How do I maximize my garage storage?

Aside from housing your car, your Garage is one of the most useful parts of the home. Although homeowners don’t give much attention nor credit to garages, these are important in storing your tools and other seasonal items in the home. Others might store tons of other stuff in the garage, as well. Check out GarageSmart

It is just a very convenient space in keeping items since you can stash anything there while keeping it out of your guests’ prying eyes. However, doing so might lead to a very messy garage with only a little space left for your car.

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Define Your Space

Before you can begin organizing and adding space-saving solutions, you need to figure out what exactly your garage is going to be used for. Is it your workshop? Are you out of season Storage room? An art studio? Or a combination of all of the above? Once you’ve figured out what you’ll be using the place for you can better prepare for it and make a plan of action. Going into a space with just the idea of organizing it will cause you to slow down and overthink because you don’t have a goal you’re working towards. Define your space first before doing anything else.

If you’re one who’s struggling to keep your garage organized and clean, here are tips to maximize space while keeping everything in order:

Build garage cabinets

If your garage is not already equipped with cabinets, we highly recommend building or installing some. If you are the DIY type, you can build a simple system or visit your nearest home hardware store. There are many options on the market to suit your needs and budget. Cabinets are perfect for organizing items and will make your garage appear less cluttered.

If your garage still does not have any form of cabinetry and you’re storing items in boxes on the floor, then it’s high time you build garage cabinets. These are a must for every garage. Having a formal storage cabinet will help in keeping your garage organized.

Garage Corner Shelves

Who couldn’t use a few more shelves in the garage? You probably already have shelves in the obvious spots, but what about in the corners? This nifty corner shelf unit takes advantage of existing studs, and it’s fast, easy and cheap. And it’s great for can Storage ideas. Use scrap plywood or oriented strand board to make shelves that fit snugly between the corner studs and support them with 1×1 cleats. These corner shelves are perfect for storing smaller items such as glues, oils, waxes and polishes, which get lost on larger shelves.

Closed cabinets

Cabinets are good for Garage storage. We have fitted garage cabinets that are directly fitted in your garage. However, we have movable cabinets that you can buy and place in different parts of the garage. With closed cabinets, you can keep small tools that are likely to get lost. For big cabinets, you can store items that you rarely use.

Pros of closed cabinets

Protection – you can protect items in the cabinets because they can be locked. It is also easy to protect the items from dust because they are stored in a closed location.

Easy to find items – cabinets have different compartments, and it is easy to keep everything where you can find it. For easy access, you can even label the different cabinet compartments.

Neat look – garage cabinets look neat since all the items are stored in a closed place. You can enhance the appearance of your garage by using closed cabinets.

Install wall organizers

Your walls are great for space-saving. Don’t just think cabinets, and you can also hang items to your walls by using hooks. This removes clutter on the floor while keeping everything visible.

Flexible Garage Storage Wall

This storage system solves two challenges: first, how to design Storage space for the narrow alley between the garage side wall and your car; and second, how to create a solid mounting surface to hold shelves and hooks that are capable of carrying hundreds of pounds of stuff. The solution is to create a framework of horizontal wood strips and inexpensive shelf standards. It can hold almost any arrangement of shelving and hooks, at any point on the wall, and it’s easy to rearrange. Check out garage storage shelving

Wall slates

Wall slates are useful for storing heavy duty items in your garage. You can get garage wall slates in MDF and PVC materials, depending on your preference. We have wall slates that are made using plywood, but they are not as strong. For PVC, you can get the PVC film or the plastic wall slate. The wall slate should be installed into the wall using the right tools. A handyman can help you with the installation. You can use the wall slate to different hung types of heavy-duty tools.

Pros of wall slates

Aesthetically pleasing – wall slates look very beautiful in the garage. You can cover the entire wall with slates instead of painting. It is possible to use a verity of colours and textures to enhance the look of your garage.

Hang a variety of accessories – to save space in your garage. You can hang different accessories in your slate. You can use a hook, bins, and also shelves.

Add overhead or ceiling storage

Often neglected, ceiling storage is a great way to use up dead space. You can easily create ceiling storage systems with plastic bins and plywood. While this may not be the ideal space for often-used items, it is great for storing seasonal gear. For example, store holiday decorations, camping gear and other lesser-used items on the ceiling. Just make sure you use sturdy racks or avoid storing heavy materials this way. The ceiling is also a great place to store a ladder. Furthermore, storing items on the ceiling visually frees up eye-level areas making your garage appear cleaner and clutter-free.

When you no longer have wall space, use your ceiling. Use ceiling-mounted racks for additional overhead storage. This is the perfect way of storing seasonal items and keeping the eye-level areas in your garage clean and clutter-free. Just make sure that you’re using sturdy racks or have a safety net placed under in case you’re in an earthquake-prone area.

There’s a lot of empty space above garage doors that you can use. Consider installing wire shelves that attach to the ceiling as part of your DIY garage storage plan. Or you can try making some DIY garage shelves. Either way, make sure the shelves are secure before you try storing anything on them.

Measure the available space before buying the shelf to make sure it will fit, and then buy durable tote bags that will fit on the shelves. It’s a great place to store seasonal items, like holiday decorations, that you only need to access once a year.

Using ceiling storage can help you to save space. The ceiling storage can be used for seasonal items that are not used regularly. With proper installation, ceiling storage can be helpful in saving the ground floor and also keeping the Garage to look as neat as possible. There are a variety of ceiling storage options available.

Ceiling shelf storage

Ceiling shelf storage is the best for overhead storage. Metallica overhead shelves are the best for ceiling storage. With overhead shelving, make sure that you check the weight limit. You need to make sure that the shelf does not sink under the weight of the items.

Using hooks

It is also possible to use hooks for the overhead ceiling. With hooks, you can hang your ladders and other items that can be suspended. You can also suspend your bike with hooks on the ceiling in case you are not planning to use it for a long time.

Using slings

Apart from using hooks to suspend items on the ceiling, you can use slings for overhead Storage. The slings can be useful when hanging items like kayaks that can be heavy. All you have to do is to use the slings around the kayak and later suspend the item on the ceiling. Make sure that the slings are in place, and they are strong enough to carry the weight.

Create a folding workbench

If you or your family uses the garage for crafting or as a workshop, then making a folding workbench can definitely save space. Opt for those that are wall-mounted and can be folded after every use. It will look like you didn’t even use that after. This collapsible workstation is easy to build and install. When you have two vehicles in the garage, there sometimes isn’t enough room to do much else. Where do you work? Consider creating a drop-down folding table. Connect the table to the wall with hinges so you can fold the legs under and fold it up against the garage wall when you aren’t using it.

Get magnetic boards for the small parts

If you’re the type who frequently loses nuts and bolts, then a magnetic board will save you. Just have small steel, and metal parts magnetize to the board, especially when you’re working on something. You can also use this to keep little things organized and preventing them from getting lost in the garage.

Go mobile with work areas

A mobile work station is important for saving space in your garage. In case you use your workspace for woodwork, the workstation should be mobile. Consider buying a garage workstation that has wheels so that it can be easy to move from one place to another.

Another idea to save on space is building a work area with wheels. Just being able to go mobile while working on your crafts or DIY projects will make things easier. You don’t have to be stuck in a corner. You can also double this mobile working table as storage for keeping your most-used tools. When working with a small space, it is useful to keep larger items mobile. My husband built our canoe rack for our three canoes, on wheels. It rolls easily in and out of its space. This allows for adding storage to the wall behind it. It also makes it easier to access anything stored around it without bumping or scraping the canoes or yourself.

Upgrade to adjustable shelving

An adjustable shelving system can help in space-saving. With adjustable shelving, it is easy to move the shelves based on demand. You can also adjust the height in case you need to use the space above or below the shelf. You can always buy adjustable stand-alone shelving.

If you have seasonal items in your garage, like decorations and clothes, then having adjustable shelving lets you move around your Storage boxes as per needed. One idea is just to install open wall shelves with wooden strips. You can place items inside large plastic containers that you can move around.

Install pegboards and hooks

A pegboard may be the most versatile of Garage storage ideas. With a pegboard installed on a wall, you can hang just about every hand tool or gadget you have; seeing them out in the open makes them easier to find. Get a series of wire brackets to hang basic tools, and buy several hanging baskets that fit on pegboards. They’re great for storing things like nails or bottles of glue. Always use up your wall space to maximize space. Storage spaces that use up the floor will always make your garage feel full and messy. Keep rakes and other tools in place with a pegboard. You can go large depending on your needs. A pegboard can be made used to store small and lightweight weight items. Pegboards can either be made using wood or metal. I personally prefer metallic pegboards because they are easy to install, and they also look good on the wall. The shiny material of the metallic pegboards looks beautiful on the wall. You can install a metallic pegboard on drywall with ease.

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Pros of pegboards

Use hooks – you can use hooks to hang items from the pegboard. When attaching a pegboard to the wall, make sure that you use spaces to make sure that the hooks can stick.

Attach shelving – it is possible to attach shelving on the pegboard. Attaching plastic shelving to the pegboard will offer additional space to organize small items that you need to access frequently.

Use it in other rooms – you can use a pegboard in other areas of the house because of the versatility and ease of installation.

Tie and keep wires in one place

If you have a ton of wires lying around in your garage, this can add to a cluttered look in your garage. Tie your wires with zip ties or with a paper clip. Keep everything together in one drawer, so you only have to search for a specific wire at a certain place. If something falls behind a drawer, don’t stress, check out this DIY 60-second fix video to see how easily you can remove the cabinet drawer.

Check out garage hooks

Lockdown power tools

Power tools that are rarely used can be kept in your most inaccessible storage. Since these also tend to take the largest space in your garage, you can keep them hidden for long.

Declutter the space

Before you begin your DIY garage storage mission, start by getting rid of any unnecessary items you don’t use or need. If the kids aren’t playing hockey anymore, donate the gear. If you haven’t fixed up an old lawnmower in the last year, it’s time to give it to someone else or take it to your local recycling centre.

If you have a large number of things to get rid of and your garbage service won’t take it, consider using a private removal service. You can buy a giant canvas bag at a home improvement store, fill it with garbage and setting up a time for a haulier to come and remove it. Fees apply, of course, but companies like this offer a simple way to rid your garage of junk.

The second step is to sort the items in the garage. Sorting is probably the most difficult thing because you have to select the items that you need to keep and the items to do away with. Sort the items into four batches. You can have batches for things that you need to keep, sell, donate, and throw away. Sorting items into batches makes it easy to manage clutter.

After sorting the items, it is advisable to make a garage sale immediately so that you do not take the items back to the garage. Take the items that you want to donate to their respective places immediately, as well.

Other Storage Options For Space Saving

Space-saving is all about learning how to be creative when it comes to Storage. You need to find unusual ways to keep your items in place. There are other storage spaces apart from shelves, cabinets, and overhead storage.


Bins are great for Garage storage. When it comes to garage storage, make sure that you choose bins that are easy to stack. Stacking bins is important in saving space in the garage. The bins should also be made from plastic so that they are not affected by moisture and mould.

Storage bags

Storage bags are also great for garage storage. The storage bags should be made from a durable material like canvas. Canvas is a good material best because it protects artificial plants and other items that need to be stored in the garage. The best thing with storage bags is the fact that they can be hanged on the walls.


You can use small containers to keep small items like nails. For those little items that are likely to get lost, small containers can be helpful. Place the containers on shelves where they can be easily accessed.

Use Multipurpose Storage

Using multipurpose storage can help in space maximization in the garage. For instance, you can use shelves that have hooks beneath them. You can use the shelves to organize your containers and later use the hooks to hang gardening tools.

Using multipurpose storage will avoid the need to have multiple storage accessories in your garage. You need to remember sometimes storage items like cabinets can end up crowding the garage. Only use storage items like bins that can be used for a variety of purposes.

Add Outdoor Storage

If you’ve taken advantage of your ceiling, walls, and cabinets and still need more space, try moving certain items outside. Try adding a small garden shed for gardening tools, or a small locker for out of season sports equipment. There’s no reason everything needs to be stored in your garage. Think of other places in your home that some garage items could be relocated to.

Split It Up

If you’ve come to the conclusion that your garage will serve multiple purposes, take the time to split each of these uses into different zones. That way, you’ll know where everything is because it’s stored in its designated zone. Keep all the gardening tools and supplies in one zone, away from your power tools and woodworking zone. This way it will be less likely for things to be put away haphazardly and you’ll be able to find them the next time you need them.

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Purge What’s Not Needed

Once you know what space will be used for, you can start getting rid of anything that no longer has a purpose in your garage. Be sure to recycle old paint cans and that pile of broken electronics. Donate your kids’ outgrown sporting equipment and old bikes to local charities. Most of all, get rid of the garbage that can pile up or be hiding behind boxes. You can’t have a fresh start if your garage still has old items that are unnecessarily taking up space.

Don’t be afraid to be creative when thinking about your storage solutions and maximizing your Garage space. Use your creativity in keeping your garage organized and in maximizing your space. Aside from following these tips above, think outside the box. Think of other ways or things that you can do to save up space, and that fits with your style and preferences. Find what works for you and you will be happy with your newly decorated and clean garage.

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