Your garage can be a clean and functional space, adding value to your home. Instead of boxes, bicycles and lawn care equipment piling up the sides and back of it, it can be clutter-free with a proper place for everything, room to park your vehicles or to utilise a workspace. If you’re ready to embark on a garage renovation, you should consider hiring one of Calgary’s best garage floor coating companies or garage storage companies from

There are many benefits to hiring the professionalism of a garage transformation expert. A DIY attempt could go wrong, and in many cases, many professional garage renovations are to fix those failed attempts. That means that all the work and money spent is wasted, and the homeowner is now starting from scratch.

There are many components to a garage renovation, including new flooring installation, garage cabinets, walls and other specialty storage, and new garage doors and garage door openers. Picture the result you’d like to achieve with your garage renovation:

  • New garage flooring with a protective coating.
  • The Wall storage panel holds your yard tools, sports equipment, winter tires and other odds and ends.
  • A workbench with custom cabinetry for your tools.
  • Overhead storage racks where you’ll store seasonal items like Christmas decorations or summer toys.

Learn how to organise a garage on a budget.

Imagine what it would take if you decided to tackle this garage renovation by yourself. You can pick up DIY flooring at the local hardware store, but first, you have to empty your garage, put everything in storage, clean out the garage and carefully follow the instructions for installation. Now you have to wait for everything to dry.

Now you can deal with installing the other features you want, including purchasing low-quality cookie-cutter cabinetry from a big box store and installing it yourself. You want to install some wall and overhead storage, too and spend some time viewing instructional videos on YouTube and searching things like “How to organise a garage?” 

Once you’ve figured it out, you can do the work in your spare time, usually during evenings and weekends. Once you’re done, weeks or even months have gone by, you can finally start moving your stuff back into your new garage.

When you hire a professional garage renovation company to do floor coatings or install storage solutions, you’ll find that the installers can often do the work in a day or two. They will arrive with a mobile workshop in their fully equipped truck with all the equipment, tools and expertise to install your new garage floor or cabinets. Your new garage will be ready to use again before you know it.

A professional won’t skip any of the very important steps either. In the case of flooring, those installers will have ground your old concrete floor to ensure adhesion, conducted any necessary repairs and prepared the surface properly so your new garage floor will be long-lasting.

Not only will hiring a professional ensure efficient and proper installation of flooring, cabinets and storage solutions but the work and products will also often be backed by a warranty. 

A reputable garage renovation company will stand by their products and services and can predict it will last for years. Still, if something does go wrong, you will have peace of mind knowing a trustworthy company will be around to honour those needed repairs and services.

If you’re ready for a garage makeover, contact professional garage renovators. They will come to your home and give you a design consultation. During this consultation, you’ll have the opportunity to share your ideas, discuss the scope of the project and review the products and services that will complete your garage renovation.

After the design is approved and the project is confirmed, installation dates are scheduled. While the installers are at your home working on your garage, they will be available to answer any more questions you might have. Once they’re done – you can start enjoying your brand new garage!

FAQs About Garage Renovation

How Do I Know When It Is Time To Service My Garage Door?

Normally if your door stops halfway up or down when you operate it, or if the door is moving slowly, then it’s time for a service.

Is It Safe For Me To Repair My Garage Door Spring?

Unless you have experience changing a garage door spring, you should have them changed by a qualified door mechanic. Remember that the spring/counterbalance system is engineered to lift doors weighing more than three hundred pounds! 

A tremendous amount of torque is generated by a torsion spring and should be avoided by an inexperienced person. Extension springs carry a great deal of potential energy, and many people have been injured unnecessarily when making a wrong move.

Do I Have To Replace My Whole Garage Door If Just A Section Is Damaged?

In many cases, a replacement section is an option depending on whether it is still in production or the rest of the door is in good enough shape to warrant replacing the section. Sometimes the better economic solution is to replace the complete door.

Why Won’t My Garage Door Opener Transmitter Work?

First, check to see if you have a wall console ( pushbutton ) with a vacation switch or lock button. Most times, your lighted pushbutton will be blinking if that function has been activated. Push and hold the vacation or lock button for approximately five seconds and release. 

If that was the problem, the transmitter should then work. If it’s still not working, try a new battery. Be careful to not disturb the coding switches if present. If still malfunctioning, you may check to see if the coding switches on the transmitter match the switches on the power unit hanging from the ceiling.

Does A Garage Door Opener Need To Be Serviced?

Garage doors should be serviced once a year or when issues arise. Garage door maintenance includes checking the garage door, testing the garage door opener, tightening hardware, cleaning tracks, and lubricating rollers, springs, and pulleys. Annual maintenance helps you get the most out of your garage door.

A Professional For Your Garage Renovation

Garages have so much potential to be more than just a place to store boxes, lawnmowers and recycling. With a beautiful looking new floor coating, it motivates homeowners to keep the space neat while encouraging them to use their workbench, dartboard or other outside activity. 

The big box stores sell topcoat finishing products as a DIY alternative to the Garage Perfect service but are they as good as a professional install?

Insulation Do I Need For A Garage Renovation 2

Expert Training & Installation

When you hire professionals like us, we guarantee the results, so if your garage floor experiences delamination, peeling, or cracking, then we will repair any issues under warranty. Our experience and training mean this rarely ever happens. 

The most commonplace for delamination to occur is at the front edge of the garage. We perfected a process to cut a notch out of the concrete, crossing the entire front lip. This will result in better adhesion, and in the event of a repair, delamination will only go back as far as the notch.

Complications Can Arise…

You bought the kit and are excited to start resurfacing your garage floor. You wake up early and move everything from inside to the driveway. Common problems from amateur installs are not buying enough product for the required square footage (the manufacturer recommendation is never enough). 

Many DIY’ers expect to complete their garage in a day but experience delays when the consumer-grade shop-vac can’t handle the dust. This complicates everything and means you can say goodbye to Sunday as you head to the tool rental store to complete the job. 

We use industrial floor grinders and HEPA Shop-Vacs to complete the job faster and almost always in a single day if we run out of product… Well, we don’t run out of products.

Trusting The Professionals

With Garage Perfect, we specialise in garage floor restorations, concrete polishing and applying residential topcoats. Our crew arrives early in the morning to empty your garage with care. 

Our truck and trailer have all the equipment we need to complete the job – at a professional standard. Choosing Garage Perfect means we do the hard stuff and heavy lifting so you can enjoy your new garage within 24 hours.

Electing to go with the DIY kit will save you money, but we don’t cut corners. Most home installations do not prepare the old concrete slab properly. Proper installation requires cleaning, grinding, crack repair, cleaning – again, reinforcing, then applying a topcoat. Most kits leave out the first few steps, which won’t look as good or last nearly as long as a professional job.

Reasons To Hire A Garage Door Company When Renovating Your Garage

Renovating a garage may need time and careful preparation for the project to produce a favourable outcome.

Time and knowledge may make the garage renovation project more challenging than initially intended. You might not have enough time on your hands because of other responsibilities. 

Conversely, you may not have the right understanding of the upcoming task for it to have a result like the way you imagined. So, it might be best to hire professionals for the job.

Here are eight reasons why you should hire experts when renovating your garage door:

The Right Skillset

Garage renovations may not be as simple as removing clutter from the area. Equipping yourself with the right skills might need you to spend time learning the ropes. Otherwise, a small concern in your garage might lead to additional issues. 

The entire renovation project may be costly enough, and adding more worries to the project might open up other expensive repercussions.

Ask the following questions to assess your current Do-it-Yourself (DIY) garage renovation skills:

  • Is it possible to do it alone?
  • What can you do if an additional issue arises?
  • Do you know what to use for specific tasks?
  • Are you okay with being dirty and sweaty?

If you’re unsure of yourself after seeing the questions above, you can escape the guesswork by hiring professionals from the start.

A reliable garage door company has experienced staff members that know how to handle various challenges in renovating your garage.

Correct Equipment

Renovating your garage may also mean replacing your door. A new garage door may help provide you and your home with benefits, like additional security and style. But, garage door installations may be more than pulling the doorway off its hinges.

Different garage doors need varying openers. It’s because the installation job depends on the size and weight of the door. You can avoid the hassle by choosing the right garage door opener for the job. Still, it might require deep thinking and critical considerations before selecting the proper piece of equipment.

To avoid the guesswork, contact a trusted garage door company. A noteworthy firm has all the equipment needed for the project to be a success. The equipment combined with the expertise from the professionals may provide an excellent completion to tasks, like:

  • Photo-eye alignment
  • Clean and proper wiring
  • Door opener securing
  • Installation of features, like cables, pulleys, and springs.

The right garage door firm might also have the correct pieces of equipment for different garages. For instance, look for a company that can help renovate your garage in your shipping container home.

Reduce The Risk Of Injuries

Failure to obtain the right skills and tools for the garage renovation project might heighten the risks of injuries while you’re on the job site. For example, knocking the garage door tracks back in place needs the right amount of strength to ensure the correct alignment of the components.

Other sophisticated concerns that arise during the project include replacing the garage door opener. The opener’s location has mechanisms that are best left untouched with inexperienced hands.

The risks of injuries might be high if you don’t have good experience dealing with various garage components. Don’t be too overconfident if you think you can’t handle a garage renovation yourself. It’s best to contact a garage door company before attempting to repair, renovate, or replace any part of the garage.

A professional garage door crew will have the necessary experience handling different aspects of the garage. So, the risks of acquiring injuries are lower than trying to accomplish the garage makeover project without adequate knowledge.

Hire A Professional For Your Garage Renovation 3

Ensures Security

Many homeowners think of their garage designs upon the development of their dwellings. Several garages help emanate a sense of security for all household members. These areas may have specific safety measures equipped, like alarms and cameras. Also, thanks to their thick constructions, many garage doors are challenging to break into.

However, accidents may happen during a garage renovation venture, which might leave a hole or two in your garage door. Help minimise the risk of this tragedy from happening if you hire professionals to renovate your garage for you.

With expert help, you lessen the risks of equipment damaging the door and walls of your garage. The professionals should know how to handle their tools carefully. The result will help you and other household members feel safe.

A partially-open garage door or a small hole in your garage wall might leave you open to specific risks. For example, a raccoon or squirrel might enter the premises to ransack your belongings. A worse scenario is a thief taking advantage of the situation to steal your appliances and furniture.

A professional garage door firm has a checklist to avoid mishaps on the job site. This safety measure helps you make sure no seemingly small errors during the project blow out of proportion.

Avoid Extra Costs

Many homeowners think they’re saving money by tackling the garage renovation task using DIY methods. Saving money by using DIY techniques is still possible, but only if you have the skills and tools for the task at hand. Otherwise, you might be spending more cash than initially intended.

Take note, spending more time may result in wasting more money. If you can’t get a specific task done the first time, you might need to spend more effort to ensure its correct outcome.

Conversely, you can save yourself from spending additional effort and time by contacting the experts. The professionals spend less time fixing any issues found in your garage. 

Also, these qualified employees need fewer resources to renovate the area instead of using DIY techniques. So, you might save money in the short- and long-term thanks to the aid of the right garage door firm.

Follows Zoning And Legal Laws

Trustworthy garage door companies follow local zoning and legal laws. Renovating your garage means changing the size and layout of the location. Arbitrarily expanding the dimensions of your garage may give you fines and legal charges if you’re not careful.

Reliable garage door businesses follow the minimum standards for some aspects, like:

  • Windows
  • Ceiling
  • Heat, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning (HVAC) systems
  • Lights
  • Wall outlets

For instance, the windows should have enough space for natural light to seep through the premises. Specific locations may only allow a small percentage of this space when accounting for the total garage space. Furthermore, particular laws might need the garage to maintain a seven ½-foot minimum ceiling height.

Following these guidelines allow you to save on other renovation projects you might not need in the first place. Contact a reliable garage door renovator before the operation can get out of hand.


Revamping your garage door means replacing the entire doorway. Many garage doors come with a warranty. You can get help in taking advantage of that coverage with the assistance of professionals.

Sometimes, garage door suppliers void warranties because of the carelessness of homeowners. First, it’s essential to avoid installing or repairing jobs on your garage door if you don’t have good experience and understanding.

However, if the repair jobs aren’t your fault, you may take advantage of the included warranties on your garage doors. Still, you might need help in explaining the concern to your supplier. Touch base with an excellent garage door company to help you in this specific need.

Also, a reliable garage door company offers a guarantee for the parts and services used in the venture. So, this benefit helps you avoid unwanted costs for parts replacements and extra services.


Using the aid of a garage door company helps you relax as the experts handle the garage remodelling for you. The help may aid you in making sure you can rest on your days off while the professionals handle your garage renovation project.

Also, the experience brought to the job site by the experts helps diagnose garage issues you may not know existed. The experts may resolve these issues as quickly as possible and with as little involvement from your end. 

So, you may spend your weekends off lounging around your home while the skilled personnel handles the heavy lifting for the garage remodelling operation.

Benefits Of Hiring A Garage Door Expert

  • Professionals bring new ideas – These garage experts have seen it all from every shape, style, design and aesthetic. Hiring a professional means the job will come out perfectly the first time around and with an idea you might not have even thought of. Putting trust in their expertise and design is key for a successful remodel.
  • Specialises in space-saving strategies – If you’ve done some research and hired a professional with lots of experience, then there is not a layout they have not tackled. Like we’ve said before, they have seen it all. These experts know how to structure the room in a way that will fit all of your cars, toys, and gadgets. Every inch of the garage will be utilised for storage.
  • They do all of the work – Tackling this job on your own is a big project, and you might want to throw in the towel after you get started. This job requires a lot of patience. Hiring a garage professional will ensure that the job gets done without worrying about completion or design.
  • Experience matters – This is what the professionals do for a living, so why not put your trust in someone that has a lot of experience? Make sure to find a reputable company that has experience with garage remodels. For a project like this, you don’t want to spend money on someone that has remodelled only a few garages in the past. Take the time to research and find someone you know you can trust.
  • Style – It takes someone with lots of experience to make a space like this, especially one with many knick-knacks, look stylish and put together. Your garage can look beautiful and inviting. There are so many neglected garages out there. Don’t let yours be one of them. Hiring a garage professional with lots of experience will ensure a well organised and stylish garage that will suit all of your needs.
  • Strategic remodel plan – We might think there is a plan in place when tackling a project like this, but let’s be honest, if this is a new project, then we don’t have a clue as to what we are doing. The professionals will have a plan that they follow through and through, ensuring the job gets done successfully and on time.
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