The following question asks how often you’ve experienced the following. You realise upon returning home following a full day of work that you failed to accomplish nearly enough. You’ve got too much stuff to fit in your briefcase, and you know you have at least a couple hours’ worth of work to finish before bed. As soon as you step inside, a barrage of noise and interruptions hits you like a tonne of bricks. The children are playing video games, generating a great deal of noise with their laughter. Your significant other is currently engrossed in his or her chosen programme. It’s also the show that both of you like to watch together. Top Storage Solutions

You have to get some work done, but there is a seemingly endless supply of distractions in every room of the house that are calling your name. Speak to us if you’re looking for premium garage storage solutions in Sydney. What’s that you say? If this has happened to you more than once, you should know that help is at hand. If you really need some quiet time but don’t feel like getting back in the car and driving to a coffee shop (which has its own set of distractions), the garage is your best bet.

It’s possible that you’re not making the most of your garage. The garage could serve you better as an office than as storage. If you want to know how to make the most of the space you have and transform it into the space you need, read on.

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Is It Better to Convert the Garage or Construct Above It?

Consider dividing your two-car garage in half. You’ll still have a place to keep your car out of the elements and an office free of distractions in which to get some work done. Reduce the width of the garage door, and set up some wooden barriers with glass windows on the office side.

It’s also possible to add an office by extending the garage’s ceiling. Since you’ll have more room to work with, you’ll have a better chance of making your office look just how you want it to. This extra square footage will increase your home’s resale value when the time comes, and it can be done without requiring you to undertake any major renovations that could disturb your daily life.

Talk to a contractor before making any changes if you’re unsure whether or not you’ll always utilise the space as an office (maybe as a playroom down the road). Desks don’t weigh very much individually, but when you add in several kids and large play structures, the floor could give way and the desks would come tumbling down on the cars below. In order to avoid having to completely gut the garage twice, it is recommended that you consult a professional before beginning any renovations. Check out the smart wall


Issues to Think About

If you’re considering turning your garage into an office, there are a few things you should keep in mind at all times. Make sure you have access to adequate power outlets for all of your electronic devices. If you wish to use a phone or fax machine in the workplace, you’ll need access to a phone line. Make sure your Wi-Fi signal is strong enough to ensure a quick Internet connection. If not, an Ethernet cable will be required.

Furthermore, if you are up to the job, you can add in extra cooling and heating systems. To combat the cold, you may have some dry wall and insulation installed. Plug in a tiny space heater if the office gets too chilly and you don’t plan on spending too much time there. Those who have the luxury of working from home, in particular, may find that they need to spend a disproportionate amount of time in their office, where they can concentrate in peace. There should be a kitchen and bathroom installed if that’s the case.

Plumbing repairs may be necessary, although a working toilet and sink are the only fixtures essential for normal living. There is no need for a shower. Extra counter space, a small refrigerator, and maybe even a microwave are all that’s required for a kitchenette. It wouldn’t hurt to have a sink, either. When you need a fast pick-me-up, you simply need a place to put some snacks, frozen entrees, and cold drinks.Speak to us if you’re looking for elite garage storage solutions in Australia.

Office above the garage

Advantages in the Long Run

You won’t have to work indefinitely; perhaps in a few years, you’ll retire or at least find a less demanding career. You’ve put in a lot of time and effort into that office, just to have it remain empty and unused. Now that you’ve installed the pipes and wires, you might as well construct something even better.

Depending on the height of the roof and the amount of work already done, the office could be converted into a guest bedroom. A guest bedroom out in the garage, if the load limitations are acceptable, would provide further seclusion for your visitors. This would be ideal for a loved one or married friend who is experiencing temporary homelessness. This way, they can be involved in your family without overstaying their welcome by having their own secure, private area. Check out cabinet storage solutions

Renting out your former workplace to a single renter or a student is a viable option if you find yourself with extra space. Your monthly income increases and your unused space is put to better use.

Garage loft

The second choice will invariably be more expensive. Before advertising this space for rent, ensure sure it complies with all local zoning regulations. There is no point in putting in the effort if the area you want to live in is not for rent. As much as you didn’t require a shower there before, you definitely will now. In addition to plenty of space in the fridge, you’ll need additional outlets for the TVs and gaming consoles. To reinforce the floor’s structure and run the pipes and wires, you’ll need the assistance of a contractor now. Speak to us if you’re looking for garage storage solutions in Melbourne.

You’re doing your house a huge favour by using your garage as an office, whether you spend two or twenty hours there each week. Your home office will be a great selling point for other married couples looking for a quiet place to get some work done when the time comes to sale.

In 2005, GarageSmart® pioneered the garage storage category in Australia. Since we’ve built a reputation of providing a premium product along with a friendly and professional service. GarageSmart has the best storage solutions for home. GarageSmart is the nation’s leader in complete garage fit-outs. We are a privately owned company and we are very proud of that. GarageSmart is a complete “do-it for you” premium garage fit out company.


Possibly, you are not making the most of your garage. Consider converting the garage into an office instead of a storage space. It’s advisable to go to the garage if you need some peace and quiet and don’t feel like driving to a coffee shop. You could want to build a wall down the middle of your garage. There are a few things to consider before converting your garage into an office.

You should get an expert’s opinion before starting any improvements in the garage to ensure you won’t have to tear it down and rebuild it twice. Before making any adjustments, consult a professional. If you find yourself in a position to do so, renting out your old place of employment to a single renter or a student is a sensible option. Your visitors would appreciate the extra privacy afforded by a guest bedroom located in the detached garage. If you have a family member or married friend who is now homeless, this would be the perfect gift for them.

Content Summary

  1. In case you are in need of high-quality garage storage options in Sydney, please contact us.
  2. Possibly, you are not making the most of your garage.
  3. Consider converting the garage into an office instead of a storage space.
  4. Read on if you’re interested in learning more about optimising your current living quarters to better suit your needs.
  5. Even if you have to relocate, at least you’ll have a dry location to park your car and a quiet area to get some work done.
  6. The ceiling of the garage might be extended to accommodate an office.
  7. If you’re unsure as to whether or not you’ll always use the area as an office, you should consult a contractor before making any modifications (maybe as a playroom down the road).
  8. See the interactive wall in action
  9. Important Considerations
  10. There are a few things to keep in mind at all times if you plan to convert your garage into an office.
  11. If you want to charge all of your gadgets at once, you’ll need a lot of available outlets.
  12. More cooling and heating systems can be installed if you’re up to it.
  13. If that’s the case, then you need a fully functional kitchen and bathroom.
  14. For superior garage storage options in Australia, please contact us.
  15. You’ve put a lot of work into that office, and now nobody is using it.
  16. The office might be able to become a guest bedroom if the ceiling is high enough and enough other work has been done.
  17. If the garage can handle the weight, a separate guest bedroom might be built there for extra privacy.
  18. View available options for cabinet storage
  19. If you find yourself in a position to do so, renting out your old place of employment to a single renter or a student is a sensible option.
  20. You get more money in your monthly budget and find a better use for your extra space.
  21. Check with the local zoning office to be sure it’s okay to rent out this place before doing so.
  22. If the place you wish to reside is not available, there is no point in looking any more.
  23. You may not have needed a shower there before, but you most certainly do now.
  24. There needs to be plenty of room in the refrigerator, as well as enough electrical outlets for all of the televisions and game systems.
  25. Now is the time to hire a professional to help you reinforce the floor and instal the pipes and wiring.

FAQs About Remodelling Garage

How can I use my garage as an office?

Just follow these tips to turn your garage into a home office.

  • Clean, Baby, Clean. Don’t worry—if your garage is currently a scary place to be, you’re not alone.
  • Make It Comfortable. 
  • Give It a Fresh Coat of Paint.
  • Furnish the Garage. 
  • Light It Up.
  • Maximize Your Space.
  • Set Up Your Gear.
  • Personalize the Space.

How do I convert my garage into a study?

What to consider when converting your garage into a home office.

  • Keeping living and working areas separate.
  • Make sure it’s structurally safe.
  • Plan heating, plumbing and electrics early.
  • Don’t forget the lighting.
  • Check if planning permission is necessary.
  • Don’t forget Building Regulations.

Can you turn your garage into a business?

Your garage can be the perfect place to start a business where you work on cars. And if you’re not a trained mechanic, you can still start a business where you clean and detail vehicles for clients.

How Much Does a Garage Conversion Cost? 

When it comes to garage conversion costs, you will need to budget at least £1,000/m2 for a garage conversion. For this price you could expect to achieve construction, plus the design, planning, Building Regs and structural engineers fees — but not finishes and furniture.

Do I need permission to convert my garage into a room?

Planning permission is not usually required to convert your garage into additional living space for your home, providing the work is internal and does not involve enlarging the building.


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