If you like sports, you probably have a lot of gear for your favourite sports. This situation could happen in a family where everyone plays at least one sport. How much sports gear gets put in the garage? Here’s how to set it up so that your garage is neat.

Use the right storage systems to keep your sports gear out of the way scattered throughout the garage. Use racks, shelves, bins, cabinetry, and hooks to get your garage organised and clean again.

Are you tired of trips over basketballs and looking for a tennis racket each time you wish to play? Don’t worry! In this article, we’ll jump into organising your sports gear in your garage. Say goodbye to mess and welcome to a place where your sports gear is neat and easy to find.

Do You Need Help Storing Your Sports Gear?

The main reason why many garages can’t store sports equipment and other things is simple: they need the right storage system. Or, worse yet, there are only so many good ways to store things.

A typical family that plays recreational and organised sports can end up with dozens of different pieces of sports gear.

Take the picture above as an example. A family’s sports equipment, like balls, tennis rackets, bikes, football and tennis gear, and wintertime sports gear, can quickly fill up a garage.

To keep everything clean, organised, and easy to find, you need smart storage systems that work well.

If the floor of your garage isn’t exactly a “sports gear-free” zone, here’s a complete guide to how to store sports gear in your garage.

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How to Store Your Sports Equipment in the Garage

There are always bikes that are leaning, balls that are lying around, abandoned elbow and knee protectors, and cleats all over the floor.

It could be better since garages are the best places in your house to store all your athletic equipment.

Most of the time, the garage is the last room you enter before taking your kids to their game or practice.

It also gives your family a large, central place to store all their sports gear, which is far preferable to having it all over the house.

Sort & Purge

The first step in getting organised is to take stock and get rid of broken parts, missing parts, or no longer needed. Donate or throw away anything you aren’t using, and sort the remainder by type. Take another peek at what you have to see if you have duplicates of anything. Pick the ones you most require or want to keep, then eliminate all the rest.

Ceiling Storage

Think about putting big, expensive things you don’t use often or don’t need for that season up in the ceiling. This could be a bike, a kayak, a snowboard, or a sled. They are safe and out of their way when stored in the ceiling. 

Think about putting big, expensive things you don’t use often or don’t need for that season up in the ceiling. This could be a bike, a kayak, a snowboard, or a sled. They are safe and out of their way when stored in the ceiling. 

Donate or Throw Away Old or Outgrown Sports Gear

Having less stuff to store makes it easier to organise. This is common sense and an easy, basic organising principle.

In garages all over North America, a lot of used sports equipment must be used. Kids’ sports gear can sometimes be too small in a little over a year.

These things aren’t just taking up valuable garage space for no reason; they could also be useful to someone like a poor person.

Start cleaning up by giving to any charity that reuses old sports gear or any old items that remain of some use.

Build a Place to Store Sports Equipment in One Corner.

Pick a spot in your garage to keep all of your sports gear. Consider putting a heavy-duty unit with shelves that reach the ceiling in one corner. Use the different shelves to keep things that go together together. 

On each of these shelves, you can put headgear, frisbees, rollerblades, knee guards, and other items separately. Place clear or mesh bins on the shelves to hold small things like tennis balls, bottles of water, and jump ropes. Long bats and racquets can be put in deep bins.

Use Wall Storage

The next step in getting your garage in order is to use the space on the walls. If you can get things off the floor and onto an agreed-upon location on the wall, you won’t trip over the jumping ropes and shin protection anymore when bringing groceries. 

There are different ways to store sports equipment on the wall. Choose the best one for you according to your available space and what you must store. The best and most useful things are hooks, racks, cabinets, and slatwall panels.

  • Sports Equipment Rack: Using Slatwall boards and accessories, you can make a customised rack to hold things like skis, bats, and club sets.
  • Cabinets: Cabinets have been one of the most popular ways to store things in the garage because the drawers and cabinets make it simple to hide things.
  • Shelves: Shelves come in different sizes and may be hung at various heights, which makes it easy for children to reach their things and put them away.
  • Slatwall Panels: Slatwall panels can be hung on walls, and hooks, magnets, boxes, and other things can be attached to them to make the garage more organised.
  • Hooks: You can hang hula hoops, jumping ropes, bikes, and even hoses, equipment, and cleaning products from hooks.

Stack Bins the Easy Way

Plastic storage containers are a great way to store and organise your sports or seasonal gear in your garage. Unluckily, they typically remain stacked against a wall, making it hard for the littlest people in your house to get to the bottom bins. 

Through some easy-to-build storage towers, you can make a permanent DIY solution for your garage in just one weekend. These towers are an attractive and clever way to make it easy to get to your bins. Consider using different colours of bins for each sport to make it easy to find what you need, and use the sides of the wooden frame to hang lightweight accessories like fishing rod holders or utility hooks.

Add a Pegboard Wall

You can also put up a pegboard wall to use something other than slats. It works the same way. You may add hooks and cabinets to the pegboard to store equipment, tiny things like golf shoes, or anything else you want.

Slat and pegboard give you a lot of ways to store your gear, so it comes down to what you like or have.

A Custom Garage Storage Combination

In many situations, combining different storage options can be the best solution. For instance:

  • Fitness equipment and boxing. Boxing gloves could be hung on a silver hook behind your box bag. Other exercise gear can be left out in the open as space allows. You can put weights, exercise balls, and exercise mats in cabinets or on shelves.
  • Motorsports. This may involve storing go-karts, mini bicycles, motor scooters, automobiles, and even race cars. No matter what you like to do, you should make sure your garage has room for these bigger motorised units. Accessories like oil, equipment, driving gloves, and headgear can be stored in several ways, such as in cabinets, shelving, bins, or baskets.
  • Adventure sports. You also need a bigger place to store these big watercraft when you go kayaking or canoeing. Smaller necessities, like life vests, can be stored on chrome hooks or a slatwall.

sports equipment organization in the garage 2

If You Can’t Fit Everything, Rent a Storage Unit.

Here’s the thing: sometimes you have too much sports gear in your garage. This is particularly relevant if you have a big family and everyone likes different sports. A storage unit is perfect if your garage has too much stuff. They are big, clean, safe, and safe. You can also quickly and easily get in and out. 

If you like water sports, rent a storage unit near a lake or beach. For this reason, some people store their yachts at a self-storage facility. You can also put shelves and plastic containers in a storage unit to make it easy to find what you need. Consider renting a storage unit if you have more sports gear than your garage can hold.

Important Ways to Store Bikes

Not the best ways to store bikes are leaning them against a garage wall or putting them in a corner with their kickstands up.

They take up space on the floor, may tip over, and are more likely to get damaged when cars enter and leave the garage.

Use vertical or horizontal wall storage to keep the surface neat and your bicycles safer. If you put two straight bike hooks on your Slatwall, you can lay one bike against the wall. This means they will take up less room in the garage but more space on the slatwall.

All your biking gear, like water bottles, helmets, gloves, tyre pumps and pressure gauges, spare tyres, and repair tools, can be organised right next to your hanging bicycles on the Slatwall.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to organise a garage full of sports equipment?

How long it takes depends on how much gear you have and how well you can plan. Most people need a day or an entire weekend to do it.

Can I repurpose common household items for storage?

How long it takes depends on how much gear you have and how well you can plan. Most people need a day or a Yes, for sure! Sports equipment can be stored in old bookcases, bins, and baskets.

What’s the best way to prevent rust on metal sports equipment?

How long it takes depends on how much gear you have and how well you can plan. Most people need a day To keep metal equipment from rusting, wipe it down after using it, keep it dry, and, if possible, store it in a room with a controlled temperature and humidity.

How do I keep track of small accessories like mouthguards and wristbands?

How long it takes depends on how much gear you have and how well you can plan. Most people need a day or an. Use clear containers with labels or zip-lock bags to store small items. So you can see and locate what you need quickly.

Any tips for maintaining the organisation in the long run?

How long it takes depends on how much gear you have and how well you can plan. Most people need a day or an. Remove clutter, clean, and put things back where they belong after you use them. It’s the secret to a well-organised garage that will last.


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