When you think of an underground Garage, a massive shopping center parking lot where a chase with complete strangers over who finds the next empty space probably comes to mind. Or, you assume that only the likes of Batman would have an underground garage to protect the legendary batmobile. Cardock, a UK based firm, had the brilliant idea to create a underground car garage model that can be installed right at your home. Looking for a reason to get this type of garage? Check out GarageSmart

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Here are a few:

1. Many garages are getting smaller and don’t have the capacity to hold one or multiple cars. Car Garages by Cardock allow multiple cars to be stored underground at once and with the push of a button, your car(s) will emerge in seconds. Gone are the days when you had to move one car aside to make room for the other. Say goodbye to street parking!Check out garage storage shelving


parking garage



2. Cardock’s underground garage model can support up to three tons per deck. So if you think your SUV can’t make it in, you’d be pleasantly surprised.




3. Now that the car has its own space, it creates more room in the home Garagefor an organized Storage sanctuary, a home gym, or a play area for the kids.Check out garage hooks




4. An underground garage is a car thief’s worst nightmare. It’s greatest advantage is being invisible and therefore takes the worry of burglars and intruders out of the equation. A car is valuable as well as a huge and ongoing investment, so it’s important to protect it by storing it safely.

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Having your car emerge from the ground is not the cheapest of scenarios so here are some things to consider before you take the plunge:

1. You can expect that the design and instillation of an underground garage at your home will be on the higher end of the price scale. Electronic hydraulic systems strong enough to carry up to three tons will without a doubt be a cost investment.


2. Parking correctly is a skill and we know the damages that can occur when it’s not done correctly. Parking in the space designed to lower your car into the underground garage properly is important in order to not cause damage. If your side mirror or an inch of your bumper were to fall outside of the garage’s perimeter, it can be disastrous.


3. If you’re going to make the investment, you need to keep up with maintenance. This is crucial so the hydraulic system continues to function properly.

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Designs like these are as modern as they get. So if you’re really intent on installing the car Garageof the future and being the envy of all your neighbor’s, look into all the variables before you take the leap.

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