How do you decorate a storage box?

Children and those a little older, like decorative things that enrich our homes and make it warmer. When we get them for a present, we always look forward to them, and with special care, we choose the place where we will put them. Many decorative boxes that we like have a high price, and they are often not a priority, and we do not buy them. However, with a little effort and a small investment, we can DIY beautiful Storage boxes in our own home and truly play around with beautiful decorations.

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Storage boxes are indispensable to every home. Just like a drawer for all things we don’t know where to put, in these boxes we can postpone the things we want. In this way, things will be settled and always available, and we will save our nerves and avoid the question “where to put this?”. You can keep these beautiful boxes in a visible or hidden place, on an open shelf or in a closet. Put them in a living room, a sleeping room, and especially children will like it, so they will surely find the application in the child’s room! You can make them from cardboard, from the spherical plate, you can refresh the old boxes with decorative paper, beautiful material, decorative ribbons, or paint them in some other colour.

One of the most beautiful techniques for decorating wooden boxes and other things made of wood is decoupage. Namely, there are special magazines that come out on a weekly, monthly, quarterly period where you can find a variety of pictures on rice paper. There are different pictures in those magazines that you need to cut into special pieces and with special adhesive and brushes paste them on wooden boxes. My advice is to decorate pictures additionally when you paste them on box or frame with the golden contour paste so it will be more interesting and luxurious. This is a very easy way to decorate things that do not require a lot of talent and creativity, so be free to try this technique. You never know, you might discover a new interest and get a new hobby.

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A very simple way of decorating things. You just need to go to the shop and buy ornamental paper with which you will wrap old boxes, worn boxes, or ordinary boxes that have no mockery and are boring.

With the help of a little material that is interesting and interesting, you can decorate and refresh many things in your home, and from them with very little effort to get perfect decorations. Cut out the food boxes as it is shown in the picture, a little decorative paper and lace, and a place for storing books, pens, and the like.

If you are an artistic soul, wooden boxes will be easiest decorated with the help of paint and brushes. In this way, you will surely get unique and very original boxes that, apart from the practical side, will be the true decoration of your home.

You can also use different textiles, and the choice of material is on you. The most common rope is the frequent choice of many artists and DIY masters. Although seemingly ordinary and ugly, it can be very decorative with a fine detail combined with some other detail. Check out the garage smart wall

With the help of old paper sheets, you will make an impressive basket. You can spray it with a special lacquer to make it more solid. The motifs of the newspaper are very popular today, so in a modern home, this detail will surely find a place.

Disguise your plastic bins as a real set of drawers. This set of plastic bin drawers with spraypaint and the knobs were glued on. This effectively disguises them so that they look almost like a traditional set of wooden drawers. You can, of course, see the distinctive shape of the plastic bins, but the illusion at a glance is quite amazing.

Decorate your bins with washi tape. Washi tape is truly beautiful, remarkable stuff. It comes in so many gorgeous patterns and colours, and you can use it to quickly and easily decorate so many different surfaces, including your clear plastic bins. These washi-tape decorated bins have a bright, cheerful look.

Use a stencil to create an elegant look. These started out as your boring, run-of-the-mill store-bought plastic bins. It is hard to believe that now, isn’t it? The key to decorating these plastic containers and making them look fantastic was the use of an ornate stencil. This stencil made it possible to create a complex design on the tops and sides of the containers. Now they look like something fit for royalty. Check out the source link below to find out how it was done.

Another way you can transform your plastic bins using fabric. This is the same basic idea as the one above, except that a different fabric was used, and there are some handles along the side—very useful if you are going to stow the bins underneath something (such as a couch) and need to be able to pull them out easily. You can also click through to the tutorial for a different set of instructions.

Decorate your plastic containers using duct tape. Here, we have the great idea of decorating your plastic bins using duct tape. This is the same idea as using the washi tape. But you end up with a different look. Washi tape tends to feature softer colours and designs, whereas duct tape tends to feature bold fluorescent hues and patterns.

Inverted colours make for a beautiful redesign. These bins were decorated using blue spray paint, with the aid of a stencil. What I like most about this design are the inverted colours. This creates a contrast which emphasizes the design in both places that it appears.

Stamp your bins with metal labels. Here is another amazing idea. Just add metal stamps to your bins to label them, and you instantly add some style and class.

Personalize a plastic bin with a cute picture and a name. Have plastic bins in a child’s room? One idea for decorating plastic tubs or bins for children is to personalize them using their favourite colours along with cute pictures (perhaps a favourite animal) and their names. If you have more than one child, this may also help kids to keep their toys in their own bins, reducing sibling squabbles and messes on the floor.

Use spray paint to make it look like your plastic bins are made out of metal. This is pretty self-explanatory. At a glance, this really does look convincingly like a tub made out of galvanized metal, but in reality, it is just spray painted plastic. This is one of the fastest and easiest ways to transform the look of plastic totally.

Reinvent your tired wicker baskets with fabric liners. Use your favourite fabrics to create custom liners that fit your styles, such as black-and-white trellis fabric for a contemporary living space or creamy white toile for a French Country kitchen. If you’re not handy with a sewing machine, improvise with table linens. Drape two linen napkins, one over each side of the basket and allow it to overlap the other in the middle. Cover that overlap with fresh fruit to create a centrepiece for the dining table or with magazines for a charming magazine basket for the coffee table.

Storage bins and children’s toys go together like peanut butter and chocolate, and quite possibly, you may find peanut butter, chocolate or both on the toys. Instead of buying new bins, make your own with items from your recycling bin. Empty diaper and diaper-wipes boxes are often made of cardboard that is sturdy but not attractive. Help the children wrap the bins with construction paper, either the same shade or in a rainbow of colours. Encourage the children to decorate the cardboard covers with artwork that describes the bin’s contents such as hand-drawn cars on bins for toy cars or drawings and stickers of building blocks on bins for blocks.

Plastic storage bins aren’t only widely available but are often affordable. However, they are usually made of plastic, which doesn’t lend itself to creating a decorative statement. Dress them up with a coat or two of paint. Lightly sand the entire bin with sandpaper and finish with one or two coats of a spray paint that is made specifically for use on plastics. Use chartreuse or orange to lend shots of vibrant colour to contemporary spaces or dark cranberry for country spaces. Create a complete look with other baskets by using spray paint that can also be used on metal and wicker.

No-Sew Seating. If you live in a small space, turn your unsightly large, plastic storage bins into additional seating. All you need are two large Storage bins with lids, a long piece of plywood, some foam batting, and the material you want to cover the seating with.

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Cover them in fabric. To make a storage bin look nicer, cover it in fabric. If you plan on using them in your home, choose a fabric with a design that goes with your decor. Then apply the fabric using Mod Podge glue. Great fabrics to use, including old towels, linen, or fabric you buy from the store.

Wheeled Storage. In addition to wrapping your plastic Storage bins in plastic to make them more appealing, you can also place wheels on the bottom of them to make them easier to push around. This idea works great when using the bin to clean up after kids.

Organizer Totes. You can take small, plain-white plastic bins and turn them into stylish organization totes for your home. Paint the tote in the colour you want, and add some leather strips to the side of the tote. 

Jewellery Organizer and Transporter. For jewellery lovers, sellers, and makers, this plastic bin transformation is for you. Necklaces and bracelets often get into a tangled mess on a day-to-day base. It’s almost impossible to untangle the cluster of chains when it comes to travelling from place to place. This jewellery transporter will help you stay organized and tangle-free. Drill a few holes on the side, and insert metal pegboard hooks. Decorate your jewellery transporter on the outside using colourful duct tape, cloth, or tissue paper!

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Fancy Toy Box. Add a fancy toy box to your living room! Plastic bins may make moving easy, but as decor around the house not so much. Its plain looks and dull colours will seem out of place in a nicely decorated home. It doesn’t take much to dress up a plastic bin to match the style of your house. All that is required is your choice in burlap fabric and wrapping paper, which can be easily found at the dollar store or your local Target.

Faux Drawers. Disguise your plastic bins as a real dresser or drawers with this fun project. Spray paint the bin and glue on some knobs, and no one will ever be the wiser! Of course, from the side, you can tell it’s a plastic bin, but from the front–it looks gorgeous!

Hide Plastic Bins with Slip Covers or Runners. Help disguise your plastic storage bins with a little help from a slipcover or a table runner. Just drape it over the top and secure it to the sides of the containers with some craft glue.

Go for a Theme. Decorate multiple types of storage bins with the same fabric, pattern, or colour for a themed look. Here, someone took boring, plain plastic bins and turned them into a fun leopard-print coordinated set.

Tone Down Bright Colors. We’ve shared numerous ways you can liven and brighten up bland, boring, plastic bins, but what if you have some bins that are far too bright and loud for your taste? Tone them down! Find some neutral-coloured, matte spray paint, and you’re good to go.

Add a Pegboard. Once you’ve decorated your plastic Storage bins however you see fit, why not add additional side store with a pegboard? Glue one on the side and use some PVC piping to create storage for hair styling tools or whatever you’d like!

Chalkboard Paint. Another way to create labelled drawers is to cover the entire plastic bin in chalkboard paint. Not only can you write directly on the paint with a piece of chalk, but it can be erased if you ever want to switch it up!

Add Simple Embellishments. Knobs, paint, duct tape, and more! There really isn’t much that you can’t add to a plain plastic bin to spruce it up a bit. Glue on whatever embellishments you’d like to give it an instant boost in appeal. In this case, some decorative flowers were used.

Create a “Woven” Look. Plastic bins that have slots all along the sides can be given a huge instant upgrade simply by weaving some pretty fabric through them. The lovely woven pattern that you create not only looks good from the outside but from the inside of the bin as well.

Checkered Yarn Bin. Add a pop of colour (or several!) to a plain wire basket for a fun storage piece you won’t want to hide in your closet.

Embroidered Paper Bin. Turn a trash bin into a treasure. Embroider it with simple, colourful triangles, and use it to store wrapping or craft paper. You can transform everyday baskets using pops of colourful yarn and basic embroidery techniques. Have fun with different geometric designs (starbursts, zigzags, etc.) that complement the basket’s shape.

Numbered Bin. Add visual interest and even more organizational capacity by painting numbers on simple striped Storage bins. Metallic gold pops against black and white.

Denim Buckets. Jeans really do go with everything — even your home decor. No sewing is required to make these denim buckets, and you can use a pair of old jeans, so they’re essentially free.

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This spring cleaning season, declutter and decorate at the same time with creative and colourful storage containers. You’ll satisfy your DIY and organizational impulses at the same time, and with all these pretty containers around, you’ll be more likely to keep things tidy!

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