It’s not necessary to use your garage solely as a place to keep your junk. There’s no excuse not to desire some cool airflow on a hot summer day, what with all the DIY and workmanship that can be done in your garage, garage bands, and garage workplaces. However, keep in mind that it is not as simple as putting up an AC unit somewhere else in the house. GarageSmart Garage Storage Solutions. Here are some tips for figuring out how and if an air-conditioner would suit your garage:

Identify Your Cooling Needs And Make A Decision.

The goods you keep in your garage won’t get hot, therefore you won’t need to cool it. I have no use for your golf clubs or bicycles. And if your garage door isn’t insulated or airtight, you’re wasting money on cooling costs since air is escaping. Think carefully about how you’ll be using the garage after putting in an air conditioner there. The air conditioner you choose should also be simple to operate (no complex ladder logic required). Speak to us if you’re looking for premium garage storage solutions in Melbourne.

Master The Fundamentals Of Airflow.

Garage Renovation Ideas For Your Next Project

Step one in acquiring an air conditioner is to familiarise oneself with the fundamentals of air movement. This necessitates a corresponding rate of exhaust from the space you’re treating, expressed in cubic metres per minute (m3/m). This is because if your air conditioner draws 30 m3/m from the home but returns only 17 m3/m, it must make up the difference. When this happens, carbon monoxide can be released into your home because your air conditioner is “back drafting” air from the water heater vent.

Determine How Much Power You’ll Need To Keep Your Garage Cool.

Make sure the cooling capacity of your prefered unit is sufficient for the size of your garage. You’ll want to think about the Garage’s dimensions, ceiling height, and temperature zone. Keep in mind that it’s possible an on-site evaluation by a specialist is required. Check out garage storage baskets.

Invest In A Garage-Specific System.

Typically, mini-split heat pumps or air conditioners are adequate for a garage of a typical size. After being put in your garage, this AC unit will save you a tonne of money on utility bills because it won’t be sending conditioned air through a separate set of ducts. More importantly, turning them on and off will not have any effect on your HVAC system. Speak to us if you’re looking for elite garage storage solutions in Sydney.

Think About Your Alternate Choices

The Difference Between A Garage Remodel And Renovation

Air conditioners for windows can be installed in a garage. These are more affordable, but they also produce more noise and are less effective. However, if you won’t be using it frequently and if you and your band won’t be producing much more noise, this device should be OK. Check out garage storage hooks

Keeping a garage at a comfortable temperature requires a certain amount of energy, but how much exactly is something you should figure out with the help of experts. They ought to be able to point you in the right direction when it comes to installing an AC system in your garage. When added to a clean, well-organised garage, an air conditioner may do wonders for the space’s practicality. Your mates will thank you for it later!

In 2005, GarageSmart® pioneered the garage storage category in Australia. Since we’ve built a reputation of providing a premium product along with friendly and professional service. GarageSmart has the best garage storage solutions. GarageSmart is the nation’s leader in complete garage fit-outs. We are a privately owned company and we are very proud of that. GarageSmart is a complete “do-it for you” premium garage fit-out company. Speak to us if you’re looking for garage storage solutions in Australia.


Your garage can serve as more than just a dumping ground for unwanted items. It’s a waste of money on cooling bills if your garage door isn’t insulated and sealed. Be sure that your prefered unit has a cooling capacity that is adequate for the size of your garage. Expert assessment on-site is necessary. This air conditioner, once installed in your garage, will drastically reduce your monthly energy costs.

There won’t be a separate duct system for conditioned air. Altering the heat or cool settings by switching them on and off will not be necessary. A garage air conditioner may be a great investment if the room is already tidy and well-organized.

Content Summary

  1. Your garage can serve as more than just a dumping ground for unwanted items.
  2. Remember, though, that moving the air conditioner isn’t the only option.
  3. Unless you keep extremely heat-sensitive items in your garage, you can safely ignore the necessity for air conditioning.
  4. Before installing an air conditioner in the garage, it’s important to determine how often it will be used.
  5. If you need high-quality garage storage in Melbourne, get in touch with us.
  6. Learn everything you can about how air moves.
  7. Acquiring an air conditioner requires, first and foremost, an understanding of how air flows.
  8. Find out how much juice you’ll need to keep the garage at a comfortable temperature.
  9. Be sure that your prefered unit has a cooling capacity that is adequate for the size of your garage.
  10. For the normal size garage, mini-split heat pumps or air conditioners should be sufficient.
  11. Second, if you turn them on and off, they won’t affect the temperature of your home’s heating and cooling system.
  12. Don’t Jump to Conclusions; Explore All of Your Options Installing window-mounted air conditioners in a garage is possible.
  13. Invest in some hooks for your garage An estimate of the amount of money and effort needed to maintain a pleasant temperature in a garage can be made with the help of professionals.
  14. You can probably get some advice on how to set up an AC unit in your garage from them.
  15. A garage air conditioner may be a great investment if the room is already tidy and well-organized.

FAQs About Aircon Garage

Should I Put An Air Conditioner In My Garage?

Depending on where you live, the temperature in your garage may be hotter than recommended, or desired. Because of this, we often get asked if it’s possible to put an air conditioner in the garage, or if it’s even safe to do so. The short answer is — Yes you can. And yes, it’s safe if done correctly.

Can You Cool An Uninsulated Garage?

Add Insulation. If your garage is uninsulated, consider retrofitting the walls with blown-in cellulose insulation if your walls are finished on the inside, or with batt insulation if the studs are visible. Adding attic insulation and garage door insulation will also work wonders to keep your garage cool.

What Location Should Be Avoided In Installing An Air Conditioning Unit?

Keep Your Indoor Unit Away from Heat Sources. Since the location of your air conditioner has a significant impact on efficiency, you should avoid placing your indoor unit close to heat sources.

Will A Portable Air Conditioner Work In A Garage?

To be at all effective, a portable unit needs a vent to the outside. HVAC professionals universally agree: a portable AC technically could be used in a garage, but it will work poorly and you will be disappointed with the results. Window air conditioner – Your standard window AC unit is a good choice for most garages.

Should I Run A Dehumidifier In My Garage?

A dehumidifier is the most direct way to deal with humidity in a garage and prevent condensation and mold. It will keep moisture levels in check and reduce the moisture that mold spores require for growth as well as preventing tools from rusting and structural wood rot.


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