind of garage door would also lead to other benefits, such as increased energy efficiency in your home, which means more savings when it comes to electricity. A new garage door would also help you save on the cost of repairs as they come with warranties.

Most importantly, a new garage door would increase your home’s safety and security. It is wise to invest in high-quality garage doors to reduce the risk of theft and burglary in your home. 

New garage doors have enhanced safety features that can deter crimes from happening right inside your homes. With all these benefits and more, it is, therefore, a good investment to buy a high-quality garage door just in case you are worried about the expenses involved.

Garage door service providers do not usually post the prices of new garage doors. Companies have their reasons for that as they would want to talk to the potential clients directly to advise them regarding the quotation of prices. 

You can check your local garage door service providers to help you with your garage door concerns. They will give you a quotation for the amount you need to pay for this home project. 

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Factors Affecting the Price of a New Garage Door

Garage door service providers usually do not publish the rates of their garage doors and their services. They can only tell for sure how much it would cost you once they have seen your house. However, some DIY home improvement stores do offer garage doors for sale, and that should give you a ballpark figure of how much the garage doors cost. 

Just factor in the cost of labour in your area. You can also call different garage door service providers to compare their rates and see where you can get the most value out of your money. Listed below are some important factors that would affect the price of your new garage door.

Size – Garage doors come in different sizes. You have to consider the overall length and overall width of the garage door that you need. Of course, it also follows that the bigger the garage door that you will buy, the higher the price you have to pay.

Materials – Garage doors are made of different materials. Each material has its pros and cons, so you need to do your research on which one is most durable (especially considering your usage, environmental conditions, and other external factors), which is easy to maintain, and will go well with the overall design of your house, and which will fit your budget. 

You can choose a garage door made of aluminium, wood, faux wood, vinyl, steel, copper, fibreglass, or glass. It is always recommended to buy a garage door made of high-quality materials to be sure of its strength and durability, especially since your garage doors are one of the most used features of your house. 

The ones with a high R-value for insulation are also highly recommended as they are more energy-efficient and will save you some money when your electric bill comes.

The complexity of the job – Garage doors come in different styles. There are simple and more intricate ones depending on your preference and budget. 

There are carriage-house garage doors, modern or contemporary garage doors, and classic and traditional raised garage doors. It follows that simple garage doors are cheaper to purchase and install than garage doors with elaborate and complex designs. 

Some home improvement specialists say that you can do the installation of a simple garage door, and that would save you some bucks. But for garage doors with complex designs, it is highly recommended that you hire a professional garage door service provider to do the job for you. 

Some parts and components are tricky to install, and you do not want to compromise your safety and security. Of course, the more complex the job is, the higher the rate, as there is more effort or labour needed and extra hours to do it. Sometimes they would even need specialised materials and more human resources to get the job done.

Location – There are significant differences when comparing the cost of garage doors and their installation in various states. It also depends largely on the overall labour cost in a particular area. For example, they say that the cost in Bayside, New York and Berkeley, California is 38% higher than the national average labour cost. 

Added Features – You can also choose to buy a garage door with windows or none at all, or a garage door with a side entry or without. Do you go with an ordinary colour and finish or prefer to have it customised? And there are a lot of other features that you can add to your garage doors to increase their safety and security, functionality, and style. Each added feature will cost you extra bucks.

FAQs About Garage Renovation

How Much Should It Cost to Install a Garage Door?

Including labour, the cost of installing a garage door will run around $1,200 on average. The exact cost is dependent on the specifications of your door, including material, type of door and any additional customisations.

Can You Install a Garage Door on Old Tracks?

Yes, it is possible to install a garage door on old tracks. However, the brand and style of the door must be compatible with whatever pre-existing system you have. Old tracks will likely not be compatible with a newer door or opener, while some brands have brand-specific tracks that you must use.

How Difficult Is It to Install a Garage Door?

Due to the load-bearing metal springs required to open and close a garage door, it can be very dangerous and difficult to install a garage door. Even if you think you know what you are doing, if you haven’t ever dealt with garage doors before, it’s best to hire a professional to complete your installation.

How Long Does It Take a Professional to Install a Garage Door Opener?

The exact length of time it would take to install a garage door opener depends on the setup of your existing garage and the compatibility of the opener with your current system. 

Most installs will take around four to six hours, though it can be done in as quickly as two hours if you replace an old opener with the same but newer version.

Are Glass Garage Doors Expensive?

Glass garage doors can cost $5,000 or more, with the door mainly glass panels in frames. However, wood or metal with glass windows starts at only $700.

Garage Door Replacement Cost by Garage Size

Garage Door

Will your garage need to store one, two, three, or even more cars? The size of your garage determines how many garage doors you need and how big they should be. Garage size is an important indicator of door size, so it’s a significant factor in figuring out your project budget for a garage door replacement. 

A one-car garage door, or single garage door, will usually be about 7 to 10 feet wide and 7 to 8 feet tall. Garages intended to hold one car will have only one opening of this size. Expect to spend from $500 to $2,500 to replace a one-car garage door. The price range is wide because garage doors come in many different materials and styles. 

When it comes to multi-car garages, you have a few different options for garage doors. If you have two cars, you might have two separate single garage doors or one larger door, typically 16 feet wide at least and 24 feet wide at most. 

Replacing two single-car doors will cost about $1,100 to $4,700 while replacing one double two-car garage door would be more like $750 to $4,000.

Your options are similar for a three-car garage. If your garage has three separate single doors, replacing them all would cost about $1,600 to $7,000. Replacing one double door and one single door together is slightly more affordable, at $1,300 to $6,400. 

Other Cost Factors

Size matters when you’re replacing a garage door, but it isn’t the only factor affecting the price of your home improvement project. There are countless differences between one garage door and the next, from the style of the door to the material to the degree of insulation. These varying aspects of garage doors result in a wide range of budgets for different projects. 

Below, we’ll cover several significant cost factors to give you a good idea of what you should expect to spend on your garage door replacement. 

Type of garage door

Just like with other exterior home features, you’ll get the best results in terms of boosting your home’s curb appeal if your new garage door blends well with the rest of your house. 

You can choose your garage door style based on aesthetics and function. One type of garage door might match your home better or suit your needs because of space considerations. 

Garage door styles also vary in how they open. A garage door might roll up or tilt up onto tracks in the ceiling to save room or swing forward to open for a more rustic look. 

Here are some of the most common types of garage doors, with details on how they work and how much they cost:

Tilt-up garage door

  • One large, solid piece of material instead of panels
  • Needs extra room because it swings out when opening 
  • Comes in fully retractable styles or versions that form a small canopy over the mouth of the garage
  • You usually have to open them manually
  • Typical cost: $480 – $1,530

Sectional garage door

  • Several smaller panels hinged together to slide up into the ceiling easily
  • A most popular style in the U.S.
  • Don’t need extra room for opening and closing
  • Usually has an automatic opener
  • Typical cost: $480 – $1,770

Roll-up garage door

  • Rolls up into a bundle instead of sliding into tracks in the ceiling
  • Comes in sectional and one-piece styles
  • Durable rarely needs repairs or maintenance
  • Installation can be difficult 
  • Typical cost: $630 – $2,370

Glass roll-up garage door

  • Glass panels hinged together with aluminium or steel frames
  • Rolls up in sections
  • Insulated or non-insulated glass
  • Rarer and more expensive than other roll-up garage doors
  • Typical cost: $850 – $5,950

Carriage house garage door

  • Double doors that swing out in the middle to open
  • Gives your home an upscale, traditional appearance
  • Come in many designs and styles, some with arched or rounded tops
  • Often feature windows 
  • Typical cost: $980 – $6,130

Walk-through garage door

  • Garage car door with a walk-through door embedded 
  • Often requires a custom garage door design
  • Typical cost: $1,000 – $4,750

French garage door

  • Like other French doors, double doors made of glass that open outward in the middle
  • Not good for insulation because of all the glass
  • Not very common for garage doors
  • Typical cost: $1,670 – $5,170

Even within the same garage door style, prices for materials and installation vary widely. Each garage door type comes in different materials and sizes, with higher or lower quality models from different brands. Consider the intersection of all these factors for an accurate replacement garage door price estimate. 

Garage door material

Most garage doors are made of low-cost aluminium or steel, but you have other options in the material. If you’re willing to invest more money in your garage door installation, you can get a more stylish material like wood or glass or a lower-maintenance vinyl door. 

Some materials — wood, especially — may require lots of maintenance and repairs over the years. Keep future costs in mind when choosing the material for your garage door. 

A glass, fibreglass, or wood garage door may require installation by a specialist. Ensure your contractor has experience working with the garage door material you want before hiring them. 

Garage door brands

Different garage door brands have specialties. For instance, Amarr brand doors are affordable and eco-friendly because they’re made from recycled materials. Clopay brand doors are always built to order, so you can completely customise your selection. Garage doors from Overhead Door come with 24/7 maintenance and repair services. 

Each brand has its perks and pitfalls. Talk to your garage door installer to find out if they have relationships with any brands that could result in savings for you. Your installer also can help you decide which brand would best meet your specific needs. 

Some of the most popular makers of garage doors include:

  • Amarr
  • Hormann
  • Clopay
  • CHI Overhead Doors
  • Raynor
  • Wayne Dalton
  • The Overhead Door

We estimated approximately how much a new garage door costs from each brand using pricing data from around the web. While these cost estimates may not cover every single model available from every single brand, they should still give you a general idea of which brands tend to be more affordable than others. 

Custom garage doors

If you have room in your budget, you don’t have to compromise your vision just because the major brands don’t quite understand your style. You can think beyond the stock model and design your custom or semi-custom garage door — for a price. 

You may need to go the custom route if your garage door is a non-standard size or if you want a particular colour or design. Custom and semi-custom doors will almost always cost more than cookie-cutter stock options. Expect to spend $1,800 to $9,300 on a custom garage door installation. Things like material and the degree of customisation will affect that price. 

Insulated garage doors

If you want to spend time working or playing in your garage without freezing or melting during the most extreme parts of the year, you’ll want to choose a garage door with some level of insulation. 

Insulated garage doors contain one or more layers of polystyrene or polyurethane. The more layers, the more effective the insulation will be. Manufacturers rate a garage door’s insulation capabilities using R-values. R-values range from 0 (no insulation) to 20 (thick insulation, usually only necessary in very cold climates). 

As a general rule of thumb, assume that the higher a garage door’s R-value, the more you’ll pay for it. Most insulated garage doors cost between $500 and $3,000. Keep in mind that some of the more expensive garage door materials — namely glass and wood — would be difficult to insulate. 


Many stock garage doors of different materials already have small glass or fibreglass windows. In some cases, you may have to add windows as a customisation option if you want them. 

Either way, you should expect a garage door with windows to cost more than one without. 

Prices for standard steel or aluminium garage doors with windows usually start at about $700, and the price goes up from there depending on the number and style of the windows. 

A single-car garage door with windows can cost as much as 70% more than one without, while windows typically add 30% to 50% to the cost of a two-car garage door. 

Garage door opener

Unless you want to open and close your garage door manually every time you leave the house or come home, you’ll need to install a new garage door opener. Garage door openers usually connect to a remote to keep in your car and install inside the garage. Opening your garage door will be as simple as pressing a button. 

If you need the opener replaced and the garage door itself, make sure you communicate that to your installer. A garage door replacement price quote may not automatically include the cost of installing a new opener. 

Most of the time, replacing a garage door opener will cost $186 and $648 for the opener and the labour to install it. 


Because a garage door replacement is a minor home improvement project, you may not need to obtain a permit. Whether you need a permit will depend on where you live and the extent of your project. 

For example, if you’re knocking out part of the wall to make the garage door opening bigger or adding a second door, you’re more likely to need a building permit. 

Your contractor should know what permits you need, how much they cost, and how to obtain them. Ask local garage door installers for an accurate picture of what your permit fees might be. Nationally, building permits for this project usually fall between $40 and $190.


Garage Door 1

If you hire a local contractor to replace your garage door, expect to spend between $590 and $1,650 for materials and labour. 

This price range typically covers standard doors made of mid-range materials. For a larger garage door, one made of wood or glass, or a custom design, you can assume you’ll spend significantly more than the average cost. 

You may be able to save a little money by removing the old garage door yourself if you’re handy, but we recommend leaving the installation of the new door to the pros. You’ll spend more than you would if you installed it yourself, but you’ll have a much better-finished product.

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