Whether you intend to or not, your garage can quickly become a catchall for unwanted items. The issue is that your garage is the most logical location for storing things like lawn equipment, outdoor toys, and other items necessary for maintaining your house and garden. Applying these garage storage ideas will help you reclaim valuable floor space while making your home more useful and less cluttered (or a little extra square-footage, at the very least).

These do-it-yourself suggestions follow a step-by-step strategy, focusing on typical trouble spots in garages like workspaces and garden stations, even if a full remodel is out of the question. Make room for what truly matters (your automobiles) by trying some of these space-saving organisation tips, such as pegboard organisers and vertical bike racks.

Tossing anything that doesn’t belong inside the house into the garage. The fact that you have to resort to your garage as a dumping ground suggests that you still haven’t conquered your domestic clutter problem, and that your garage could use a good cleaning and organisation session. Bring order back to your garage and reclaim its use with this handy checklist. Speak to us if you’re looking for premium garage storage solutions in Sydney.

Preserve A Certain Amount Of Time

Insulation Do I Need For A Garage Renovation 1

If you can dedicate a full day to cleaning out your garage, you’ll find that the task goes rather quickly. Drag out everything blocking your path, then divide the room into sections for things that need to be thrown away or recycled, donated, or reorganised.

One of the most important considerations before deciding to clean the Garage mess is the right moment to do it. Yes, a day or two is required to turn the area into a living, breathing space. If you want to make your garage a more pleasant and functional space to keep your automobile, you should clear out the clutter and give it some attention at a predetermined period. In order to get your garage in order, you should set aside some time and focus solely on it. If you devote yourself fully to this method, your garage will thrive for years to come.

Keep Calm And Carry On

Though easier said than done, it’s crucial to get your head in the right place before beginning a massive cleanup or organising task. The natural reaction to seeing a room like this is to close the door and run away, but taking a moment to mentally prepare yourself before you enter can make a world of difference. Keep in mind that it will take some time to sift, eliminate, and organise everything. Depending on the circumstances, it could take a day or even many days, but it is possible. Determine to clean up your surroundings, then formulate a strategy and put it into action. Click here to check out garage storage ideas.

Think Big, And Then Draw Up A Strategy

That’s not how this little garage got that way, though! The “before” pictures are now complete. This isn’t exactly how we pictured the garage, but it’s very close. Before you begin organising, you should have an idea of what you want the finished product to look like. Then, establish a strategy. Create a timeline for your project and do your best to stick to it once you’ve figured out what materials you need to buy and how long each step will take you to complete. With the help of our project planner, we meticulously laid out every improvement we made to our house. Get your hands on a blank project planner at no cost and get started on your next undertaking immediately.

The primary concern is storage space. Arranging and assigning the garage’s wall space is a breeze because there is more of it than floor space. It’s easy to forget that the area above your head can be used for just as much storage. Bags, bicycles and ladders can be stored out of the way by hooking them to the ceiling. Items that are used infrequently or only sometimes, such as camping equipment, outside Christmas lights or decorations, storm doors and window screens, are perfect candidates for a storage shelf built in the ceiling.

There is plenty of room for boxes, crates, and bags of various shapes and sizes, as well as flower pots, spray bottles, automotive supplies, paint cans, mulch, buckets, and other miscellaneous items on the built-in shelves. Be sure to sort them into categories on the shelves, grouping like goods together. Having a set of drawers built into the shelves or a set of boxes and bins sitting on the shelves is useful for corralling smaller objects. Labels should be placed on all containers, whether they be drawers, bins, or boxes.

Many people fail to organise their garage because they don’t make a solid plan. It’s not possible to simply begin organising things. Parking your car in the correct spot and getting where you need to go quickly and easily require advance planning and the necessary driving techniques. Frustration can set in if you don’t have the proper supplies on hand or if you go in without a game plan. Don’t you think it’s smarter to have a game plan before taking on such a challenging project? Prepare by stocking up on garbage cans, large storage boxes, cleaning products, and containers of varying sizes.

Classify Your Garage Contents

Items in the recycling, sports, camping, automobile, seasonal decoration, garden tool, and tool sets categories are typical. Things like suitcases and paint could be able to be stored in a different area, so it’s worth looking into. One helpful hint is to complete the rest of the house’s organisation before tackling the garage. Many items in the garage can be moved inside once you have decided what you will be using the space for.

Separate everything into three piles: to retain, to sell or donate, and to throw away. Spread them out on designated tarps, or use chalk to demarcate sections of your driveway, and set them there. Outgrown toys, broken beyond repair things, outdated home chemicals (which may require specific disposal), and everything you haven’t used in two years or more should be tossed. If you have a hard time letting go of memories or objects, photograph them.

Those items you’ll be keeping should be sorted into categories (sports equipment, hand tools, etc.) and stored in clearly labelled cardboard boxes or, even better, stackable clear plastic bins. For the time being, please return the keepers to their designated parking spot. Donate freebies and hold a yard sale right quickly to get rid of unwanted items. If you have more garbage than your regular haulier can handle, consider using a service like Bagster (thebagster.com). All you have to do is purchase a bag from a home improvement store, fill it up, then call the firm to arrange for pickup and disposal (fees vary). Arrange painting tools such as brushes, trays, and rollers in groups for easy access.

It’s easier to organise by category. It’s time to put like things together now that you’ve cleared enough space. If you’re always digging through a seemingly endless row of boxes whenever you need something like a hammer, this system will make your life much easier. You can discover the proper size screw much more quickly if you store them in a compartmented organiser, which comes in a wide variety of forms and sizes.

Is it not convenient to quickly locate items when they are organised in distinct categories? Sure enough, that’s the case! Don’t let the hassle of trying to find something again in that chaotic Garage until you’ve sorted through it all. Sports equipment, garden tools, camping gear, recycling supplies, and tools to do minor repairs to your automobile are all examples of the sorts of things you might keep in your garage. If you organise your belongings into distinct categories, you’ll never waste time searching fruitlessly for a specific item.

Arrange The Stuff In The Garage

If you already know what kinds of things will be stored in your garage, you may start piling them up in the driveway or the middle of the garage and labelling them accordingly. Everything from large paint cans to little hardware items will need to be stored somewhere, so bring over a couple cardboard boxes to help out the team. Clearly mark each container. If you’re looking to get organised, hold off on purchasing storage solutions like bins, baskets, and boxes for the time being. Avoid making the common error of rushing out to acquire containers before realising you don’t have enough of the right sizes or that they aren’t sturdy enough.

Pick The Most Effective Garage Layout

Best Tips For Garage Renovations 3

It’s important to think about the regularity with which you’ll be using various items and the available storage space when deciding where to put them. For instance, a recycling bin should be kept near the front door, and a toolbox near the workstation. The term “valuable real estate” should be kept in mind whenever vacant space is being assessed. It’s important to make the most of your parking spot and the “precious real estate” that is shelf space at eye level or within reach. Items that are rarely used should be stored on the lowest possible or highest possible shelf, as this is where there is less competition for space.

Use the free space planning services offered by most garage storage system manufacturers to figure out where to put everything. Before making any purchases, measure your garage and make careful notes on the placement of windows, doors, switches, and outlets, as well as the size and shape of your vehicle.

Make A Minimal Investment To Begin With. Go Big.

Using your designated category zones, group together supplies of a similar nature to make room for finer-grained organisation. It might be intimidating to start organising from a huge pile of stuff, so grouping similar items together will help you approach the task one step at a time. Grouping like objects together can make it easier to decide which ones belong in the garage and which ones should be donated.

Sort similar items together and count how much of each one you have. More room for lawn care? Lots of equipment can be hanging up. Tools that could cause serious injury if dropped should be kept out of the reach of youngsters.

Donate Or Throw Away Anything That Doesn’t Belong In A Specific Category.

Sometimes you find yourself perplexed by the contents of the Garage, since you have no idea how to put certain components or supplies to use. Put them in the most appropriate storage bin or someplace you’ll see them often to help you keep track of them if you decide to keep them. If not, go ahead and start those donation and garbage piles.

You Should Spend Money On Shelving

Our garage shelves take up every spare inch of wall space. Gorilla Racks are the best, and we can’t say that about many other storage solutions. They’re cheap, simple to set up, and can support a lot of weight. We had no problem stowing away necessities like coolers, car camping stoves, and other large goods in them. These cheap plastic shelves can be assembled in about five minutes and are ideal for storing totes and other light containers.

Exhibit Of Garden Machinery

Garden essentials like shovels, rakes, and shears can be neatly organised on a pegboard instead of lying against a wall. That way, you’ll always be reminded that the yard work you’ve been putting off needs to be done. Rather than putting your bulky gardening tools in a heap, hang them neatly on a horizontal hook rack.

Stationary Gardening

Transform a spare nook into a storage space for gardening tools and supplies. You can avoid making a mess in the house by installing a small workbench specifically for potting indoor and outdoor plants. Set aside some room for your gardening activities. Choose a location with easy access to water and the outside to avoid tracking dirt all over the garage. The extra space in the larger units is ideal for storing indoor gardening equipment and decorative items like planters and vases.

Gardening tools are frequently stored in the garage. There should be room for storing potting soil, pots, and sprinkling cans, as well as a location to repot, sprout, fertilise, and seed flowers and foliage. You can create a neat area that takes up very little room for very little money by using a combination of crates and bins. It goes without saying that the garage isn’t the place where you’ll find any genuine gardening happening. However, it is a handy place to keep gardening tools like hoes, rakes, spades, shovels, and a water hose. These items can be stored on a rack or tool strip mounted to the wall in the garage. If you don’t want to go with just one straight line, you can use the hooks separately in any pattern you like.

An Office With A Beautiful Color Scheme

Create a stylish and practical garage workplace to extend the rustic aesthetic of your home. Hang screwdrivers, pliers, and paintbrushes from the wall using magnetic strips in addition to wire baskets, metal racks, and shelving units. Speak to us if you’re looking for elite garage storage solutions in Australia.

Storage Bins That Stack Vertically

Wire shelves nailed to an empty wall and filled with marked containers create a storage solution that is both attractive and practical. The most frequently used items should be placed in the lowest rows for convenience. When figuring out where to put things in your garage, think vertically. Useful equipment and supplies can be kept off the floor by installing pegboards, cabinets, or even elevating them overhead.

Garage ceilings provide usable square footage that is often overlooked. The rooftop tent will be stowed away in a Racor PHL-1R Ceiling Storage Lift, which we are now in the process of installing. You may use it to hang bikes, surfboards, kayaks, and other large goods that take up too much space on the floor or against the wall if you have a high ceiling.

Pegboard Shelving Unit – A Do-It-Yourself Project

Plenty of room for customization on a single pegboard. After installation and painting, you can use the hooks to store things like power tools, step stools, and wire bins. Put a hook for coats in the garage. Wet things, such as an umbrella or a coat, should be dried in the garage after a downpour. Put your tiny items on display with the help of a pegboard. Use a low-priced pegboard to neatly display your most-used tools and hardware.

Use what you have. Blogger and DIY enthusiast Brittany Bailey built a container out of inexpensive pine and timber scraps to store her gardening tools, sports equipment, and paint. She hung her rakes and spades from lengths of PVC piping. Keep in mind that most of the garage storage is located along the walls as a result of how we’ve arranged the space. There will be plenty of room to manoeuvre around the rest of the garage if you use the walls for storage. A spot for a workbench was even carved out. The only thing left to do is to hook up the pegboard and put the most often used tools on it.

Take Advantage Of Shelving Units Located In The Ceiling

Install a sturdy shelf overhead to make use of the vertical space.

Mounted Slatwall Rack

In the same way that you may arrange the pegs on a pegboard, the Slatwall panel system allows you to hang baskets, hooks, and tool storage in whatever configuration you like.

Cabinets That Are Well Ordered

The good news is that you can easily hide mess behind closed doors by using built-in cupboards. Toys for the lawn and the pool can be stored in clearly labelled bins. If you don’t have enough storage space, build or buy some modular cabinets. Assuming you’ve already established what you’ll be storing and how much room you’ll have for it, you can go on to choosing suitable storage containers. Pegboards and wire grids placed to the wall can store anything from sports gear to gardening implements, making the most of the room’s vertical dimension. Add ceiling-mounted shelves for extra storage and make use of the vertical space over your head.

Installing easily reached shelves is a great way to conceal clutter. Disorganized shelving is an eyesore. The radiator screens in the centre of the doors of this workbench keep the contents within easy reach but out of sight. Instead of using open shelving to keep miscellaneous items like boxes of screws and plumbing supplies, they installed cabinets. The doors not only hide the tools, but also shield them from getting covered in sawdust while you cut mitres.

Develop Specific Areas For Your Garage

Creating distinct spaces for various tasks helps enhance the efficiency of your Garage. Gather your gardening tools and equipment in one place, and store your tools next to your workbench. Make a designated area to store your tools. Set aside some space to keep your sporting goods if you and your kids enjoy playing sports. You can use a storage unit to hang your gear and store stuff in containers.

Quick-Grab Bins

Keeping your reusable shopping bags, umbrellas, and other goods you use frequently when you go out within easy reach by hanging a tiered organiser next to the entrance.

Acquire A Utility Cart/Make Do With Rolling Or Easily Transportable Shelving

Invest in a rolling cart to transport garage tools around more easily, or to store seasonal items like snow salt or gardening equipment. The electrical panels that provide access to the wiring are a hindrance in our garage. We can’t slow down our pursuit of them, thus we can’t obstruct their path. We might have let that area go to waste, but instead we bought this fantastic mobile Storage shelf. Our tools are stored in this mobile shelf. For stowing away tools, it has performed admirably.

Mechanical Devices For Venting Air

Sporting goods such as hockey bags, jerseys, etc., that have picked up a foul odour could benefit from being hung up to dry in a well-ventilated area, such as the garage, to take advantage of the natural ventilation provided by the outdoors.

Alternate Food Storage

Make use of the dead space between your kitchen and garage by turning it into a second pantry. Use a wire rack to stow away spare toilet paper, paper towels, and other cleaning supplies, as well as bulk items.

Get Rid Of Clutter And Make Room By Hanging Things

The rafters in your garage provide a great opportunity for extra storage space. You can hang smaller goods using screw-in hooks to free up floor space, and poly pipe works great for storing longer items like dowels and lumber. And if you happen to own a bicycle, there are a number of solutions, such as hooks and hangers to secure it to the ceiling, wall, or rafters.

Suspended Bike Rack

Insightful as overhead bike storage may seem, it may not be convenient for regular use. Attach a wall-mounted bike rack to store everyone’s bicycles or scooters conveniently. Get yourself a monkey bar to hang your extra wheels on, and you’ll have a simpler time loading and unloading your bikes.

Kids’ Toys Put Away

Set aside a space in the garage where kids may practise keeping their belongings neat and tidy. The kids will be able to put away their own bike helmets, sidewalk chalk, and playthings if you keep the storage containers at a comfortable height.


One last thing in the garage needs your attention because it adds significantly to the chaos. Recycling is becoming more common as people become more environmentally conscious. Most recycling containers are placed on the floor, where they take up unnecessary real estate. Using stackable recycling containers is one way to manage and eliminate clutter. Bringing a handcart with you means only one trip to the kerb instead of the usual two or three. To dispose of the glass, aluminium, and plastic, simply roll the complete three-part container out of the garage and onto the street. Speak to us if you’re looking for garage storage solutions in Melbourne.

Create A Timetable For Organization

Schedule in garage upkeep every four or six months. It’s less likely to happen if it’s not on your calendar. Don’t forget to put things back where they belong after you’re done using them. If you follow certain steps, you may make your garage a better place to store automobiles and make them easier to find. Certainly, there is an optimal method of Garage organisation, and it all begins with careful preparation. It is not always necessary to buy fancy bins or containers for tidying up. To make sure there is enough place for the car and not other clutter, it is sometimes enough to just buy the right containers, cleaning materials, and cabinets. In that case, start immediately applying these garage organisation strategies.


Your home can be more functional and comfortable with the help of garage storage ideas. There is a systematic progression to these DIY recommendations. Use these space-saving organisation strategies to make room for what really important (your cars). Before commencing a large cleansing or organising work, it’s important to have your brain in the correct place. If you’ve made up your mind to clean up your immediate area, the next step is to create a plan and put it into action.

Our home renovations were carefully planned using a project planner. The lack of a deliberate strategy is a major reason why so many people’s garages remain disorganised. Roomy interior accommodates a wide variety of box, carton, and bag sizes with ease. Make three piles, one for keeping, one for selling or donating, and one for trash. Think about employing a service like Bagster if you have more trash than your typical haulier can manage.

Brushes, trays, and rollers can be stored together for convenience. When you have an idea of what will be kept in the garage, you may begin stockpiling it. Use every inch of your parking space and every inch of “valuable real estate” on shelves at eye level or within reach. It’s recommended to keep seldom-used items on the floor or in the highest cabinet possible. Anything that doesn’t fit neatly into one of the other categories should be donated or thrown away.

Set up shop for your gardening equipment in a spare corner. In comparison to competing products, we can confidently declare that Gorilla Racks are the superior option. If you don’t want to ruin your garage by tracking dirt around, pick a spot close to water and the door. In many cases, the space above a garage is unutilised when it may be put to better use. Installing pegboards, cabinets, or even raising them overhead is a great way to keep the ground clear of useful equipment and supplies.

Wire shelves attached to a bare wall and clearly labelled containers make for a stylish and functional shelving unit. If you divide your Garage into separate zones for different activities, you can maximise its potential. Wall-mounted pegboards or wire grids can hold anything from gardening tools to sports equipment. Put shelves on the ceiling to make advantage of the unused vertical space over your head. The rafters in a garage are a fantastic place to stow items.

Buy a rolling cart to move tools around the garage with ease. Extra toilet paper and other cleaning materials can be stored on a wire rack. Put a bike rack on the wall so that everyone has a place to park their bicycles or scooters. Recyclable containers that can be stacked are a convenient tool for streamlining your space. When you bring a handcart, you can avoid making multiple trips to the kerb and instead make just one. In order to clean up, it is not always essential to go out and buy brand new storage bins.

Content Summary

  1. Just chucking anything doesn’t belonged inside the house into the garage.
  2. If you haven’t already, clean and organise your garage since you’re using it as a dumping ground because you still haven’t dealt with your household clutter problem.
  3. Using this checklist, you can get your garage in order and start using it again.
  4. If you need high-quality garage storage options in Sydney, get in touch with us.
  5. Organizing your garage into usable space doesn’t have to take more than a day if you set up that much time.
  6. Determining when it is most convenient to clean the Garage mess is one of the most crucial steps.
  7. It’s important to clear the clutter and give your garage a little TLC at regular intervals if you want it to be a pleasant and practical place to store your vehicle.
  8. You need to dedicate some time and energy to organising your garage.
  9. Remember that sorting through everything will take some effort and time.
  10. If you’ve made up your mind to clean up your immediate area, the next step is to create a plan and put it into action.
  11. After you’ve calculated how long each step will take and what supplies you’ll need, create a timeline for your project and do your best to keep to it.
  12. Given that there is more wall space than floor space in the garage, organising and allocating it is a breeze.
  13. Inadequate preparation and lack of a clear strategy might lead to frustration.
  14. If you want to get the garage organised, it’s best to finish the rest of the house first.
  15. Once you know what you’ll be storing in the garage, you may bring in a lot of the stuff that’s been sitting out there.
  16. The fastest way to get rid of unwanted stuff is to give them away for free or to have a yard sale.
  17. Brushes, trays, and rollers can be stored together for convenience.
  18. To arrange things, classify them first.
  19. You’ll never waste time looking in vain for an item again if you put it in its proper place and label it accordingly.
  20. You may get a head start on organising your garage by placing all of the items that will be stored there in the driveway or in the centre of the garage and labelling them.
  21. When determining where to put things, consider both how often you’ll need to access them and how much room you have.
  22. Parking spaces and “valuable real estate” on shelves at eye level or within reach should be utilised to their full potential.
  23. If you’re having trouble deciding where to put anything, take advantage of the complimentary space planning services offered by most makers of garage storage systems.
  24. It’s often simpler to sort things into garage vs. donate piles if they’re grouped together by type.
  25. It’s easier to keep track of your stock by kind if you group like goods together.
  26. Anything that doesn’t fit neatly into one of the other categories should be donated or thrown away.
  27. There isn’t an empty inch of wall space in our garage because of all the shelving.
  28. Hang your heavy gardening equipment in a horizontal hook rack instead of dumping it in a pile.
  29. Set up shop for your gardening equipment in a spare corner.
  30. Conserve some space for your gardening pursuits.
  31. The garage is a common location for the storage of gardening equipment.
  32. A rack or tool strip attached to the garage wall can hold all of these items.
  33. To complement the natural charm of your home, you can create a garage office that is both attractive and functional.
  34. If you’re searching Australia for high-end options for storing your garage’s contents, we’re the people to talk to.
  35. Consider vertical space when arranging your garage’s contents.
  36. Install a coat rack in the carport.
  37. With the help of a pegboard, you may proudly exhibit your collection of miniatures.
  38. Put your most-used hardware and tools on show using a cheap pegboard.
  39. Put your resources to good use.
  40. Keep in mind that due to the layout of the garage, the majority of the storage space is along the walls.
  41. Putting things along the walls of the garage will free up a lot of floor space for parking and moving about.
  42. You may hang baskets, hooks, and tool storage from the Slatwall panel system in any arrangement you desire, similar to how pegs on a pegboard can be arranged.
  43. The good news is that built-in cabinets make it simple to conceal clutter out of sight.
  44. Install some modular shelves or cupboards if you find yourself short on storage.
  45. Collect all of your gardening supplies in one location, and keep them in a drawer or box near your workbench.
  46. Set aside some space to keep your equipment in one place.
  47. If you and your kids enjoy playing sports, it’s a good idea to dedicate some storage space to your equipment.
  48. A storage facility can be used to stack boxes, hang equipment, and store other items.
  49. Invest in a wheeled cart to store seasonal items like snow salt and gardening tools, or to move tools about the garage.
  50. This rolling shelf houses all of our tools.
  51. When it comes to storing tools, it has done an excellent job.
  52. Turn the unused area between your kitchen and garage into a second storage area for food.
  53. Put bulk products like extra toilet paper, paper towels, and cleaning supplies on a wire rack.
  54. Put a bike rack on the wall so that everyone has a place to park their bicycles or scooters.
  55. Kids can learn the value of organisation by having their own designated storage area in the garage.
  56. If you keep the bins at a reasonable height, the kids will be able to put away their own bike helmets, sidewalk chalk, and other playthings.
  57. On the floor, where they take up valuable real estate, is where you’ll typically find recycling bins.
  58. Recyclable containers that can be stacked are a convenient tool for streamlining your space.

FAQs About Organising Garage

What Are The 5 Steps To Organize A Garage?

Before You Start: Have a Plan. Many things can happen inside of a garage during the winter season, so your first focus should be to restore order.

  • Clear the Floor.
  • Organize the Garage into Zones.
  • Plan Garage Storage.
  • Maintain Garage Organization.

How Do I Organize My Garage By Category?

Categorise the items in your garage. Typical categories include recycling, sports and recreational equipment, camping gear, automotive, seasonal decor, garden gear and tools. Evaluate things like luggage and paint and see whether you can store them elsewhere.

What Do You Store In Garage Drawers?

Shallow drawers and bins are better garage organizer ideas for stashing small items instead of large lidded containers. In this garage, hanging drawers stow frequently used utility items, such as small tools, paintbrushes, extension cords, and extra lightbulbs. Drawer dividers keep small things from getting lost.

What Is Safe To Store In Garage?

Items like antifreeze, windshield wiper fluid, inflators, and extra wipers are made to withstand extreme elements, so they’re perfectly safe inside your garage. If you have additional car gear like a roof or bike rack, you can safely store that in your garage, too. Our advice? Hang them on the wall!

Should I Insulate My Garage?

Yes, insulating an attached garage is a must if you don’t have a central a/c or heating system that extends into the garage space. A lot of homeowners want to turn their attached garage into a workshop so insulating the garage attic and door is a must if you plan on doing something similar.


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